Area Code 021 US$1=9.579k 1B=278k, June 23, 2007

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i Lao Nat'l Tourism Auth. 3F 8/2 Thanon Lane Xang.N from Morning Market. T212248 F212769, M-F 8-12, 13-16:00, It has been improved a lot. Now many staff speak good English and have some knowledge about traveling. Many handout information as well. Visa extension $2/day
AE American Express: Diethelm Travel, Setthathirat Rd. E of Fountain. T2126294 F216294, M-F 8-12:00,13:30-17:00, Sa8-12:00, For client mail, you can received fax/e-1-mail. But their mail service is very disorganized. No exchange but replace lost T/C
$1 Bank Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao: 1 Pangham Rd. T213200 F213202, M-F 8:30-19:00 Exchange booth SaSu 8:30-15:00, Change major currencies(cash or T/C) to kip with no Commission. Cash and T/C same rate.
US$T/C to US$cash com. 1.5% min $1. $1=9.575kip yen=74kip. 1B=278kip Other currencies requires large com per check, such as 2000yen, 3 pounds, 3 DM, etc.Cash Advance against Visa card to US$ cash-3.5%,
$2 Lane Xan Bank booth: Setthathilat +Francois nginn Rd. 8:30-15:30
$3 Lane Development Bank Exchange booth: Setthathirat Rd. around the fountain, there are a few exchange booths 8:30-15:30
$4 KM Money Changer: Talat Sao 1F, $1 Cash =9.575kip $1 T/C = 9.579kip, yen=74kip. 1B=278kip
P Police: Setthathirat Rd. near Telephone office No English
I Immigration Office: Khoun Boulom Rd. W from Talat Sao Market M-F 8-12:00, 13-16:00 Visa Extension $2/day + document fee 1000kip upto 15 days. 1 photo.
H1 Australian Embassy Clinic: Nehru.Rd. East of Anousavari Monument, T413603 F414700, M-F 8-12:30, W-Th 14-17:00
Reservation is necessary. Emergency 020-509462
H2 International Clinic: Quay Fa Gnum, East of Mahosot hospital T214022, 6-7, 12-14, 17-21:00 English, French, Chinese, Vietnamese. 24 hr emergency. Payment with cash/TC
Hp Pharmacy: Many in town.
M0 Post Office GPO: Khou Vieng Rd.+ Lan Xang Rd.
M-F 8-17:00, Sa/Su9-11:00, Poste Restante Service must show passport, 1,000kip charge. Exchange. Telephone Cards.
M1 Telephone Office: Setthathirat Rd. S of Nam Phou Rd. Next to the Police Station. M-F 8-18:00, Sa8:30-15:30 , local call 500kip International calls, Fax/Telex Service.To USA to Japan -13,500k/3 mins Telephone: There are card phones outside the post office and around town, international calls possible.
La  Laundry: Hotel or laundry shop. Many on Heng Boun street, 2000kip/article. But some GH charges much less. MIC GH charges 1,000kip for T-shirt.

Boarder Crossing
From Vientiane to Nong Khai, Thailand: Open 6:00-20:00
Take a bus heading Tha Deua, get off at friendship bridge
3,000kip every 20 min. Crossing the border by int'l bus ticket, 2500k or 15B and go to immigration counter to exit Laos and wait for the bus to Thailand. This bus stops at Thai immigration. Get off with your luggage because this bus leaves before most foreigners have not finished immigration procedure. Then take the next bus to the Nong Khai bus station. From there you can go to the town or the train station by tuk-tuk for 20-30B/p
Currency exchange available from kip to Bahts with the official rate. After 16:00 or Sunday, Lao immigration charges some money for their "Overtime".
Apart from Tha Deua buses, there are international busese are running to Nong Khai and Udonthani in Thailand.

A Wattay Int'l Airport, Luang Prabang Rd. 3km W of the town. Exchange no com. International departure tax $10, Domestic departure tax 5,000kip
From the center to the Airport tuk-tuk 10-20,000kip
or from B1 take a bus #44, 2,000k(6:40-18:20)
B1 Morning Market Bus Terminal: Mahosot + Khou Viang Rd. (Khou Boulom) E of the market. Buses to S and some to N. Also international buses to Nong Khai and Udonthani depart from here.
B2 Northern Bus Terminal: W of the Town. This bus terminal was relocated to further W, about 2km from the Evening market. Buses to Luang Prabang and Xieng Khuang and some buses leave to S., Access: by tuk-tuk 7000kip
B3 Simuang Airbus station: Just E from Wat Simuang, along the Sethathirath Rd. VIP bus only
B4 Others: Some buses are also leave from the morning market and the post office to South

City Transport
Tuk-tuk, rental motorbike, rental bicycles are popular.
rent a bicycle/motorbike, Shops close early so rent a bicycle from your hotel if you want to use it until late. bicycle around 50,000k/day motorbike $7-8/day Much more shops than listed below. Tuk-tuk: short ride 5,000+k
s Motorbike: 35/1-3 Sethathirath Rd. 8:00-17:00, $7-8/24h incl. insurance. Ask more details.
h PVD: motor bike only $7/day
s Mixay GH: see hotel info for more details only motor bike $8/day
s Douang Devane Hotel: all most in front of Mixay GH, bicycle 5,500kip/day motor bike $5(55,000kip)/day

Airline Offices
All airline sell tickets. Same price as travel agents.But the international fares can be slightly cheaper than ones at the airport.
QV Lao Airlines: 2 Pangham Rd. Near the river. T 212057, M-F 8-12,13-16:00 Sa 8-12:00
TG Thai Airways(+Star alliance): Pangham Rd. T219563 opp from Lao Airlnes. M-F 8:30-12, 13:30-17:00, Sa8-12:00
VN Vietnam Airlines: Lao Hotel Plaza, 63 Samsenthai Rd.
M-Sa 8:00-12:00, 13:30-16:30.
To Saigon $147, to Hanoi $109, to Phnom Penh $145?. Cheaper to buy ticket in the office or travel agents than at the airport. US cash only.

Travel Agencies
Domestic and International flight fares are controlled so same price everywhere. All agents charge 3.5% for Visa and 4% for American Exp card to buy the tickets. No MC. For price see transport page.
t1 Trans-Express Co. Ltd. 36/10-12 Samsenthai Rd. Haysoke, T213995-9 F214135, M-F8-17, Sa8-15:00. Reserves train tickets from Nongkhai - Bangkok, Need one day advance. Commission 150B, Sells cheap airfare from Bangkok.
AM Diethelm Travel(Amex): Setthathirat Rd. Amex office see above Air ticket: BKK $75(Lao Airlines)-145, Phnom Penh $130, Kunming $115, Luang Prabang $56, Pakse $88, Xieng Khuang $51
t3 Lao Air Booking: 34/1 Setthathirath Rd. T216761 F216535, Mainly selling air tickets but they also deal with bus tickets.

m Talat Sao Morning Market:
Lane Xang Rd. + Samsenthai, Rd. opp. of GPO 8:00-18:00, Clothes, electric goods, moneychangers, souvenir shops, etc.
s Minimart: Fagnum Rd , next to Francois N. Rd.
s Maninon Supermarket: Khoun Boulom Rd + Heng Boun Rd.
s Souvenirs Many Souvenir shops selling traditional handicrafts are on Samsenthai Rd.& Pang Kham Rd.
s Mixay Bontic: Setthathilat Rd. opp from Planet internet.9-21:00 Souvenir, handicrafts, CD Lao/Thai music.
s T' shop Lai Gallery & shop: 1 right on Chao Anou ST after Saysana Hotel. M-Sa8-18:00 Selling beautiful Lao art and handicraft
s Bookstore Vientiane Book Center: 54/1 Pangkham Rd, M-F8:30-17, Sa8:30-16. Bestsellers & fiction, English/German/French. some 2nd hand books and exchange books.
P Photo: Several places in town. Film 24 exp 24,000. Develop7000kip. 3.5x5 1000kip, 4x6 1200kip. ASA 100 film 36- 18-25,000kip

Traditional Herbal Sauna. in Laos use steam infused with medicinal herbs. The scent is pleasant and refreshing. For full benefit don't wash the body until 4-5 hours after.
sa1 Wat Sokpaluang, Next to the temple of Sokpaluang, N side, on Sokpaluang Rd. There's a small pathway into the woods, difficult to find. 11-20:00(better to go after 15:00)
Sauna 10,000kip, Massage 45min. 20,000kip.
In a forest setting, very restful and soothing with the scent of 22 kinds of herb. Massage is not good as the masseurs are students or part-time1 workers. Rec
sa2 Ban Vath Chan Center: Chao Anou Rd. 12-21:00 After Wat turn left to a dirt road, then 30m on the left. Sauna 7,000k, massage 25,000k/hr , local people's place Rec
sa3 Hutpraseuth Massage: Talat Tonkankan? ES corner. T218654 Sauna 7,000k, massage 22,000k/hr, herbal massage 24,000kip, oil massage 30,000
ma Cabinet Medical: Nakeo, Koummane Rd, opposite Terrace Rest. 10:30-22:00 Oil massage 1hr $3/100B

sw1 Swimming pool at Lane Xang Hotel: 7-22:00. food/drinks available. 25,000k including towel+laying chair-
sw2 Swimming pool(public): Sokpaluang Rd. just N. from Myanmar embassy. Tu-Su8-20:00, 3000k Better to go before 15:00 because many students are coming after 15:00
sw3 Swimming pool at Royal Hotel: NW from the Market 7-20:00 $1 for visitors.
go Golf Driving range: 6-22:00. 500m E from sw2.

See also Laos General Info Sheet.
Oct. 12 Freedom from French
Oct. 16 Boun Lay Heua Fai(Light Festival)
A parade is held.
Oct. 17 Boun Soung Heua: Boat races are held.
Nov. 13 Boun That Luang 3 day Festival on the day of full-moon in Nov. Fireworks and a parade are held around That Luang.

@ Internet @
Many internet places in town. all charging 100k/min. Slow in evening. print 500k/page for text.
@1 Planet: 205 Setthathirat Rd. + Manthathourath Rd. W from the fountain. M-F8-20:00, SaSu8-17:00. 100k/min,
@ internet: There are a few internet shop on the same street of Planet. They all charging same.

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