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Parcially updated in 2007

Too many GHs to choose, but not so many GH we can recommend. Management is usually bad. Most of them are run sown. Most GHs charging similar price with similar quality. Most rooms are double. Single rooms are very few. Simple rooms without bathroom cost d30,000kip, with bathrooms d60,000kip+. Many have at least 1 HW shower.
The best valued hotels are high class ones. With $50, you can stay at the first class hotels.

2003 info: The prices have been increased slightly.

This page uses "Special Street Names": See orientation Click
Do not try to find the names of the street on your map.

- d $7 d $7 - d $20 d $20+

W part of the town near the Mekong:
NW from the Post office. This is a small area where you can find many budget accommodation. Walk on River Rd to W from the N end of Market St.
h1 Nocknoy GH: 1 st street turn left. E side of alley T253227. sb f s35,000 d40,000 HW C3, Simple but clean rooms. Free drinking water Rec
h2 Chanthaphone GH: 1st street turn left. , T5669965, f sb s$3 d$4, ab s/d$6, C4 Rec Very new GH
h3 Hoxieng GH: Fro, the post office walk down to the river. T212703, f sb s/d$405, ab s/d$7, a/c s/d$10 C3 Rec free tea/coffee banana Rec
h4 Villay GH: 2nd street turn left. E side of alley, T253561, f sb s/d40,000, la-2000/p C3 Rec
h5 Tanoy GH: opp from Villy GH, sb f s/d30,000 ab s50,000 d60,000kip C3, Basic
h6 Suan keo GH II: 2nd street turn left. E side of alley. T252804, sb f s20-40,000 d30-60,000, a/c s/d$8-12, C2
h7 Rattana GH: 2nd street turn left. W side of alley, T252255 sb f d70,000, a/c ab d120,000 HW C4,
h8 Viradesa GH I: 3rd street turn left. E side of alley., T252026 f dr$2, sb s30,000 d50,000, ab s/d 64,000, q64,000, la-10,000/kg HW R(8-23:00) I C2
Simple basic rooms, friendly staff. There are two rooms for dormitory. They are dark. Room #3 is better.
h10 Viradesa GH II: opp from Viradesa I, T252026 f sb 35,000, ab 60,000, HW R I la-10,000/kg C2 Popular. Old traditional Lao house with full of antique decoration. friendly staff. Rec Closed for renovation

E part of town: Walk on River Rd. from the river end of Market St. Most of the accommodation in this area used to be only middle class but recently a few budget GHs are open.
h Silichith GH: From the entrance of Phusi hill, walk E on Sisavangvong Rd and turn left at the point which you can see Khan river. On the left side, just before the river street. T212758, f ab s$4 d$C4 Nice place
h11 Sayo GH: . T252614 4th street turn right. W side of the alley. f ab s/d$15-30, la-3000/p HW C4 Very nice and huge rooms with art deco.
h12 Xieng Mouvane: 4th street turn right. W side of the alley. T252152 a/c ab s/d/t $20 HW la-3000/p C4 All rooms have balconies. Beautiful garden. Ask for a room in the new bungalow. Free tea/coffee/water..Highly Rec
h13 Chalin: River Rd between 4th and 5 th alleys. T252377, f s/20,000, ab s40,000 d50,000 HW la-15,000/kg C3 Large rooms.
h Phousi GH I, II, III: E from the museum, 3 GHs, T212973, f ab s$3 d$5

W from the Market. This is an area for new, good and clean budget accommodation.
From GPO walk S(toward Market) on Market St. First alley to left.
h20 Phonethavy GH: T253213, f ab s40,000 d50,000kip C4 Roos a bit small but clean
h21 Kounsavan GH: T212297 right side sb s30,000 d40,000, ab s/d60,000kip, a/c s/d$12 HW C4 Rec
h22 Chaleun Souk GH: T212747, f ab s/d30,000, a/c $7 HW C3 Old but clean comfortable rooms.
h23 Souansavan GH: At the end of the road and turn left. It is on the right side. T213020 f ab $8 C3, a/c HW $12 C4 All rooms are big but quality varies. Rec
Hospital Rd. From GPO walk S(toward Market) on Market St. Turn right at the corner of the Market. This is a street you can see hospitals on the both side of the road.
h24 Moukdavanh: T252402 f sb s/d20,000, ab s/d30,000 C4 New GH, good balcony, but no twin rooms. Inside of the rooms do not look as good as outside of the GH. Rec
h25 Oudalon GH: T212500 f sb s/d$2-4, ab s/d$2.5-5 C3-4 good value rooms. Rec
h27 Pavisouda GH: T212775 f sb 50,000, a/c ab HW d70,000 C4 Beautiful colonial style house. Very stylish rooms with nice decoration and furniture. A/C rooms are Highly Rec but f rooms are over priced.(2001 info)
h28 Som Chith GH: . T212522 3rd block on the right side.
f sb 40,000kip, ab 60,000, HW C3 Wooden house. Stuff are also friendly.But maintenance is a problem here. Rec (2001 info)

Lao Airlines Rd.
Walk S on Market St. and When you see Rama Hotel turn right.
h30 Mixay GH: opp from Lao Airlines, T213035. sb s/d25-30,000 ab 40,000, a/c s/d70,000 HW C3. Very quiet and large rooms.
h31 Jaliya GH: f sb s20,000 d25,000 ab s/d45,000 HW C4 Very nice court yard with sun beds. Very relaxing place.Highly Rec Closed for renovation
h Mano GH: T253112. f ab s$6 d$8, a/c TV sofa s/d$10-13 HW R C3. Rooms are basic but large. The restaurant(1F) is very popular.
h Thavisouk GH: T252022. f ab s/d$4, a/c s/d$8 R C3. Rooms are basic. Internet cafe and a massage service are available in 1F

E part of town. Near Wat Visoun, S from Phousi hill
h32 Rama Hotel: Rama Hotel Rd(Wisunalat Rd.) T212247 a/c ab TV s/d $15, bf s/d$21 C4
h33 Pdouket GH: from Rama Hotel Rd(Wisunalat Rd.), go into a alley of Red Cross f sb s/d30,000, ab d40,000kip C3,Old but large clean rooms
h34 Cold River GH: Go into an alley just N from bridge for Nam Khan River to go to the airport/bus station for N. sb s/d$3, a/c ab s$5 d$6 C3. at the end of the alley next to the Nam Khan river. Very friendly family running GH. free tea/free fruit. Some time free lunch/dinner. The owner of the both GHs are very happy to accommodate guests. Even playing badminton with you. Good GH but it is a bit far from the center and air planes occasionally fly above the GHs. Highly Rec (2007 info)
h35 Merry GH: opp from Cold River GH and on the river. T252325, f ab s$3 d$4 C4, Clean GH and it has Merry GH II Rec
h Sysomphone GH: opp from Cold River GH T252543 f sb s$3 d$4 C3, (2007 info) and Tony GH f ab s/d$4-5
h36 Phetmanythong GH: Phousi Rd. W side, S from the bridge(leading to the bus station to N) T212425, f sb 20,000 ab 30,000kip HW C3, Well run GH Rec
h37 Munna GH: on Phousi Rd. S from the bridge T212261 f sb 20,000 ab 30,000kip C3, Well run GH Rec (2001 info)
h38 Manilath GH: Off from Phousi Rd. Furthest S from Phetmanythong GH and turn left to alley and turn left again. T212371 f sb s/d20,000, ab d40,000, a/c d60,000 HW C3 Hard to find but very homely. Well-maintained, comfortable furnished rooms. Garden. Rec (2001 info)
h39 Heuang Pa Seuth GH: Ban Visoun T020-570031
f ab s/d$6, a/c s/d$8 C5 New GH Very clean. parallel and one street S from Wisunlat Rd, Rama Hotel is located

h40 Vilavan GH: 3km SW from the center, Next to the bus station to Vientiane and the stadium T252018 a/c ab s/d40,000 HW la10/000kg R(7-20 Moderate) C4. Very quiet and large rooms Highly Rec
h41 Villa Bane Lao: 80/5 Manorom, T252078,
f sb cold shower s$4 d$6, f ab HW $8, a/c $20 R C4 New mid-range hotel. Spacious, attractive furnished rooms. Currently excellent value but prices will probably go up once it is established. Popular, traditional Lao restaurant. Noisy during May - it caters for wedding parties.

High class Hotels Hs: August-Apri, Ls: May-July
These hotels are not for the budget but the you can enjoy 5 star hotel atmosphere with around $30. Excellent value.
h50 Phousi Hotel: Main Rd. + Market Rd., T212192 a/c Hs s$25+ d430, HW R C5 Bf, Has open-air cafe Music at night.
h51 Maison: Main Rd. at the round about SW from GPO, T212200 a/c Hs $100-135 Ls 75-85 HW R C5 Bf. The most beautiful colonial Hotel in town. Highly Rec
h52 Villa de la Princess/Santi: on the Main Rd. Almost N end of Luang Prabang. T212267, a/c Hs$45 Ls$35 HW R C5 High class, stylish villa.Another good colonial Hotel in town. Rec
h53 Lao Cal Inn: Almost n end of Mekong River Rd. T212100
a/c 1F s/d$55, 2F s/d$60 HW R C5
h54 Moiang Luang Hotel: From the Market walk on Hospital Rd and turn left at the first corner. It is on the right side. T212790 a/c ab Hs s$44 d$50, Ls s$34 d$40 HW fr R swimming pool C5 major credit card 4% surcharge. Only hotel with a swimming pool.
h55 The Apsara Hotel: BAN WAT SENE, THANON KINGKITSARATH on Nam Khan River. T212420
a/c 1F s/d$55, 2F s/d$65 HW bf R C5

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