Area Code 041 US$1=10,825k 1B=262kip July 24, 2005

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There are a few new cheap restaurants opened in this town. All in the center, near the church.
Also tables and chairs are set up alongside the river, near immigration(S & N), where you order a simple noodle soup, drink and enjoy the sunset views 17-23:00. Coke 1,500k, beer 7,000kip
At the Main square between the church and the boat landing.
r1 Sansabay: on the road between Immigration and the square Lao fried rice 8000k, many other meal 10,000k+ cheap large quantity and good food Rec
r2 Xokxay Restaurant: S side of the square. Lao, restaurant. ice cream, stakes, some food.
r3 Hay Thien Rest: Just W from r2. S side of the square. 8-21:00
Chinese basic food. Moderate.
r4 Cafe de Paris: N side of the square. French 6-24:00. expensive but nice restaurant a good pizza from $4.5, Fried rice $1. If you want to eat special French food, ask the manager 2 days advance so that he can prepare for your meal. Rec

Near the immigration
r6 Lao Paris Restaurant: 31 Tn Chaleunmuang, opp from immigration and on the road to the main square.
Lao/Thai/French moderate 10-15,000k 8:00-23:00
Nice little restaurant but good atmosphere.
Highly Rec
r7 Mekong Riverside Rest.: Tn Tha Heua, N from pier.
Seafood ?kip 10:00-22:00
Views of the Mekong river and Thailand.
r8 Food stalls: in front of the immigration, meal over rice 5,000k cheap and similar stalls of this kind can be found on Phetsalath Rd.

r9 Local Rest. Rasavoungseuk Rd.Just S from the church.
Local It has the largest menu in Laos. Food is also good. Moderate
r10 Noodle shop: Rasavoungseuk Rd, SE from Xayamungkun GH, Vetmanese noodle soup Open only in the morning. Most delicious noodle soup I ate in Laos.. Highly Rec

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