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There are two major areas for budget accommodation.
Sosrowijayan Area: Central location, friendly basic budget options.Jl Prawirotaman Area: 3km S from train station, more expensive, more upmarket often with hot water & swimming pool.
- d Rp40,000 d Rp40 - Rp100,000 d Rp100,000 +


Sosrowijayan Area
Just S from railway station.From bus station: bus #2 (Rp800)to Natour Hotel, Jl Mataram, walk 1 block E & cross Jl Malioboro
Jl. Pasar Kembang
The street just S from the train station. A few midrange hotels here.
h Hotel Asia Afrika: #21, T514489, f ab 55,000, a/c 80,000+, TV 145,000, tea/coffee bf Sw C4. Near the train station. Good high class hotel.
Jl Sosrowijayan
One street S from the Jl. Pasar Kembang.. Listing from East(Jl Maliboro) to West.
h Marina Palace: Jl.Sosrowijayan 3-5, T081-2296-4473, f s40 d45,000, a/c s60 d65,000 bf water C3 Mid-level. TV in lounge.
h Hotel Indonesia Jl.Sosrowijayan 9, T587659
f ab s/d25,000 La I water C3 Highly Rec
Popular. quiet, large rooms. garden/courtyard, sociable.
h Dewi Homestay: Pamban 115, between I & II T516014
f ab s 25,000 d30,000 bf I C4 Highly Rec
Antique furnishings, stylish, garden.
h Wishma Gambira, #36 S side of the street, T512605, f ab 36,000 a/c 55,000 tea C3
h Bladok Losmen: Jl.Sosrowijayan #76N side of the street, T560452 f s/d60,000 Sw tea C4. Rooms are small but clean.
h Ella Homestay: Jl Sosrodipuran, T582219 Highly Rec
f sb s15 d20,000?, ab d25,000?, bf La I C2

Basic, Popular, sociable, young friendly staff. student card discount,
Jl Sosrowijayan Gang I
Walk on Jl Sosrowijayan W from Malioboro. Turn right at 2th corner to right
The list from S(Jl.Sosrowijayan) to N(Jl.P.Kembang)
h Gandhi: Jl Sosrowijayan II right side. f sb s10 d15,000 I C2 Basic, good value.
h Rizki: Jl.Sosrowijayan G I/129 T545129, f. ab 50,000 bf C4
high class new GH.
Superman: left side. f ab15,000+ C3 Ask at the Superman Rest. They have rooms in a few houses around. Rec

Jl Sosrowijayan Gang II
Walk on Jl Sosrowijayan W from Malioboro. Turn right at 4th corner to right
The list from S(Sosrowijayan) to N(P.Kembang)
h Jaya Losmen: left side. f sb s10 d15,000, ab 20,000 tea la(1500/p) C3 Rooms are basic but the communal space is excellent. Rec
h Bagus Hotel: Jl.Sosrowijayan II 37, T515087 f sb s12 d20,000 I C3 Sociable, good value, quiet, relaxing sitting area. Rec
Jl Sosrowijayan III
Walk on Jl Sosrowijayan W from Malioboro. Turn right at 5th corner to right
The address are not always "III"List from the S to N. The alley runs zigzag and connects to "II".
h Hotel Monica: Jl.Sosrowijayan GT1/192, just off from Jl Sosrowilayan. T580598 f ab 30,000 a/c 60,000 bf C3 Basic, clean, quiet, courtyard.
h Lita Homestay: Jl.Sosrowijayan III, T512878,
f sb s15,000, ab d20,000 C3 Rec
h Losmen Suryo: off from Gang II to W, f sb s15,000, ab d20,000 C2 Rooms are basic not un-comfortable,
h Losmen Citaraanda: just E from L. Suryo f ab d25,000 C3 Rec
h Selekta: T566467 f sb 15,000, ab d30,000 C3
Medium and High Class Hotels
Many hotels offer discount rates. But the rates are usually for locals incl. foreigners living in Indonesia. However the rates may be applied to foreigners. So ask the special rates.
h IBIS Hotel: Jl Malioboro #52-58 T516974 a/c ab d$40-60(discount 260,000Rp) TV HW fr bf C5
h Mutiara Hotel: Jl Malioboro, just n from the tourist office. a/c ab (discount d145,000Rp) TV HW fr bf C4 They offer the special rates to foreigners.

Jl Prawirotaman Area
2km SE from Kraton 3km S from train station,
bus #2 S bound from Jl Mataram, one block E from Jl Malioboro. From bus station, bus #2 -
800Rp becak costs Rp5-10,000
Accommodation here is better value, more luxurious, often with a pool. Prices vary according to season/ demand.
Jl Prawirotaman I
Even number is right side and add left entering from W from Parangtritis.
h Wisma Gajah: #4, T375659, f ab s70 d80,000 a/c s80 d100,000 HW Sw bf C4
h Airlangga Hotel: #6-8, T378044, a/c ab 90,000 bf TV Sw C4. Old hotel but well maintained. A lot of Indonesian arts Rec
h Sumaryo Hotel: #22, T377552, f ab s/d50,000 a/c 70,000(Large) Sw C3-4
h Rose: #28, T377991, f ab s40 d50,000, HW s55 d65,000, a/c TV s80 d90,000 bf Sw C3. A bit rundown
h Sarika Homestay: #44, T372669, f ab s/d35,000, a/c s/d70,000 C4 Small but high class homestay. Rooms are very nice and the communal space is very comfortable. Left side
h Hotel Sriwijaya: #7, T371870, f ab s30 d40,000 HW s40 d50,000, a/c s55 d65,000 bf Sw C4 rooms are very comfortable Rec
h Hotel Perwita: #31, T377592, f ab s30 d50,000, HW s50 d67,000, a/c CW s62 d77,000, HW s75 d90,000 Bf Sw C4 Highly Rec
h Vagabond YH, Jl Prawirotaman III/589, T71207
f sb s/d30,000+, bf La R *I C4
Basic. Popular. Friendly YH card disc -1000, use of pool, library, videos Rec

Jl Prawirotaman II
Listing from W to E, entering from W from Parangtritis. One street S from Prawirotaman I. The number of this street is very confusing. You should not try to find a GH with the number of the address.
h Mercury GH: MG III/595, T370846, f ab HW s35, d55 t71,000 bf tea Sw R C4 Good garden. swimming pool is next door. Very traditionally designed good restaurant serving food with cheap prices. meal 6500-8500Rp, drink 2500 Rec
h Metro GH: #71, T372364,, f sb s30 d35,000, ab s40 d45,000, a/c HW s75 d85,000, Sw bf @ C3
h Agung: #68, T375512, f ab s38,500 d40,000, HW s49,5000 d52,500, a/c s71 d77,000, Sw bf C3, Visa/MC 3% extra

W from Parangtritis
h Beggainfeel Hotel: Parangtritis #92 T387110 opp from the W end of Prawirotaman II, a/c ab 50-120,000 Sw TV Sw bf C5 New hotel. Currently 20% off because some facilities are still under construction. Very clean western style hotel.
h Hotel Widodo WH: Tirtodipuran #48, T373777, sb s/d35,000, ab s/d45,000, HW s/d55,000, TV a/c 70,000+ C4
h Inalrakila: Tirtodipouran #30, T372429, f ab s30 d50,000, a/c HW TV 80,000+. Good garden.
h Wisma Ary's: Jl Suryodiningratan #29, the same street but W from Tirtodipouran street. T387215,, ab dr25,000, s57,500 d77,500, a/c s77,500 d107,000, family room 135,000 bf tea/coffee la(self free with a washing machine)C5 Very new and Bali style small hotel. Excellent interior and service. Reservation is highly recommended. No swimming pool but one of the hotel near by can be used with small fee, 5000Rp Highly Rec.

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