Area Code 071 US$1=9,550k 1B=275k, June 26, 2007

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Planes are often canceled. Confirm flight the day before. Check in time is written on the ticket when you confirm.
Must pay for flights in $ cash or with a credit card(no extra com.).
A Luang Prabang Airport: Phetsarath Rd. T 212173
airport tax international $10, domestic 10,000kip. Access: tuk-tuk from town 10,000kip,
QV Lao Airlines: Wisunalat Rd.(Lao Aviation Rd.) Walk S from the GPO and pass the Market. When you reach a road you can see Rama Hotel on the left, turn right. T212172 F212406 M-Sa 8-11:30, 13:30-16:30, Su 8-11:30. Visa/MC no surcharge.
To Vientiane-$58, Phonsavan-$51, Luang Namtha-$82, Houexai-$82, Phonsavan to Vientiane-$51, Pakse-$88, Chiang Mai $80, ThSu11:50 Then fuel charge +$10
PG Bangkok Airways: 57/6 Sisavangvong Rd. T253334, To BKK $147 dep 15:20 arr 17:00

B1 Ban Na Lung South Bus Terminal: 4km SW from the town near Naviengkham Market.. Bus to S(Vientiane, Vang Vieng), Access: tuk-tuk from town 10,000kip
B2 North Bus Terminal: 4km NE from the town. near the Airport. Bus to N, Udom Xai, Muang Noi, etc.
Access: tuk-tuk from town 10-15,000kip
Bus to South from B1
Vientiane: 400km, normal 90,000kip , 10hr, 7:30, 10:30, 12:30, 15:30, 18:00, Express 100,000kip, 6:30, 8:30, 19:30, VIP 115,000kip, 8:00, 9:00
Vang Vieng: 220km, normal 75,000k , 5hr take Vientiane bus and get off at Vang Vieng. Express 80,000k 8:00
Phonsavanh: normal 95,000k , 8hrs, 8:30
Vietnam Vinh: normal $22 , 20:00 (not daily)
Bus to N from B2
All bus toward N leave when it get enough people. People tend to travel early morning so go to the station early, 7-9:00 and wait.
But after that time, many trucks pick up passengers at the bus station. We don't know the fare for this case.
Udom Xai 44,000kip 9, 12, 15:30, 5hrs
Luang Nam Tha 70,000kip 9:00, 17:00, 9hrs
Nong Khiaw 32,000kip 9:30, 10:00 3.5hrs
Phongsaly 100,000kip 17:00 15hrs
Moung Ngoi 12,000?
B. Nambak 28000k, After 9:00 every 2 hours
M. Viewkam 45,000k, 8:30, 5hrs

All boat fares are for tourist prices. Locals pay little less. The S bound such as to Vientiane may not be running during dry season. During the research time, no boats to Vientiane. (2003 info)
1.) All boats leave when the boats get full. Go early.
2.) Since, the boats cannot run at night, they may stop at night even though they did not reach the destination. Expect to sleep overnight in the boat or a village near by.
3.) The speed boats have no roofs. The slow boats have roofs but they will not work against heavy rain. You have to have rain coats or jackets ready to use. don't put them in your backpacks, specially during rain season.
4.) The vibration of the speed boats are so large that you will get tired very much. The tick life jackets are useful to soften the vibration. If you can get a extra, put it under your body.
5.) When you are heading to Houexai or coming from it, You may stop by at Pak Ou Cave. Negotiate with the boat driver
F1 Slow Boat Pier: Just behind the Royal Palace. The tickets are available at the navigation office. M-F7:30-11:20, 13-16, SaSu7:30-10:30.
F2 Speed Boat Pier: 5km N from the town, tuk-tuk 10-15,000kip
Slow boats on Mekong River from F1
Houexay 170.000 dep8:30 2 days Pakbeng 85,000 dep8:30 8-9hrs
Parley 126,000k ? Vientiane 255,000 3 days
Thaxvang 60,000 6 hrs Thadeua 78,000 4 hrs
Moung Khoua 195,000 2 days Nong Kiew 100,000 dep9:00 7-8 hrs
Pak Ou Cave charter return 150,000kip dep8:00
Speed boats on Mekong River from F2
Houexay 300,000 dep8:30 6-7 hrs Pakbeng 180,000 3-4 hrs
Parley ? Vientiane 255,000 10 hrs
Thasouang 100,000 3 hrs Thadeua 78,000

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