Area Code 031 US$1=10,780k 1B=265kip July 22, 2005

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i Tourism Office Information Center: No 11 Rd,
S from BCEL and Lao Airlines. M-F 8-12:00, 13:30-16:00 You can get free maps and some publications.
$ Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterier Lao(BCEL): No 11 Rd, M-F 8:30-15:30, T/C or Cash to kip no com. $1=10,780k, B=265k, yen=92k, T/C to $cash 1.5% com. Cash adv. Visa 3.5% min $100
$ Lao Development Bank: No 13 Rd and opp from Lankham Hotel. M-F8:30-15:30, $1=10,605k, B=262k, yen=83k
$ Lane Xane Bank: No 13 Rd and opp from Palace Hotel.
T/C(only US)/cash of major currencies to kip without com.
$ Moneychangers: Try jewelry shops around the market. A souvenir shop near the Pakse Hotel may offer good rates.
P Police: Gov. Complex off No 10 Road, near morning market.
I Immigration: At Police Station 8:00-13:00, 14:00-16:00 English/French. No visa extension.
E84 Vietnam Consulate: No 24 Rd, off No 13 Rd, T212058 open M-F7:30-11:30, 14:00-16:30 Visa - $50, 4 days, 1 photos
H1 Champasak Hospital: Opposite from E corner of Market.
H2 Pharmacy: Many in the market on No 10 Rd, near the hospital. 7:00-18:00
M0 Post Office GPO: No 8 Rd+No 1 Rd, near the ferry port. 7:30-21:00, parcel counter M-F8-12, 13-17:00
M1 Telephone: At GPO, International phone/fax
same opening hour as GPO International call
14,000k/min min 3 mins
M2 Telephone: Walk on Route 13 to E then you will see a communication tower on the right. You cannot call from here.
m1 Market(Talat Sao): town center 6:00-16:00 It is not so popular as before. due to the new market. Food stalls are popular with locals, cheap & tasty. Although there are several weaving villages in the area, a lot of the stuff in the market looks like it is from Thailand.
m2 Dao Heaung Market: Near the bridge over the Mekong 2km E from the center. Very new Market. Minibuses to Chong Meh leave from here. Access: by tuk-tuk 2000-3000k/p.
s Souvenirs: some shops in the old market(Talat Sao) around Pakse Hotel

Border Crossing
Border: Vang Tao(Lao)/Chong Mek(Th): 45km from Pakse, opens 8-18:00
From Pakse- From Dao Heaung Chong Meh Bus station(new market), take a minibus
10,000k/p to the Vang Tao Bus station. Then walk up to the Lao immigration for 10 min.or take a moto taxi(1,000k/p)
Over stay charge
$10/day. During Saturday/Sunday and after 16:00,"Over time work" charge, 50B. Exchange booth is open and you can change kip to Baht with the official rate.
After the Lao immigration, walk a few more minutes to Thai immigration. You can get 30-day visa on border.
Changing kip to Baht: Behind immigration office, there is a small exchange booth. You can change back to Baht with reasonable rate.
Warning: We do not know that this Lao-immigration-overtime-work charge 50B is official or not. Many people negotiate. I and 2 other travelers refused to pay, the officer refused to give us an exit stamp and told us to go to Thailand so we did. We had no problems at Thai immigration.

(2001 info) From the Thai border
Bus(truck) takes you to Phibun 25B, 1+hr. From there another bus to Ubon Ratchathani, 20B, 1hr.

(2001 info) Ubon Ratchathani is spread out with several bus stations and a train station. The bus will drop you off at bus/train station that you need -tell the driver where you're heading for.
Trains to Bangkok. 1st-460, 2nd-221, 3rd-95B, 2nd-a/c-lower-berth 601B, 17:00-Rapid, 18:15-Express, 18:50-Rapid
Buses to Bangkok: no bus from the bus station. You should go to the bus agent office. From the train station walk straight out and turn left at the 2nd traffic light. It is on the right side. 999 VIP bus 570B dep20:00, a/c 2nd class bus 270B dep ?
Accommodation: Guest House near the train station called River Moon, Sisaket Rd, Large complex with pleasant, furnished rooms, homestay family atmosphere despite the size.
Internet: 3rd Waves near the train station. Go out straight from the train station. It is on the left side. 12-24:00 15B/hr.

It's hard to establish the correct fare for transport from Pakse, many bus, boat, share tuk-tuk drivers charge foreigners higher prices.
A Pakse Airport, No 13 Rd, 2km W from bridge.
Tax: International
$10, Domestic 5,000kip
Access: tuk-tuk 5000kip/p between the airport and town
QV Lao Airlines: No.11 Rd. near the intersection with No.5 Rd. T251460 M-F 7:30-12, 13-16:00 Sa 7:30-12:00 T212252. to Vientiane $88, to Savannaket $44, to Siem Reap $70
B1 Bus station(main, destinations to the N), No13 Rd 8km NW from center. Access: tuk-tuk 5000kip/p
B2 Bus station(destinations to the S), No13 Rd 8km E from center. Access: tuk-tuk 3,000kip/p.
B3 Dao Heaung Chong Meh Bus station: Near the bridge over the Mekong 2km E from the center. to the border to Thailand by a minibus 5,000k/p Access: by tuk-tuk 2000-3000k/p.
B4 Bus station: Near the stadium. bus to Champasak dep 6-10:00 10,000k and to Vientiane Access: by tuk-tuk 2000k/p.
B5 VIP Bus station: Near the old market in the town center. VIP bus dep 7:00, to Vientiane 90,000k, Savannaket 40,000k, to Tha Khaek 60,000k, You can buy the ticket from the driver or at your GH. Same price.
F Boats, 300m N from the ferry pier (Behind the tuk-tuk stand, head down the hill BEFORE the road to the pier)
To Champassak
20,000kip(tourist price), Several boats between 7-11:00, Muang Saen, 40,000kip, Boats are supposed to leave early morning, the schedule is flexible so check.

City Transport
Except for the bus station and airport, Pakse is manageable on foot but to bus stations or the new market, it is a bit far to walk.
Share tuk-tuk to bus stations 3-5000kip/p.
rb Rental moter bike: Lao Chaleun Hotel or Lankham Hotel etc. $8/day

@ Lankham Hotel: on No 13, 200k/min
@ Vandersak Internet: on No 13, next to Lankham Hotel. 200k/min, 10,000/hr
@ @D@M's Internet: (location ? Please report to ITIS) T213-425, 200k/min, 12,000/hr Serving fruit shake 3000k

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