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PARSE is a small town, manageable on foot. The surrounding nature, mountain and river setting, makes for a relaxing atmosphere.
Near the town of Champassak near PARSE, you can see the ruins of Wat Phu, the prototype for Angkor Wat in Cambodia
S1 Champassak Palace Hotel:
Built as the royal residence, but never used for this purpose. Instead it was converted into a hotel, the best in PARSE. Wonderful views of the Bolaven Plateau from the top floor.
S2 Wat Lunang: The W end of No 13 Rd, Temple built in 1830's.
S3 History Museum: on the route 13, 1km from the Palace Hotel. 8-11:30, 13:30-16:00. 5,000kip
River & mountain Views:
The views from the riverside at the S. end of PARSE are amazing. To the S is the Mekong River with the mountains in the background, to the W, ferries are crossing the Mekong, to the E, the river bends like a snake, disappearing behind the mountains as it continues to run S. Farmers cultivate the vegetable fields spread over the entire river bank. The riverside is the best place to enjoy the sunset and observe local daily life.
You can get here from the S end of Road No 9 or 10. HighlyRec

S Ban Saphay Weaving Village: 13km W from town. Famed for its cotton and silk Ikat weaving - for sale in the village.
transport tuk-tuk from market 30 min.
S Wat Phou, Champassak: 30,000kip
45km S from PARSE, 7km from Champassak village.
One of Laos's most important Temple complexes, built in 11th C. by Khmer King Suryavarmann II. A prototype for Ankor Wat, it has the same style causeway & moat. Unfortunately it is in a bad condition. Originally Hindu, it was converted to a Buddhist Temple and houses Buddha statues. Located on the mountain slope, there are wonderful views over the plain below.
Bun Wat Phu festival
Held in Feb during full moon. Many people from S Laos come to take part in celebrations.
Possible to go by bus or boat. The boat stops at the Champasak village. You have to take a tuk-tuk, 40,000kip return. And the buses go to Wat Phu passing the village.
See transport page for more detail. Day trip from PAKSE is possible but you have to leave from PARSE early morning. No bus from Campassak to PAKSE after 8:00. You have to come back PAKSE by boat or take a tuk-tuk from Cambpassk to the route 13 then wait for the bus coming from South. See more detail in the page of Campassak.
S Pha Pho Elephant Village:
Accommodation is available. Access: Go S from PARSE to Ban Pathoumphone, 40km, then go W for another 25km.

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