Area Code 041 US$1=10,825k 1B=262kip July 24, 2005

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i Tourist Information: From Church walk toward the river. Turn left into Ratsapavith Rd, opp side from Cafe de Paris. go 2 blocks. On the right side. M-F8-11, 13-16:00 Very helpful but not so informative. English speaking staff.
$ Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao: E from the (former)market. M-F 8:30-15:30 Policies are same as the main one in Vientiane. $1=10,825kip 1 B=262kip
$ Lao May Bank: From former market walk N on Ratsavong Rd. Take first corner to the right. then 100m on the right.
M-F 8-15:30, Com:T/C or cash into kip None, T/C to $cash 1.5%
$ Moneychangers: Since the market is too far, it is a bit hard to find money changer. You can change money at your GH. $1=10,500kip 1 B=260kip
P Police: Thahe Rd.Very hard to find. Contact to your GH manager.
I Immigration: At boat pier to Thailand. 8:30-11:30,14-16:00
I2 Immigration 2nd office: in large government complex near the PO, however boat pier office is more convenient.
E84 Vietnamese Consulate: Sisavangvong Rd. T212418 F212182
M-F 7:30-11:00,13:30-16:30 Visa $50 officially takes 4-6 days to process but several travelers received their visas in 2 days, 2 photos.
E Thai Consulate: at the Nanhai Hotel. apply M-F 8:30-12:00. Receive 13-16:30 on the same day. 60 day tourist visa 1000B 2 photos, a copy of the photo page of your passport
H1 Savannakhet Hospital: Khanthabouli Rd. T 212131, S from Pier
H2 Pharmacy Many in the NW area of the market. 6:00-17:00
M0 Post Office GPO: Khanthabouli Rd.8:00-12, 13-17:00 From the boat pier, walk E then turn right at Cafe de Paris, then Walk S 300m on the right.
M1 Telephone office: Difficult to find. It is located in a small office behind Post office. Phone card 38,000k, 59,000k. 8-22:00
 m Market: one of the town's main attractions, has been relocated out of town. Near the bus station 6:00-18:00
Mainly daily goods. Some jewelry and textile stalls.
 l Laundry: 2,000+kip /article at GHs and many in town.
sw Swimming pool: Phonepasud Hotel on Sisavong Rd. 9-18:00 10,000kip
su Sauna at Hoong Thip Hotel: Phetsapath Rd. + Oudomsinh Rd, T212262. Sauna 2hr 20,000k, incl towel water 13-21:00

Border Crossing

To Mukdahan, Thailand: A new bridge has been built. By tuk tuk from the middle of town, 2,000kip
To Vietnam via Lao Bao:
International buses
leave from bus terminal to Vietnam: Bus leaves at 22:00, stops at Dong Ha(70,000k), Hue(90,000k) Da Nang(110,000k), and 1 bus /week to Hanoi(200,000k), , See details in Transport pages..
Or local bus to Lao Bao,
30,000k, leaves 6:30 told it arrives about 17:00, Then motorbike taxi to the border(2000k) walk across border, then Vietnamese motorbike taxi(3-5000D) to Lao Bao bus station, and take local bus(tourist price $7) to Don Ha. From here you can go to major destinations in Vietnam.
Warning long delays on these buses are common.

A Airport: Tn Makhavena+Tn Sisavangvong in the SE of the town. Closed. No flight from here.
B Bus Terminal: 3km N from the center of the town on Tn Sisavangvong + Tn Visouthat, share tuk-tuk 5000kip/p
Buses to Vientiane, Pakse, Lao Bao, etc.International buses to Vietnam, Hue, Danang, Dong Ha, Hanoi.

Local Transport
The town is small enough to walk around. Tuk-tuk costs 2000kip.
s Rental bicycle at Xokxay Restaurant: at the square in front of Church. mountain bike 8,000kip/day No lock so you may take yours.
s Rental bicycle at French Food Restaurant: 8,000kip/day?
Travel Agencies
t1 DAFI Tour: Ratsavong Rd. + Chaimeuang Rd T/F212341, M-F7:30-11:30, 13-16:30 Sa7:30-12:00 Tour package to Savannaket & S. Laos area.
t2 Savan Travel & Tour: 644 Senna Rd. T/F212944, Next to Savan ban hao GH. From the N side of the church, walk N on Senna on the left side.

Early April Rocket Festival

@ Internet @
@ SPS Furniture Shop: Walk E from Immigration and pass Sensabay Restaurant, Left side, just before entering the a square. 6000k/hr

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