DON KHONG Muaung Khong Village, LAOS

Area Code 031 US$1=10,500k 1B=260k, July 20, 2005

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Bicycle is the best way to get around Don Khong. rental bicycle about 10,000kip/12hr
Great sunset views from Muaung Saen West side of the island. if you go by bicycle, you will have to return along a very dark road.
From Muaung Khong, no views of the sunset but impressive views of islands surrounded by the shining red Mekong river.
Boat trips to Don Kon/Den Det Islands (Not to be confused with Don Khong) Price you must negotiate with boat drivers. On the trip you will see some of the 4000 islands, visit Don Kon/Don Det islands, where you can see Taat Somphamit waterfalls, and Khon Phapheng falls(the biggest in SE Asia) which it costs 40,000+/-kip extra for tuk-tuk)
Possible to charter a boat at a restaurant in Muaung Saen which may be cheaper than in Muaung Khong.
You can stay over night in those islands though the facilities are very primitive.
Mr Pon boat trip:
Boat to Don Det and Khon Phapheng falls, 100,000k/boat(upto 6 p) Boat to Don Khon 80,000k/boat(upto 6 p)
Taat Somphamit (waterfalls) Go to Don Khon by boat and walk a few km. entrance fee 9,000kip
Dolphin watching
hire boat on Don Kon 60,000kip+- /boat.
Khon Phapheng water falls: Supposedly the biggest waterfalls in SE Asia .entrance fee 9,000kip It is very hard to get there by public transport.
Access: You may hire tuk-tuk from Hat Xai Khun. Or you cycle down to the water falls, OW 27km Take drink and some food. At the village near the fall you can get simple food and drink.

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