Area Code 031 US$1=10,780k 1B=265kip July 22, 2005

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A PAKSE Airport: No 13 Rd, 2km W from bridge.
From airport: tuk-tuk(shared),
5000kip to town
QV Lao Airlines: No.11 Rd. near the intersection with No.5 Rd. M-F 7:30-12, 13-16:00 Sa 7:30-12:00 T212252. to Vientiane $88, to Savannaket $44 

Buses leave when they are full so they might leave early. Go early to secure a seat.
Road conditions PAKSE - Savannakhet & S from PAKSE is very bad, many of the roads in this region are under construction so diversions via dirt roads or through fields are common. The journey is bumpy & dusty
B1 Bus station(main, destinations to the N), No13 Rd 8km NW from center. Access: tuk-tuk 5000kip/p
B2 Bus station(destinations to the S), No13 Rd 8km E from center. Access: tuk-tuk 5000kip/p.
B3 Dao Heaung Chong Meh Bus station: Near the bridge over the Mekong 2km E from the center. to the border to Thailand by a minibus 5,000k/p Access: by tuk-tuk 2000-3000k/p.
B4 Bus station: Near the stadium. bus to Champasak dep 6-10:00 10,000k and to Vientiane Access: by tuk-tuk 2000k/p.
B5 VIP Bus station: Near the old market in the town center. VIP bus dep 7:00, to Vientiane 90,000k, Savannaket 40,000k, to Tha Khaek 60,000k, You can buy the ticket from the driver or at your GH. Same price.

Bus station indicated by B1, B2, B3, B4
To Muang Khong, buses to Hat Xai Kun, Ban Nakasan or Veuankham are available and from Hat Xai Kun, take a boat/ferry to the island.
Destination Price Dura Timetable
Vientiane B1


18h 6,7:30,9,10:30,12, 13:30, 15:00
Savannakhet B1 20,000 8+h same as above
Champassak B4 10,000 1.5h 6-10:00
Muang Khong B2 25,000 5.0h 6-12:00 a few (includes boat)
Hat Xai Khun B2 15,000 4.5h 7, 8:00
Attapu B2  35:000


7, 8, 10:00
Salavene B2 17,000


7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16:00
Tad Lo B2 10,000? ? 7:15, 9:00 and may be more
Nakasan B2



6-13:00 a few
Don Kon/Don Det From Nakasan, take a boat to Don Kon, 10,000k
Veunkham B2 30,000 ? 7, 10:00, Border to Cambodia

Boats DON'T leave from the ferry landing but from 300m N, below the cliff.
Boat departures - day and time - are irregular. It's better to go to the boat landing in the morning and ask if there is a boat that day. Check with a few people for confirmation. Boats leave when full. Recently the tourist price fares are very difficult to negotiate.

Champassak 20,000kip 2h
Muang Sean(Don Khong) 40,000kip 10h

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