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North Region, Laos

Area Code 030 US$1=10,000k 1B=250k, August 1, 2005

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In 2005, Only MUANG NOI( or NONG KHIAW) has been updated in this page.

Road to Bun Neua from Udomxai, Feb 2000
Ban Tai:
6 hours from Udomxai by bus. Small village where 2 GHs(5000kip) and a restaurant. A pharmacy, a shop
Ban Foo:
a guest house(no further info.)

Bun Neua Feb 25, 00

No information, No bank, No clinic.
Pharmacy, Post office(2km away in Ban Muay Ka),
No market but a woman comes to this village and sell food in the morning.

Hotels: 2 GHs at the bus stop on the both side of the road. Both charges 5,000k/p. One on the E side runs a video when electricity is available.
A new GH is under construction, NW of Main Rd., up hill.

Restaurants: 2 simple ones on W side of the Main Rd. and some noodle shops
The GH opp. from the bus stop booth, with red blue plastic chairs, has only a dish and overcharge foreigners. not rec.
The GH on the same side of bus stop booth is basic and not cheap.

Buses from Udomxai to Phongsali pass this village around 15:00. But according to locals, only bus to Phongsali at 8:00, 1.5hrs,
To Ban Pakha:
8-9:00, 10,000k
To Udomxai:
Bus from Phongsali 9:00, 25,000k
A road connect to Muang Nyot Ou, but no bus service found.

Phongsali: Jan 30, 2003

A quiet village in the mountain, in NE of Laos, about 10 hours from Udomxai by bus. The raod to Phongsali is very bad. And It is 1300m above sea level so it may be cold so you need a jacket specially on the bus.

Bank: on the Main Rd. next to Phonsali Hotel.
Post Office: N of the bus stop, opp is Telecom.
Market: opp from Phongsali GH.
Airport: helicopter To/from Vientiane M Th Time and cost ?. Ask at Information and Cultural Center. The flight may not be available if the weather is bad.

Phongsali GH & Rest.
(probably the name has been changed to Yo Hoa GH): opp from the market. f sb d30,000k, t40,000k, ab d40,000k R. shower is local style.
Phongsali Hotel & Rest: If you come from Udomxai, walk back from the bus stop from 5-10 mins. f dr 15,000/p(7 beds), sb t40,000k?, ab d50,000k R(reasonable) HW C4
h3 Laksun GH
(probably the name has been changed to Suntiphop GH): opp from Phongsali Hotel & R f sb d30,000k, t40,000k very basic.
Phoufa Hotel & Rest: NW from the center uphill. Good new GH with garden. ab s/d$10 HW(18:30-22:00) t$15 bf . Nice room and nice bathroom.

GHs and hotels offer food and some small restaurants.

Bus station is far from the town. 2000kip by tuktuk
to Udomxai:
Trucks 8:00,
50,000k(2004.12 info)
to Hat Sa:
8:00, but the truck may not leave until it gets full. 30 mins. Expect very late departure. 5,000k(2004.12 info)
to Utai/Muang Nyot Ou:
no service found
to Vientiane: dep 7:00
to Luang Prabang: dep 8:00

to/from Hat Sa
, slow 50,000, fast 60,000k

There are more places to visit from here. Currently our info is limited. Please ask at GH for more sights
Ban Pan Chantan(Punoi people) village: Walk toward the stadium and turn right just before it. There is a path toward the village. 1 hour walk.

HAT SA: Feb 29,00

Very small and very nice village. No phone

At the pier, 2 GHs with very basic rooms for 2-3 people.
Hatsa GH: 5,000k/p
h2 Ban Hotsa GH:
5,000k/p This GH looks more friendly

to Muang Khua:
a few times a day, 5 hrs, 50,000k/p No roof. Your backpacks are covered by a plastic sheet So expect to get wet. Take your own cover as well.
to go N(up stream): You have to charter a boat by yourself or find a group of locals to go

MUANG KHUA: Jan 27, 03

Electricity 18:30-22:00. No clinic, no rental bike.
Phone is available only from telephone office.
From the pier, walk 2-300m to reach the main rd. of the town. 3 GHs before you reach the road. From the junction(GH), turn right(N), there is post office and a wat at N end, turn left(S) to the town center, where a market and at the S end, a bus station, a bank and a GH.
Over the bridge near the pier, you can go to E side of Nam Ou River,
500k to cross. but free to come back.

$ Lang Xang Bank on Main Rd. S part of the town $1=7,000k, 1B=180k, very bad rate.
$ Black market: at watch shop, opp from Market, cash only
$1=?k, 1B=190k.
m Market
: E side of Main Rd. town center.
M Post and Telephone office: N part of Main Rd. Looks very deserted but calls can be made. Card phone was out of order.
Bus station: S end of the Main Rd.

No HW at any hotels. Toilet and showers are local style
Namou GH & Rest: at the port on hill side 50m
f sb d15,000k, ab d20,000k local style bathroom. Nicest room in town. Rec
h2 Chandy GH:
on port Rd. 100m from the port
sb d15,000k, ab t20,000k, nice balcony saves this GH.
Meuangkhua GH: on port Rd. after Chandy GH.
sb q20,000k, d15,000k. rooms are run down but only toilet is new and nice.
Manhchay GH: on the Main Rd. at the junction with the port rd.
sb s15,000k, d20,000k. Rooms are Ok.
Singsavanh GH: on a square next to the bus station.
sb d30,000k, t35,000k. rooms are OK

From the pier, cross the bridge(
500k but free to return) to go to E side of the river, there are a few simple local restaurants.
Samyack Restaurant: at the bus station
r Namou GH: serves good food.

Bus to Udomxa
i 8:00, 15:00 4 hrs, 13,000k
leave when enough people want to ride. You may have to wait here until enough foreigners arrive for the boat. To rent a whole boat, you probably better to take to a official at the navigation office than a boat driver. The fare will become more reasonable.
Speed boat(upto 8 persons) .
to Hat Sa,
50,000k/p? 2 hrs
to Hat Sa
30,000k/ 300,000k/boat, 5hrs
to Nong Khiaw
50,000k/p 300,000/boat, 4.5hrs
to Muang Noi(old)
45,000k/p 250,000/boat, 4.0?hrs


On GHs' walls, there are notice for trekking by Mr.Khamurouh, young teacher who speaks good English. If there are more than 3 people the cost will be.
Day tour:
2 day / 1 night tour:
These are starting price. Subject to the negotiation.
The villages are 5 hr walking uphill. To sleep in the village, you need a sleeping bag, food and water. You have to make it clear what these tours include before you take.

MUANG NOI( or NONG KHIAW): Area Code 071 August 1, 2005

Beautiful and very quiet village in N part of Laos, surrounded by unique limestone mountains like, Keiling, China. This is always one of the most popular destination in Laos. The name Muang Noi could be used for Nong Khiaw. It is confusing so make sure when you ask for those villages.
No bank, no rental bike, no market(closest one 20min by boat up stream.) Electricity 24hours.

$ Exchange: Low rate. at GHs. $1= 10,000k, 1B=260k
Clinic: at the SW end of village. Looks deserted.
Internet at Sunset GH: 600k/min expensive.

All hotels are very basic and can be found near the boat landing or the bridge, N from the boat landing and opp side of the river.
West side of the river(boat pier side)
Philasok GH & Rest: at the bridge. f sb s15000k d20,000k, depends on view. basic
Manipoon GH & Rest: at the bridge, f sb d30,000k. R(not Rec), GH-Rec.
h3 Phayboun GH & Rest:
looking W from the bridge, take the paved road on right. f sb s5,000k, d10,000k. Very basic. But Rec.
h4 Sengdao GH:
facing the bridge, left side from the bridge. f sb s/d15-30,000k basic. closer to the river a bungalow is, more expensive the rate. Rec
h5 Santhy GH & Rest:
Walking from the bridge to the boat pier, left side. f sb s/d15-20,000k basic, no windows
Somnyot GH & Rest: Near the boat pier. f ab s20,000 d23,000kip Very basic, but friendly owner.
Sanltyn GH: f sb d8,000k very basic. Very small rooms
Phonsai GH & Rest: S part of the village,near the school. f sb d8,000k t10,000k very basic
East side of the river
Bamboo Pradise GH: f ab s$2 d$4 C4 bungalow type
Mexay GH: f sb s/d15,000k basic
Sunset GH: f sb s$3 d$4, ab s/d$15 HW C4 @(600k/min) The owner is very informative and you can ask about travel info. Rec
h13 Book Shop GH:
f sb s/d$3 R Great view to the village and surrounding from the restaurant. Rec

2 restaurants near the bridge are cheap and 2 ones near the boat pier are a bit expensive.
Book Shop GH Barkery & Rest: noodle 8,000k, fried rice 10,000k, curry 15,000kip
r2 Vamnayphong Restaurant:
near the bridge, W side. cheap noodle 6,000k, fried rice 7,000k, shake 3,000kip, taste is so so

Bus to West(Muang Thoun)
to Udomxai(via Pakmong),
, 3hr+. dep11:00
to Nam Bak, take a bus to Pakmong
4,000k, 1 hr
to Luang Prabang:
25,000k 3.5hrs if enough people are waiting in the morning, 8:00, 11,000k 3 hrs. if not, you have to travel to Pakmong. If you go to Pakmong and you can get Luang Prabang bus.
Bus to East
to Vieng Khaw:
2hrs, 9:00. A few in early morning. From there you may be able to travel to Nam Noen(50,000k?) if there are enough people there, otherwise dep 8:00. It may be possible to hitch.
to Muang Khua(N bound):
slowboat 70,000k 5hrs. Wait until enough people come. Speed boat 90,000k
to Luang Prabang(S bound):
slow-$53/boat(max 8p) or speed-$55/baot
to Muang Noi(old)
(North bound) 15,000k 2 hours.

Cross the bridge and walk 2km. Caves can be seen on the right side. Then you have to walk cross a small river and paddy filed. At Boupha Rest, there is a notice for trekking tours to caves and water falls. But it seems to be possible to go there by ourselves.

Muang Thoun: Feb 29, 00
A small village between between Udomxai and Pakbeng. If you leave early morning from Pakmong or Nong Khiaw, to Muang Thoun, you have a change to catch a bus to Pakbeng coming from Udomxai in a same day.
No, bank, no Post office.
Hotels:4 GHs
(sb d20,000k) and 2 of them have restaurants.
Market is good.
to Pakbeng
10,000k, many buses in the morning, 3 hr

MUANG NOI(old):Feb 29, 00

A small village 1-2 hrs from Nong Khiaw by slow(10,000k), upstream or you can stop by on the way from Muang Khua to Nong Khiaw, 3 hrs from M.K by slow boat.
The name Muang Noi could be used for Nong Khiaw. It is confusing so make sure when you ask for those villages.
Boupha GH: no evaluation at this moment.

Boat: to Nong Khiaw
, 50min.
to Luang Prabang
$70/boat, 50min.

Kang Cave and Koi Cave:
30min and another 10 min. walk from the village

Nam Bak: Feb 29, 00

A small village between Pakmong and Nong Khiaw. Trucks buses connect here from both villages frequently. Every 2 hours.

$ Lane Xane Bank: on the Main Rd., next to the market. US$1 cash=7,500, T/C =7,520k, com. $2, 1B=200, British=11,560, FF=1,100, DM=3,700?, Jap=65
m Market:
opp from the bus stop
Police: 200m W from the market on the Main Rd.

Khounvillay GH:
W from the center of village, a bit out of town. 1.5km W from the bank on the Main Rd.
h 2
Vanmisay GH: on the Main Rd. near the bank. f sb s/d10,000k

Transport: Buses
to Pakong,
15 min.
to Nong Khiaw,
4,000k, 1 hr

PAKMONG: Feb 29, 00

Very small village. No bank, post office, hospitals, market.

h PhonThong GH: near the bus stop. f sb s10,000k, d20,000k t25,000k, basic
Restaurants: two opp each other near the bus stop.
Bus stop has a ticket booth.
to Luang Prabang:
8,500k, 2 hours, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 (depends on the number of people)
to Udomxai:
10,000k 3 hrs, 10:00
to Numbak:
2,000k, 15min. frequent
to Nong Khiaw,
5,000k, 1hr, frequent

VIENG KHAM: Mar 3, 00
2 hrs from Nong Khiaw by bus. (8,000k)
Post office and pharmacy
GH: when you come from N.Khiaw, first you cross a bridge in Vieng Kham, a GH is on the left side of the Main Rd., near to the end of the village.
Restaurant: next to the GH.
to Ban Vieng Thong,
7,000k, 1.5hrs
to Nong Khiaw,

Very small. 1.5 hrs from Vieng Kham by bus. Do not confuse with Muang Vieng Thong. A small pharmacy
GH: No English sign. Blue+yellow painted Wooden 2 story bldg. If you come from W, after the bridge, turn right. 6 mattress on the 1 floor and 6 mattress on the 2 nd floor balcony.
sb 5,000k/p. toilet in garden. Super basic. No locks on the door. You can lock the door only from inside.
Restaurants: noodle shop restaurant and other very small ones serving very simple food. No English menu.
to Muang Vieng Thong:
8,000k 2.5hrs 8-13:00(bus from Nong Khiaw or Vieng Kham is passing here.) just wait.
to Vieng Kham:
7,000k, 1.5hrs, 10:00
to Nong Khiaw:
15,000k: 3hrs, same bus to Vieng Kham
to Nam Noen:


Do not confuse with Ban Vieng Thong
No post office
Agricultural Bank: does not change money
Market: on the Main Rd. where buses stop
Clinic at Lao American Project: S end of village
Pharmacy: small one on the Main Rd.

Phoukhect GH:
Coming from Nong Khiaw, just before the bridge. 3 story white bldg. f sb d10,000, ab(shower)15,000k basic
Santisouk GH: after crossing the bridge, road turn to right. This is on the right. f sb d10,000k, electricity in the evening
Phomma GH: f sb d7,000k, no window, just a hole on the wall. Basic
Souksakhone GH: opp from Phomma GH. Wooden house attached to a concrete house.f sb d10,000k. They are expanding the concrete one. Check your window can be opened or not.

There are 3 restaurants on the Main Rd. Neither has English menu. All service simple food.

stops in front of the Market.
to Nam Noen:
8,000k, ?hr, 7:00
to Sam Neua:
16,000k, 6hrs, same bus to Nam Noen
to Vieng Kham: 7:00
to Nong Khiaw,
to Vientiane:
Sam Neua-Vientiane buses stops here for both direction. Time and fare are not known. Not sure if you have a chance to have a seat or not.

small but very interesting one is on the hill.

SAM NEUA:Area code 064, Mar 6, 00

At the bus stop, a sign says " Bus station Houaphanh". Don't worry you are in Sam Nuea.
Many facilities around the bus stop. There are two bridges. We call bridge 1 for one E and bridge 2 one S.

Border information:
Border to Vietnam is very close but it is closed for foreigners. It may be open when the road get fixed. It is expecting sometime soon. Wait for next report.

i Information office: Commerce & Tourism Department of Houu Panh Province M-F8-12, 13-16:00. A young staff speaks good English and very helpful.
Lane Xane Bank: on the Main Rd. N part of town. M-F8-15:30 $1=7520k, 1B=200k T/C com 1%. It has an exchange booth in the market.
Post and Telecom office: on the Main Rd. opp from the bus stop.
Hospital: SE from the bus stop. Cross the bridge 1 and turn right at the first corner and walk 600m
Market: Very big covered market. Nice fabrics Food market is next to it.
Bus stop: next to the fire station. The fare board can be found next to the bridge 2
Na Thong Airport: 4km E from the town: Go E from the bus stop and cross the bridge 1, at the Y junction take one of left.
Lao Aviation is at the airport.
Rental bike: Tourist office will arrange it for you.

Panhsam GH:
on the Main Rd. W side. 50m N from the bus stop. f sb d15,000k HW basic
Keomany GH: on the Main Rd. E side, 30m N from the bus stop.f sb d20,000k t30,000k, HW(good shower) Rec
h3 Kheam Xam GH:
From the bus stop, go E. Just before the bridge 1, f sb d15,000, ab d20,000 HW Rec
h4 Phouthong GH:
h5 Phanxuy Hotel & Rest:
out from the village, NW on the Main Rd. f ab t20,000k, q20,000 R. not nice at all not worth to walk up there.
Lao Houiy: just S from the bus stop. 35-50,000k
h6 Chittavahan Restaurant:
just N from bridge 1. No sign for GH It has a few bamboo rooms d15,000k. Last option.

There are many small stalls in the market serving simple food.
Samneuamay Rest.: E from the bus stop. English menu. Rec
r2 Mitsamphun Rest:
in a small alley opp from Samneuamay Rest.
Chittavahan Rest: near the bridge 1.
Joy's place: River side before the bridge 1 turn left.
Meuangsam Rest: at the bridge 2

to Vientiane:
2-3 days, 7:30
to Luang Prabang:
40,000k, 7:30 same bus to Vientiane
to Vieng Xai:
3,500k, 70min. 6:30, 8:30, 10:00
to Nam Noen:
12,000k, 4.5hrs, 6:30
to Phonsavan No direct bus . Go to Nam Noen first and change a bus. You will probably have a connection from there on the same day.
Fare for other destinations
On Route #6 (North?):
Meuan Poua 4,000k, Shop Tong 4,500k, Na Lock 6,500k, Hao Sene 7,500k, Meuang Hang 8,000k, Shop Xai 9,500k, Na Phia 10,500k, Xieng Kho 11,500k, Meuang Vane 13,500k, Meuang Et 14,000k
On Route #217(East) Hang Long 2,500k, Vieng Xai 3,500, Xieng Louang 4,500k, Bane Kho 5,500k, Phoune Mai 7,500k, Meuang Soi 9,000k, Meuang Khane 13,000k, Sam Tay 16,000k
On Route # 9: Meuang Ham 2,500k, Bandon 3,500k, Nakhoun 4,000k, Poungveik 6,000k, Kungkao 7,500k, Houamoun 8,500k, Khorhing 10,000k, Namneutay 11,000
On Route #1: Nam Noen 12,000k, Nam Neuan(North junction) 11,000k, Ban Moi 11,500k, Sop Lap 12,000k, Naphieng 14,000k, Meuang Hiem 16,000k, Sow Heuang 25,000k, Vieng Kham 30,000k, Pakmong 35,000k, Luang Prabang 40,000k, Udomxai 40,000, Vientiane 60,000

Nam Nua waterfalls:
26km E from the village. Take a truck bus to Vieng Xai, and ask the driver for the direction. 3,000k After you get off the transport take a path on left and walk 15min.
Phonexay waterfalls: 26km 4,000k truck bus at 6:30, 8:00
Tha Ngeua Hot Spring: 110km(too far but) take a bus to Muang Xam Tai at 7:30, 15,000k. You have to stay overnight in Muang Xam Tai. One GH-
Nameung Hot Spring: 22km SW from the village. bathing possible. Take a truck bus to Muang Ham, 2,500k and ask villages the way to Na Meung village which is 1km.

VIENG XAI: Mar 7, 00
Highly recommended village. Electricity is 24 hrs.
Bus from Sam Neua leaves 6:30, and possibly a few more, 3,500k, 70min.
Bus from Sam Tai leaves in the morning get here around 14:00
It is possible to take a day trip from Sam Neua. Songthiaw might be available from the market around 15-16:00 if enough people to take. If not go to the junction 1km N from the center of the village and try to hitch. There are 3 restaurants where you can wait for the trucks/cars.
Agricultural Bank: no exchange
Post office: on the Main Rd. next to the market
Clinic: a small house on the Main Rd.
Pharmacy: on the Main Rd. and at Market.
Bus stop: in front of Market
Hotel Vieng Xai No2: on the Main Rd. left side coming from Sam Neua, 500m N from the market. 2 story white-yellow bldg.
f ab s30,000, d40,000 HW simple rooms over priced.
Naxay GH & Rest: S part of the village, near the caves.
f sb d7,000k R basic but nice new wooden house. shower is local style. Rec
Hotel Vieng Xai No1:
no sign, SW part of the village behind the 3 lakes. opp to Khamthay Syphandone Caves(1km away) f sb d/t/q 10,000k HW shower.It has a beautiful garden in a beautiful area with lakes and mountains. HighlyRec

2 simple restaurants at market and Naxay GH has a restaurant.
There are many natural beauties, such as rocks, small lakes, waterfalls, caves, etc.
Nam Nua waterfalls: ask locals for the direction.
Caves: First you should go to the Kayson Phomvihan Memorial Cave Tour Office to pay entrance fee 2,500k for all caves. Go S from the market. You will see a stupa with a red star on the top. Behind the stupa, there is a big bldg. The office is a small white bldg with green roof, behind a big one. And you have to ask a guide to open the caves. 5,000k tip to him. The caves have lights inside.

NAM NOEN(NEUAN): Mar 8, 00
Very small village 7km SW from a junction(toward Phonsavan) on the road between Vieng Khaw and Sam Neua. It is a ok village with a dirty riverside with millions flies. Electricity is 24hrs available.
Bus stops at village square.
No banks, no post office, no hospitals, no rental bicycles.
Exchange: Ms. Phat's Restaurant can exchange. Bad rate.
$1=7,500, 1B=190B. You may get better rate somewhere else. Try to ask others as well.
No Market: but some stalls on the main square selling daily goods and some food.
Pharmacies: some shops in the village
For the security reason, you may stay in a room with a windows with bars. If no bars in the windows, during hot season, you have to choose either security or escape from the heat at night.
Nam Neun Hotel: a wooden house on the square. sb d10,000k, very basic no electricity. Toilet behind the main bldg. no shower
Nam Neun GH: a wooden house 25m from the square. sb s8,000 d10,000k R Very basic. No lights for any kind in room. Toilet is behind the main bldg. no bathroom.(in river?)
Bed Room Wee: opp from Nam Nuen GH. sb d8,000k Very basic one lamp for 2 rooms. Toilet is behind the main bldg. bars in window
Special GH: from entering the village from N, a white house with blue doors is on the right side. sb d15,000k It will be open soon. Best option. Bars in window
Many small restaurants. All offering similar food with similar prices. Not much choice, rice some meat food, noodle soup. No English menu
Ms Phat's Rest: on the square
To the junction
5,000k by tuk-tuk
To Phonsavan:
20-25,000k, 6hrs. a bus from Sam Neua passing here around 11-12:00 which arrives Phonsavan around 17:00. so you should stand by
To Muang Khom: around
12,000k, 2.5hrs, 7:00 (could be more later) You can take a bus to Phonsavan which arrives Muang Khom around 14-15:00
To Nong Khiaw:
30,000k, 8hrs, (from the junction) NE from the village and get a bus from Sam Neua to Vientiane which is passing there around 10-11:00.
To Sam Neua:
12,000k, 4 hrs. Very confusing. You may get one at 7:00. If not, you may have to wait a truck bus from Sam Neua to return, 13:00. You can catch a truck from Phonsavan heading The direction of Sam Neua. Many driver stay over night in Sam Neua.
Nice setting beautiful nature can be seen around the village.
A small wat is closed, but nothing special.

MUANG KHAM: Mar 9, 00
Small village between Nam Neuan and Phonsavan. No evaluation for any facilities.
Lang Xane Bank: Post office on Main Rd. 3 restaurants at the bus stop.
Myxay GH: at the bus stop.
Vatsana GH: 300m from the bus stop. A sign at the bus stop showing the location.
Hot Spring:
18km E on route #7

This information was sent to us from a great traveler.

Nitzan Ilsar from Israel


Road to Phongsali
# Nong Khiaw(Muang Ngoi) to Munag Khua by boat 17,000k/p
Muang Khua:
h 3 guest houses. 5,000k/p, Muang Khua GH is the best in town
h Phay Boun GH: s5,000 d8,000k R
r 1 restaurant.
S Caves, view around is excellent.
Hill tribe villages: Many near by, accessible by truck. you need a guide.
F Boat to Luang Prabang: slowboat 240,000/8 p, 6 hrs
# Muang Khua to Hat Xa by slow boat 17,000k/p 6 hrs
Hat Xa
h Hat Xa GH: 3,000k/p.
r 2 restaurant.
# Hat Xa(boat landing) to Phongsali by truck 1 hr 2,000k/p
Ban Neua: near Phongsali,
h GH dr4000k, d10,000k
I immigration: you can extend your visa here upto 2 weeks. You need a little tip to officers.
h Phu Pha Hotel sb $5 garden
h Phongsali GH 5,000k/p
h Phongsali Hotel dr 5,000k, d15,000 good restaurant.
S Sight: nice walking around the town. Great view
S trekking (4 days) offered by Phu Pha Hotel
B Bus to Udom Xai 17,500k
# From Phongsali to U Tai, by truck bus. ? kip, ? hrs.
U Tai:
Northest village in Laos, very close to China and many Chinese live here. You can use Chinese money. But you cannot cross the border.
h One guest house
S Hill tribe villages: many near by.

Udom Xai to Phonsavan
# From Udom Xai, take a bus toward Luang Prabang and change a bus at Pakmong, where there is one GH and a small market.
Pakmong to Nong Kiew by bus 1000k 30min.
For Knong Kiew, see above
# From Nong Kiew, take a bus to Vieng Kam? and wait 2/3 hrs for another bus to Vieng Thong
Vieng Thong:
h 3 Guest houses: 6,000k/p
# From Vieng Thong to Sam Neua by bus 11,000kip leaving at 8:00
Sam Neua: Very close to the border with Vietnam
h GH: 10,000kip
S Sight: Big market.You may visit Vieng Xai where you can see a cave which Vietcom were hiding and a water falls which 2km from Vieng Xai. Continue walking 2km on the same road. access from Sam Neua by bus 2,500kip 2 hrs.
# From Sam Neua to Phonsavan: take a bus to South, Nam Noen where you passed from Vieng Thong to Sam Neua. The change a bus to Phonsavan
Nam Noen: there is a GH.
Phonsavan detailed info
Small village where many travelers come for the plan of Jar. See Phonsavan for more detail.
h Many Guet Houses: 10-15,000kip
S Sight: Plain of Jar. There are 3 sights.
Sight #1, biggest sights, 5km from the town, $5/car or $1/p. #2 and #3 are 15-20km away from the town. $20-30/car. Those sights are not so important.

Phonsavan to Vientiane
AIR Vientiane Daily, $44, Luang Prabang Daily, $35
To Vientiane:
By bus 24 hrs via Pokoun.
To Luang Prabang, Change a bus at Pokoun. Bus leaves from Pokoun at 9:00.
Pokoun: There are some GHs.

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