DON KHONG Muaung Khong Village, LAOS

Area Code 031 US$1=10,500k 1B=260k, July 20, 2005

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- d $10 d $10 - d $20 d $20 +

All guest houses are near the ferry landing and on the riverside road within 20min walking distance. All of them are good value for money. Staff speak English, French.
There are a limited no. of rooms and cheaper rooms are often fully booked during the high season (Dec/Jan). Aim to arrive early in the day to have a choice. Prices are negotiable.
South from the Pier on the River Rd.
h1 Auberge Sala Don Khong: 150m S from the pier. a/c ab s210,000, d250,000 HW R(6-21:00) la(4000/p) bf C4 Colonial style, high class, good facilities, expensive restaurant
h2 Mekong GH: 100m S from h1, f sb s20,000 d30,000k, a/c ab s/d120,000 C4 Very spacious nice deco rooms. Very clean and friendly staff. Highly Rec.
h3 Muaung Khong Villa: S from h2
ab a/c s200-250,000 d250-300,000 HW R(7-22:00 expensive large menu) water towel bf C4 Resort style, for tour groups. No one staying there at time of research. Their rooms may be filled only during high season.

N from the Pier
h4 Done Khong GH: in front of ship landing, T214010. f sb s/d50-60,000, a/c ab s/d120-150,000kip R(6-22:00 Moderate) la(2000/p & self-washing possible) C2 Simple rooms.
h5 Kang Kong Villa GH: 20m W from Don Khong GH, T213539, f ab d40,000kip R(7-10 bf only) bf 5000kip bicycle 10,000kip la(2500/p & self-washing possible) C4 Elegant, furnished home with spacious, comfortable rooms. Social lounge and veranda. Very hospitable host. Rooms are cleaned daily, sheets changed every 2 days.
Delicious 3 course breakfast.
Highly Rec.
ITIS Award The best GH's in Laos.
h6 Phoxai Done GH: Walk W on Pier Rd and turn right at the first corner. It is on the left side.f sb 30-35,000k, t40,000kip la(self washing possible) C3 Great cheap deal for 3 people.

Walk N from the landing point on the river side
After passing a post office then a small bridge.
h7 Pon's GH: T214037. f ab s/d$5, a/c HW ab $10-15, TV $20 R(6-22:00 Moderate) C3-4 it has a terrace to the river.
h8 Phou Khong GH: T213673, f ab s/d$3+ C3basic. The restaurant has a terrace on the river.
h9 Bungalow Souk Sun: 200m  N of ferry landing, walk on the river side, T212071, f ab s/d50,000k HW la(2000/p & self-washing possible) C3, a/c ab $25, d$30 C4 The restaurant has a terrace on the river. Rec.
h10 Souk Sabay: Just off from the river road, T214122,
f ab s/d$5 water C4 Very clean Rec.
h11 Bounma GH: Walk N on River Rd. Take first to left after Done Khong GH. End of Side street on left. f sb s/d30,000k C2 Basic rooms. quiet location.

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