DON KHONG Muaung Khong Village, LAOS

Area Code 031 US$1=10,500k 1B=260k, July 20, 2005

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All directions are given from the pier point, the ferry landing from Hat Xai Kun
River Rd.: Running from N to S along side of the river.
Main Rd.: Running parallel to the River Rd.1 block W.
Pier Rd: Running from the Pier to Telecom and connecting to all other roads.

i No Info. Office: The best way to get info. is to ask owner of GH or Mr Pon at Pon's restaurant. He is very helpful.
M0 Post Office: on the River Rd. next to Don Khong GH, M-F 8-18:00. No EMS service.
M1 Post/Telephone Office: Walk W from pier, after Wat 50m on left side. M-Sa 8-12, 13-16:00. Int'l Phone calls possible.
$1 Agricultural Promotion Bank: Walk S from Kang Kong Villa on the main Rd.10 min. S. M-F 8-16:00. Best place to change money. The official bank rate, $1=10,500k, B=260k
$ Exchange: Possible to change $ & Baht at GH's and Restaurants for very low rates. $10,000, 1B=250kip
m Morning Market: 5 min walk N. on the River Rd. from boat landing.Take 2nd to left. 5:30-13:00. Vegetables, fruit, chicken, fish, frog, and so on. Some of the best and cheapest food on the island is served here. Rec
H Hospital: on the Main Rd. S from Villa Muang Khong GH, E side.
ph Pharmacy: Some on River Rd. N from the pier.


to Pakse:
Bus leaves in front of the temple near the ferry landing. You also can take a bus from Hat Xai Kun, main land side, ferry point or in front of a local restaurant on Route 13(Walk 500m E from the river.)
to Nakasan: Take a bus at the restaurant on Route 13(See above.)
to Pakse:

Boat at Muang Sean: W side of the island. The boats from Pakse land here, but it is not so common way to go back to Pakse.

to the islands (Don Khon, Don Det):
The cheapest option is a bus see above. Or you can charter a boat from Muang Khong to the islands, $10/boat. (Travelers report: Don Khon-Muang Khong may be possible to negotiate down with boat owners dropping off passengers and making a return journey).

Local Transport
The village of Muang Khong is very small, easily walkable. Bicycle is the best way to explore the island. Cycling to Muang Saen along the river route is highly recommended.
F Ferry to Hat Xai Khun: 1000k/p every hour.
rb rental bicycle: available at guest houses. 10,000k/12hr (negotiable). The condition is very bad. Choose good one.
Tuk-tuk: to Muang Sean 20,000k, Motor bike to Muang Sean-10,000kip (tourist price), rip-off due to little competition.

Border crossings to Cambodia
The border: Veunkhom, officially opened for foreigners.
Wait in the morning at Hat Xai Khun on the route 13 for the bus to Veunkhom. You probably have to pay $1 each for Laos and Cambodia immigrations. Probably you can take Cambodia visa on arrival
From the border to Stung Treng:

Boat is the most common but you will be asked a lot of money. The fare from Stung Treng to the border is
$5-7/p for 5 people on the boat. Bus is also running $6.
Boat to Cambodia Stung Treng from Don Det/Don Kone:
$10 There is a tourist boat leave from Dondet/Donkone, S from Don Khong. The boats probably leave from S from the waterfalls. We assume the fares include all transport from the island to the boat pier. You can book this at your GH in those islands.

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