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Luang Prabang, founded in 1353 by King Fagam, was, up until 1556, the capitol of the Lane Xang Kingdom (Kingdom of a million elephants), and the Laotian religious and cultural center. It's main attractions are its numerous old temples, caves and local artisan villages nearby. There are many opportunities to enjoy the natural mountain-&-forest scenery in the surrounding area.
Luang Prabang is the most popular traveler destination in Laos.

By Bus:
There are two bus stations, N(from Udomxai) & S(from Vang Vieng or Vientiane) bus stations. Both are about 4km away from the town center. You have to take a songthaw(10,000k) to the center.
By Boat: Speed boats stops about 4km from the town center. You have to take a songthaw, 10,000k. Slow boats stop just behind from the royal palace, the town center.
By Plane: The airport is about 4km NE away from the town center. You have to take a songthaw.

The Luang Prabang is surrounded by two rivers, Mekong and Nam Khan. The Mekong river flows from NE to SW. The most of the streets are running with 45 degrees with N-S axis. For this chapter, we introduce our own axis to explain the location.
We introduce our own names of the streets because name of the streets exist only in the maps and no street signs in town. Please not confuse when you use the maps or other guidebooks.
ITIS Axis: The river flows E to W and the main part of the town is stretching out W to E like a peninsular.
ITIS Street names: Road-E to W and Street-N to S
River Rd. : The road running along with the Mekong River.
Main Rd.(Sisavangvong Rd and some other names): The large road running parallel to the River Rd. Most of the major tourist facilities, such as GPO, restaurants, Palace, the entrance of the Phousi hill are located on this road.
Market Street: The street running from the river to the main Market(Dala Market.
ATT: It was relocated to outside of the town). The Main intersection: Main Rd. + Market Street.
Hospital Rd.: The road running S of Market where two hospitals are located.
Rama Rd.(Wisunalat Rd.): The road running 1 block S from the Hospital Rd. where Rama Hotel is located. E from the Market Street.
Lao Aviation Rd.: The road where Lao Aviation is located. The same road to Rama Hotel Rd., but W from the Market Street.
Phousi Street: The street running along with Nam Khan, N to S.
Nam Khan Rd.: The road running along with Nam Khan and parallel to the Main Rd.

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