DON KHONG Muaung Khong Village, LAOS

Area Code 031 US$1=10,500k 1B=260k, July 20, 2005

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to Pakse: From near the boat landing in Muang Khong. The bus originates from Muaung Saen and passes through Muang Khong - at about 6:30, 7:00, 8:00, 30,000k, 5hr, but confirm with GH owner. The bus may be already full of passengers.
More buses run on the mainland, cross over by ferry
(1,000k/p) to Hat Xai Khun then take a bus. 6:30, 7:30, 9, 11:00, 15,000k
to Champassak:
take a bus to Pakse and ask to drop you off at the junction. You probably have to pay for the full fare to Pakse.Walk 4km, take a tuk-tuk or hitch to the port. Take a ferry to cross the Mekong and take a tuk-tuk for 2km to the village of Champassak
to Don Khon/Don Det: Cross the river to Hat Xai Khun and walk to Route 13, then take a bus to Ban Nakasan.5,000k, 1 hr. Wait there for buses from Pakse. The first bus is around 11:00
To the border(Veunkham): Wait for the bus to Veunkham at the restaurant on route 13 in Hat Xai Khun which leave from Pakse in the morning. Probably it will pass there around noon. The fare probably

to Don Kon/Don Det: Ask a boat driver around the pier. $10/boat. Souk san GH and Pon's restaurant have boats and take you to get there if enough people want to go there.

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