Area Code 031 US$1=10,780k 1B=265kip July 22, 2005

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Accommodation situation in PAKSE has been improved recently. There are a few affordable ones in town. Most of the hotels are within 5 minutes walk from the market.

h1 Lankham Hotel: No 13 Rd. near the market. T213314, f ab 50,000, a/c HW TV 80-100,000 C4 New hotel. The cheap rooms are on the top floor which have not much water pressure. but it is the best option in town. 1F-internet cafe.
h2 Vanna Pha GH: No 9 Rd. walk S from market, right side T212502, f sb 50,000 C1, ab d60,000 C3, a/c TV ab d$5-6,C3 Family-run. It used to be the best GH in Pakse but now it was run down and over priced.
h3 Pakse Hotel: 112/3 Rd No 5 opp market T212131, f ab s$10, d$13 HW C5 Newly opened hotel with high class atmosphere. Rec
h4 Souksam Lane: No 11 Rd. (near the junction with No 13 Rd) T8848094, f ab s/d55,000kip, a/c s/d65,000kip HW R C4
h5 Salachampa: No 10 Rd. N from the market T212273
a/c ab d$10 HW C4 Colonial house, attractive rooms with ethnic style interior. Bungalow style rooms in new section.Rec
h6 Phonesavanh Hotel: 294 No13 Rd. T020-5604301
f sb s25,000 d30,000, ab 30-35,000, I, C1
Cheapest option, very basic. Dismal, dirty, lots of complaints however it does have a good information bulletin board and a lot of travelers stay here.Now it is hard to get a room here because many local people stay here. 1F-Indian restaurant.
h7 Sabaidy 2 GH: From No 13 to into a street of Vietnamese consulate and pass it. On the right side. T212992, f sb dr19,000k, sb s/d35-40,000kip C2 Not so clean
h8 Phonesavanh GH: from No 13, go into N, T212842, f ab s/d $3-4 C3
h9 Thalung GH: T251399, a/c ab TV s70,000k, d140,000 C4
h10 Lao Chalevn Hotel: T251333, a/c ab s100,000k d120,000 C4 1F rental motor bike shop
h11 Champasak Palace Hotel: No 13 Rd T212263 F212781
Near bridge
a/c s$25+ d30+, super s$30 d$35, New building s$18 d$22 tax HW R C5 STV fr, bath tub, Gym bf

Former Palace. 1st class hotel. Luxurious, excellent facilities. Great view over all of PAKSE from the top floor. (Maybe possible to negotiate).

E side of the town, 2-3km E from the center
Since there are good hotels are in the center of the town. We cannot find any reason to stay in such inconvenient area
h20 Ghaythavone GH: Walk on route 13. 200m E from Palace Hotel. T213623, f ab 50,000, a/c d70,000 C4
h21 Keo Chay GH: Off route 13, Next branch street from one above. T251068, a/c sb d40,000, ab d60,000 TV fr 80,000 C4

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