DON KHONG Muaung Khong Village, LAOS

Area Code 031 US$1=10,500k 1B=260k, July 20, 2005

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Very limited choices. Several local restaurants near the boat landing offering basic Lao food and drinks. There are several popular food stalls in the early morning market.

N from the pier:
h4 Don Khong GH: Too basic, good location but staff are not nice. A little expensive. 5000-8000kip Not Rec
h5 Villa Kang Khong: 6-10:00 bf only. Best cup of tea in all 4000 islands area and best bf deal.12,000k (Tea/coffee eggs bread, butter, jam and banana.) Rec
h7 Pon's Restaurant: It is on the river, N from the landing point. Highly Rec is the fish in banana leaf (order in advance). Chicken Curry 13000kip 7-21:00 a bit expensive. Restaurant is on the river with the view.
h8 Phou Khong GH Restaurant: after passing Don Khong GH, cross a small bridge. It is on the river opp from the GH, Lao A bit expensive. Fried rice/noodle 8000kip, Chicken rice 15,000kip. You can enjoy meal over looking the river.
h9 Bungalow Souk Sun: 7-22:00 Chinese/Lao 8000+kip Scenic river views. Great place to see Sunrise while you wait for the restaurant to be opened.
r2 Sephone Restaurant: 6-17:00 cheap. Great Vietnamese style noodle soup. 5,000k Rec

S from the pier:
h1 Auberge Sala Don Khong: Traditional Lao
high class (expensive) restaurant 6-21:00
h2 Mekong GH: 7-21:00 a bit expensive. Very nice clean restaurant. Great food. You must try Vegetable in coconut milk with seamed rice. Highly Rec

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