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Parcially updated in 2007

There are lots of street stalls selling fruit shakes 2,000kip, noodle soup 3-5000kip, baguette sandwiches with pate and salad 2000-5000kip. A good place for breakfast is at the street market along the Mekong River, River Rd+Market Street. Buy a sandwich at one stall, sit down at the coffee and cake stall. Free hot tea. Coffee 2,000kip. Also at the Street market you kind find delicious take away dishes from 1,500kip, great for picnics on Guest House balconies.
Restaurants along the Mekong are a good place to watch the sunset and to socialize in the evenings.
There are many new international bistro style restaurants with French names along The Main Rd.(Sisavangvong Rd), offering a mix of International/Lao cuisine.
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Main Rd.
r Night market: From the post office to the royal palace. Many food stalls at night. Very cheap and good local food are available. Grilled fish 15,000, ticken foot 8,000 cold beer 7,000k, more. Also meal(various dishes, as you like) over rice is recomended 5-8000kip. Highly Rec
r Indochina Spirit: Main Rd.S side of the roundabout(Nam Phu monument), W from the GPO.Thai, Moderate 6:00-24:00 Beautiful Laos style house and a lot of beautiful interior decoration with live music in the evening(19:15-20:30). Food is delicious and the portion is large. Excellent value. Pizza 25,000k Highly Rec
r Sakounna Restaurant: On the Main Rd. N side, opp from Vat Ho Xian. 100m W from GPO. meal over Rice, 5,000k? 7:30-22:30, Rec
r Luang Prabang Bakery: Main Rd.(11/7 Sisavangvong Rd) on S side. Cakes/Bakery Moderate, 7:00-22:00 Pizza 35,000+, Nice breakfast 15,000kip.
r Vegetarian Rest. Main Rd. (Sakarine Rd), opposite, Villa de la Princess/Santi. Vegetarian Wide selection of tofu-based dishes.
r Le Cafe Ban Vat Sene, On the main Rd.S side. E from the Planet on line. Gourmet coffee $1+, Very tasteful interior with art souvenir Rec
r Xiengthong Noodle shop: Just W from Wat Xiengthong, Lao style noodle, with egg 5-6000kip, Very tasty and cheap Rec

River Rd.
r Food stalls: On the allery W from the Royal Palace Museum, local food 5000k/dish Delicious local food. Rec (2007 info)
r Somchan Rest. River Rd., 4 blocks W from the Market Street.T252021, Lao Moderate Delicious noodle soup, big vegetarian menu. Highly Rec (2007 info)
r Pasaneyom Coffee shop(Pomachan Cafe): River Rd, just W from Market Street. Coffee/tea Cheap 5-12:00. Best/cheap Lao coffee in town, 3000k. Baguette bread 1000k Coffee shop for locals. Chinese tea is free with a order. mixed Lao coffee & Milo is good. Rec (2007 info)
r Local food stall: River Rd+Market, selling local food + sticky rice. food 5000k, sticky rice 1000k
r Omelette stall: From River Rd+Market, walk 2 blocks and turn right to an alley. Left side. Vegetable Omelette with sweet peanut sauce is delicious 7,000k, Rec (2007 info)
r View Kheamkong: on the river side rd. 200m E from the slow boat pier. Lao/International Moderate 8-23:00 Simple table and chairs next to the river. Cheap Beer 6,000, food 7,000-20,000. Good place to see sunset.
r Le Elephant: on the River Rd. opp from Wat Nong.. French/Lao Expensive 15-24:00 Colonial style. Filet beef stake $6. The most stylish restaurant in town.

Wisunalat Rd.(Rama Rd.)
r Visoun Restaurant: Rama hotel Rd. Enter from the market Rd. W side. (2007 info)
r6 Yong Khoune: 145/1Wisunalat Rd.
Chinese/Lao/International 6:00-23:00, Good breakfast. Popular.Rec (99 info)
r Nazim: Rama Rd.(145/1Wisunalat Rd.) Indian Moderate 6:00-23:00, Very delicious Indian food. Veg curry 10,000k, curry with meat 17,000, beer 7,000+, nan 4000k Rec

r Bane Lao: Near the entrance of S gate of Mt. Phusi
Bar Very popular bar among westerners.
r Chinese Rice soup shop: at the corner of Talat Dala, 3000kip+ Very delicious Rec

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