Area Code 071 US$1=9,550k 1B=275k, June 26, 2007

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i Tourist Information: Rama Rd , next to Red Cross. 8:30-11:30. They have some publication and map(not free) But probably your GH may be the best place to get information.
$1 Lao Development Bank: On the Main Rd, Between GPO and the royal place museum. Under renovation
$1 Lao Development Bank: Rama Rd Opp from Visoun Restaraunt. M-F 8:30-15:30, $1=9,550kip 1B=275k, yen=72kip T/C(most currencies) to kip 3.5% com. Visa Cash Advance - 4% (to kip only)
$2 BCEL: Next to Lao Aviation.8:30-15:30, TC $1=9,570kip Cash $1=9,560-9,575k, 1B=273k, Yen=74kip, Visa Cash Advance M-F only- 3.5% (to US cash)
$2a BCEL: At the market.8:30-15:30, ATM(MC/JCB) Visa can be used at the counter
P Police, Wisunalat Rd. T 212151
H1 International Clinic: Hospital Rd. Walk E from the GPO and turn right at the corner of Market. M-F10-12, 14-16, Emergency call anytime T252049.
M0 Post Office GPO: Main Rd+Market Street. M-F 8-12, 13-17:00, Fax, Poste Restante available
M0 Telephone office: Market street. inside of GPO 8:00-21:00 International phone rates: Japan $1.9/min, There are several card phone booths around the town. Can make domestic and international calls.Also you can use internet phone at Cafes, to home phone 4000k/min to mobile 7000k/min
I Immigration: Rama Hotel Rd.(Wisunalat Rd.) Next to Visoun Restaurant. T 212453 M-F 8-12:00, 13-16, Visa extension may be possible. If not, ask a travel agent $5/day.

Planes are often canceled or changed. Confirm flight the day before. Check in time is written on the ticket when you confirm.
Must pay for flights in $ cash. If you don't have any, Lao Aviation may issue you a note authorizing you to buy $ at the bank.
A Luang Prabang Airport: Phetsarath Rd.4km NE from the town. T212173 tuk-tuk from town 20,000kip, airport tax International $10, domestic 10,000kip.
QV Lao Airliens: Wisunalat Rd.(Lao Aviation Rd.) Walk S from the GPO and passing the Market. When you reach a road you can see Rama Hotel on the left, turn right. T 212172 F212406 M-Sa 8:00-11:30, 13:30-16:30, Su 8-12. Visa/MC no surcharge.
To Vientiane-$55, Phonsavan-$35, Luang Namtha-$37, Houexai-$46, Phonsavan to Vientiane-$44,
PG Bangkok Airways: 57/6 Sisavangvong Rd. T253334, To BKK $147 dep 15:20 arr 17:00
A few bus stations in Luang Prabang.
B1 Ban Na Lung Bus Terminal(South): 4km SW from the town near Naviengkham Market.. Bus to S(Vientiane, Vang Vieng), tuk-tuk from town 10,000kip
B2 North Bus Terminal: 4km N from the town. near the Airport Bus to N, Udom Xai, Luang Nam Tha, etc.tuk-tuk from town 10,000kip
All boats leave when the boats get full. Go early. The boats will stop at night even they did not reach the destination. Expect to sleep overnight in the boat or a village near by.
F1 Slow Boat pier: Just behind the Royal Palace.W from the navigation office.
F2 Speed Boat Pier: 5km N from the town, tuk-tuk 10,000kip

Local Transport
To the main sights in town, you can walk but if you want to visit waterfalls or caves, you have to hire tuk-tuk.
Tuk-tuk: It is tough to negotiate. From the center to the airport/the bus stations/the ferry pier, you can go with 10,000kip at least. Tuk-tuk waiting in front of GH's are very tough to get right fare. Go out to the street and find one which has already some people on.
rb rental bicycle: There are a few shops on the Main Rd.They all charging 10,000kip. And some GH have some.
ta All Lao Travel: 13/7 Sisavangvong Rd. T253522. Selling air tickets, bus tickets, tours, etc. Bus to China direct: to Kunming $40 32 hrs. Jinghong $25 22hrs. Mengla $15

m1 Town Market: All markets in town were relocated to outside, W from the town. Access tuk-tuk 5 min 30,000kip
m2 Tha Heua Market: Opp from GPO. Along the street, open market. Many hill tribe people come and sell their products.

l laundry: at guest houses - 8,000kip/kg
to Public Toilet: coming soon. From GPO walk toward the river and turn right to the River Rd, 50m on left side.
Massage & Sauna
ma1 Red Cross: T252856, Almost E. end of road of Rama hotel, S side. M-F16:00-20:00, rental Salon 1,000kip
Sauna(16:30-20:30) 10,000k, Massage(9-20:30) 32,000/1hr,
ma2 Massage/Sauna Seam bath : Go E on Main Rd for GPO and turn left at the first corner and a massage house on the left.
Sauna 17:00-22:00 10,000kip, massage 17:00-22:00 30,000kip

@ Internet @
@ Internet: Many in town. Mainly located on the Main Rd between GPO and Wat Sene, the night market. They all charge almost same, 100k/min. print 2000k/p, burn CD 15,000kip

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