Area Code 041 US$1=10,825k 1B=262kip July 24, 2005

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The Main Rd on this page is Ratsavong Rd. which is running N to S in town.
South West from the Church
h1 Xayamungkhoun H(Daoheuang): 186 Rasavongseuk Rd(main Rd. T 212426 f ab s/d$4 t$5, a/c HW d$7 drinking water C4 Some rooms with HW Spotlessly clean, spacious, homely rooms, friendly staff, Relaxing 2nd floor verandah. HighlyRec 2nd best in Laos GH Award
h2 Auberge de Paradis: Walk W from the church entrance, then turn left on Kuvoravonk Rd T/F212725
a/c ab s120,000 d160,000 HW C5 new GH, beautiful colonial House. Rooms are big. Hotel quality GH. Possible for discount at this moment. HighlyRec. (2001 info)
h3 Phonevilay: 137 Phetsarath Rd(2 block W from the Main Rd.). T 212284, a/c ab s/d45-60,000 HW Fr C3 Ask the cheaper non a/c rooms.probably 20,000k
h Savan Soukchai Guest house: Phayapooey Road(S port of the town. Near the airport). Savannakhet, ,T(856-41) 212321,212905, Reported ab a/c 40,000kip,f 30.000kip, TV 50,000kip bf(self) R (2001 info)

North West from the Church
h4 Savan Phatthana: Senna Rd(1 block W from Main Rd.) T 214242 f ab s/d30,000, a/c ab HW 50-60,000 C3
From the square, walk N on Senna Rd. Left side.
h5 Savanbanhao: 644 Senna Rd T 212202
a/c ab s/d45-75,000k TV C3 Noise from the restaurant opp street. 100m N from Savan Phatthana GH.
h6 Mekon Hotel: 800m from immigration office. on River Rd(Thahe Rd) T212249, ab a/c HW s80,000k d90,000, TV s/d100,000k, la(2000/p) C3 Renovated old colonial house. Good stuff but too expensive.
h7 Hoongthip: Phetsarath Rd, Just NW from the former Market. T212262 F213230, a/c ab $18-25 HW STV fr bf C4

North East from the Church
h8 Anousone GH: Sisavangvong.T212339 From church walk E then turn left on Sisavangvong. 50m on the left.
f sb s/d23,500-31,500, ab HW 35,500-43,500 la(1000/p, Self) C3 Very large + quiet rooms Rec
h9 Savang Soukchai GH: Sisavangvong.T212321 100m N from Snousone GH. Turn right to Side street 10m on right.
f ab s/d30,000, a/c 40,000k, HW, towel, water, C4 Very new GH Highly Rec
h10 Nanhai Hotel: Ravannakhet Rd , T212371 F212380,
s$16, d$25, $44, STV, fr C4 Walk from the church on Ratsavong Rd, turn right at 7th street(Ravannakhet Rd.) It is on the left side.
h11 Phonepaseud Hotel: Walk E on SantisoukRd. After crossing Sisavang Vong Rd, 200m on right side. T212158
a/c ab s/d205-287,000k C3 HW STV fr towel swimming pool free for guests others -$1 Motel style complex, mainly Lao/Thai guests.

not rec. Hotel Sansabay: Too dirty and too low quality hotels.

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