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Savannakhet is the transport hub to South Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. It is an attractive, friendly town with a strong local character, however there are few tourist sights. Most travelers only spend a day or two here.
S1 Wat Sayaphum: Tha Heua Rd. Lao/Thai style temple built in 1896.7-19:00 free to enter
S2 Wat Saiyamoung Khoun: Phetsalath Rd. Next post office 7-19:00 free to enter
S3 Museum: Khanthabouli Rd. Closed. However there is a broken tank and some engines of plane left on the compound.
S4 That In Hang: 15km north of Savannakhet. Ruins of temple built in 16th C. The most important ruins in South Laos.
Access: From bus station go toward Vientiane 12km then turn to right and go another 3 km. You can go there by bicycle or take a bus/truck from bus station to 12km point and take another truck to the temple.
Ho Chi Min Trail
The vital supply route used by the N Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam war. It passed through Laos into Cambodia & Vietnam. The trail was heavily bombed during US Air attacks. Military wreckage still covers the trail. In order to follow the trail you must hire a jeep and guide at travel agency.
Savanbanhao Travel has a minivan(upto 10 people) to rent $170 for 1 day incl fuel a driver. To Xephone town which is an entrance town to the trail takes 8 hrs 225km. Very bad road.
! Warning: DO NOT attempt to go without a guide as there are still unexploded bombs.

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