Area Code 031 US$1=10,780k 1B=265kip July 22, 2005

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Very few options.

The food stalls can be found on major streets. Many local restaurants are located on No 13.

r1 Sedone: No 5 Rd, from Pakse H. Lao/Chinese/International Cheap shake 4,000k, Lao coffee 2,000k, fried rice 10,000kip, 6:00-22:00 Staff are very friendly. Local prices though full of foreign travelers. Good Lao coffee. Rec
r2 Local food stalls: No 5 Rd, opposite from BCEL,
Lao meal over rice 8,000+kip, Beside from it, there are a few stalls in town but most of them are for take out. This is the only one you can eat at the stall.
r3 Dornsokdee Rest: Dao Heavung market(new market near the bridge.), 17:00-late, Lao/Korean barbecue/Int. ?kip, Popular with locals for the barbecue. Good steak platter - 10,000kip. Other dishes are variable, slightly more expensive, but good value.Rec
r4 Stall: Above the former ferry landing drinks Pepsi 2,000+kip, beer 8,000kip, Good view for ferry crossing the Mekong.
r5 Lankham noodle shop. No 13 Rd, next to lankham Hotel. Noodle shop. Only Vietnamese noodle 8000kip ice coffee 3000k Highly Rec
r6 Phonsavanh GH: #294 No13 Rd. Indian, curry 10,000k+
r7 Lienhvong: R 13 Rd., local, cheap fried rice 7,000k, spring rolls 8,000k, Lao coffee 3,000k,
r8 Jasmin Restaurant: opp from Lankham Hotel, Indian, cheap curry 9,500k, nan 4,000k, lassi 5,000k Very popular among westerners. Highly Rec

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