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KRATON Walled district at S end of Jl.Malioboro.
The Kraton is a huge walled area, within which is the Sultan's Palace and a business, residential community.
Touring with a knowledgeable Becak driver is an excellent way to explore the area. They charge about Rp5,000 per hour. As well as showing you the sights they will take you to Batik shops, as they get commission.

Kraton Guards


Sultan's Palace, Main entrance at Jl Rotowijayan
Daily MTu10-12, W9:30-12:30, Th 10-12, F9:30 - 11:30, Sa9-12:30, Su11-12:00 Entry fee:
 Guided tour only. Rp2,000 camera/video Rp1000
Entry fee includes a guided tour. Free cultural performances are held in the mornings.
Highly Rec
Built between 1756-95, an example of classic Javanese architecture - pendopo (open pavilion) style. The current Sultan & his wife still live here. Sections of the palace open to the public include
Bangsal Kencono the Golden Pavilion
Srimanganti Pavilion which houses gamelan musical instruments
Trajumas Pendopo where litters and chairs are displayed
Kesatrian the area where free Gamelan performances are held
Gedung Kopo ; a museum housing various gifts received by the Sultan.
Attention: The guided tour ends at the batik shop and a drink will be given. However the batiks here are very expensive and quality is lower

Photo: pendopo (open pavilion style) palace design

S Sonobudoyo Museum: Jl Trikora. NW side of Sq.
TuWThSaSu 8:00-13:30F 8:00-10:00.
Traditional building. Housing collections of
art, furnishings, wayang puppets and Balinese woodcarvings.
Wayang Kulit (leather puppet) Shadow Play performances are held here daily 20:00-22:00, Charge Rp5,000.
S Kareta Kraton Museum: SW corner of Kraton.
Open: daily 8:00-16:00
Entry fee: Rp2,000
Carriages and funeral hearses on display
S Masjid Agung (Grand Mosque): SE corner of the kraton. Javanese pendopo (open pavilion) style. Entry free
S Pasar Ngasem (Bird Market) SW from the Kraton, N from Taman Sari. Full of many varieties of exotic (caged) birds and other animals.
S Taman Sari (fragrant garden, water castle)  Jl Taman, SW from Kraton. Open 8:00-16:00 Entry fee: Rp2000? Built in 1758-1765. Ruins of a water park designed for the pleasure of the Sultan, his family and his harem. filled with water pools, tunnels and a half-submerged mosque, all in a ruined state.Highly Rec


Borobudur Temple
42km from Yogyakarta. Open: 6:00-17:30
Entry fee: $5 Student card Rp?
A huge Buddhist monument - One of the 7 wonders of the world.
Built late 8th to early 9th Century, its design is a re-creation of Mt Meru, the mythical home of Hindu Gods. A step pyramid complex with 10 levels - the number of stages in Mahayana Buddhism. Throughout are ornate carvings, sculptures and stupas containing Buddhas.
the Audio-Visual Centre shows A 35-min video (in several languages) describing the site and its significance. Showings take place when there are about 10 people
It is best to get there early morning before the tour buses arrive, however, this is not possible with local transport. Agents & losmen can book seats on private minbuses which depart Yogyakarta at 5-00 to arrive at the temple for sunrise. The main gates do not open until 6:00 am, side gates near the guesthouses may allow you to get in earlier, essential if you wish to see/photograph the sunrise. Beware the school groups who arrive each morning specifically to practice their English.
Highly Rec
transport: from Jl.Magelang - N from train station. from Bus Station take Borobudur bus 45min, Rp3,500 They try to charge 5,000Rp

warning Some buses only go as far as Mutilan where you have to change buses. Bus conductors try to charge Rp1,500 for each section. Should be Rp1,500-2,000 for Yogyakarta to Mutilan, Rp1,000 from Mutilan to Borobudur.
See more info at Borobudur page.

Prambanan Temple Rec
17km E from Yogyakarta. Open: 6:00-17:30
Entry fee: $5, St card Rp?
47m high, Hindu Temple complex built in the 10th Century.
The best Hindu monument in Java, it was designed as a re-creation of Mt Meru, the mythical home of the Hindu Gods. The main temple has 3 shrines, dedicated to the Gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Opposite each of the 3 shrines, are 3 smaller ones dedicated to the 3 gods' vehicles - a Bull for Shiva, a Garuda for Vishnu & a Goose for Brahma. Reliefs decorating the temple walls are illustrations from the Ramayana and Krishna epics. The Audio-Visual Centre shows A 30-min video (Rp2000, Eng,Ger,Jap,Fre,Dutch) describing the site. Showings take place when there are enough people.
transport take Solo bus from the main bus station, get off at Prambanan, 30min.

Mount Merapi Climb (99 info)
30 km N from Yogyakarta.3,000-meter-high active volcano with spectacular views from the top. It's possible to climb from either Kaliurang (very difficult) or Selo (the easier option). From Selo it's a 3hr hike up, 2 hr down.
Many agents organize the night tour to see the lava. But unless the weather is nice, you cannot see the lava.
Tour from Vogels Hostel, Kaliurang (see address below), organizes popular climbs Rp 7,500(97 info) includes guide, flashlight & breakfast. Start at 3am in morning, climb through the rain forest, see the lava & sunrise, stop for breakfast on the way down. Arrive back at GH at 8am.
! warning The ascent is only for the fit & determined. Many people give up on the way.The last eruption was in Jan 97. Check conditions before attempting to climb, Go with a responsible guide.
transport to Selo from Yogyakarta bus station: bus to Kartosuro, then another bus to Boyolali and a mini bus to Selo,OR bus to Blabak then minibus to Selo. Leave Yogyakarta in early morning.
transport to Kaliurang from Yogyakarta(Terban terminal,
Jl C Simanjuntak) mini-bus to Kaliurang Rp1000,45min.from Yogyakarta(main bus terminal) take bus to Kaliurang.
-Selo, Agung Merapi Hotel.
-Kaliurang, Vogels Hostel,
Jl Astamulya 76, Tel 95208. dr4,000,d7,000+,sb Highly Rec

Ullen Sentalu Museum: Village of Kaswargan T0274-880157, Tu-Su10-15:00, 10,000Rp including tea Small but very beautiful museum for the batik and Javanese costume for Javanese women. Highly Rec.
Parangtritis: about 30km S from Yogyakarta, the closest beach. Transport: ?

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