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i1 Tourist Office:Jl Malioboro 16,10 min.S from train station. T566000 M-Th8-14, 14:15-19:30 F8-11, 13:30-18 Sa8-12:30, 13:30-18:00 Free map, event info, International phone. Helpful staff, lots of good info on cultural events.
i2 Branch Train Station: (97 info ) M-Th 17:30-19:30, F7:30-11:30, 13:30-18:00, Sa7:30-18:00. Train timetable, left luggage service - Rp2,000 /day.
AE American Express Office: Pacto LTD,Hotel Garuda, Jl Malioboro 60 T565345 M-F 8:00-16:00,Sa 8:30-13:00. No exchange. Cash personal checks on Am. Express card - issued in T/C not cash. Client mail
$1 Bank BCA: just N from the crossing, N of Malibolo. ATM
$2a Bank BNI: next to Hotel IBIS on Malibolo. 24 hrs
$3 Money changer Haji LA Tunrung: Jl Pasar kembang #17, near the S gate of the train station., between Sosrowijayan Gang I and Gang II. 9-20:00, Rate cash/TC $1=11225/11025Rp, yen=98.5/89.03. A shop offering one of the best rate:
$4 Money changer: at GPO. 8:30-16:30
P1 Tourist Police: at Tourist Office Jl Malioboro 16 T566000
P2 Police: Jl Ring Road Utara, T563494
I Immigration: Jl Laska Adisucipto km10, T586130
H1 Hospital Bethesda:, Jl Jend Sudirman 70, T588876
H2 Panti Rapih: Jl Kolombo 10, T587129
H3 Ludira Husada: Jl Wiratama 4, T513651 24hr
Hp Pharmacy : Kimia Farma No 21: Jl Malioboro 123, 24hr
M0 Post Office GPO : Jl Senopati 1, M-F 7-21:00,Sa 8-20:00 Poste restante - counter 2,but poor security. Moneychanger (low rate)
M3 Parcel Division: Jl Suryotomo #8. M-Sa 07:30-20:00 Sun 08:00-15:00
M1 Telephone Office : At Tourist Info office, Jl Malioboro 16, T566000 Collect call possible. Rate/min(time 6-9,12-22)/(9-12)/(22-06:00) USA/AZ 8300/9960/6025, UK/Japan 8460/10152/6045
M4 Wartels: All over town. IDD calls possible from all Wartels. Many operate 24hrs

A Air-Adisucipto Airport: Jl Laska Adisucipto Tax domestic: Rp8,800
Bus from airport to Prawirotoman: walk out to Jl Adisucipto,
take bus coming from Solo to main bus station, then: - take bus #2,
Rp800 to Jl Sisingamangaraja, cross road to Jl Prawirotoman.
Bus from airport -to Sosrorowijayan take bus #2 to Natour Hotel, Jl Mataram, 1 block E of Jl Malioboro.
from the town to the airport: take bus #10?(Ask at information office) from Natour Hotel, Jl Mataram, 1 block E of Jl Malioboro.Rp800
Airport Taxi(coupon system) from the airport: to Sosrorowijayan Rp15,000 to Prawirotoman Rp20,000. From the town to the airport, taxi similar price.
Airline Offices
a1 Garuda: Ambarukmo Hotel, Jl Solo. T520906
a2 Garuda: Jl P Mangkubumi 52 T61440 Great Chinese Dumplings sold in front
a3 Mandala: Jl Yos Sudarso 1 T54610
a4 Merpati: Jl Diponegoro 32. T514272

T1 Tugu Train Station: Jl Mangkubumi N of Jl Malioboro See transport sheet for schedule
T2 Lempuyangan Station: Jl Lempuyangan 'Argo Pura' train to Surabaya & Banyuwangi.
B1 Umbulharjo Station: Jl Veteran. Bus #2 to /from Natour Hotel, Jl Mataram (Sosrorowijayan area, ) and to Jl Sisingamangaraja, (Jl Prawirotoman.)
B2 Jombor Bus terminal: N of Yogyakarta. Take bus #5 from the street, Gandekan N bound W from Sosrowijayan Area or from Parangtritis south bound W from Prawirotaman Area. To Borobudur. 3,500Rp. The conductor tries to charge 5000Rp. Many buses. The last bus from Borobudur 17:00
ta Bus Ticket Agents: Bus station & along Jl Mangkubumi. Many travel agents book transport.
ta Indopass: Jl Malibiri #183, T563611, selling bus/ferry(Pelni)/air
ta Kios Garden: Sosrowijayan Gang II, Airfare Yogyakarta to Singapore OW$175, Yogyakarta to KL via Jakarta OW$135
ta Pelni agent. BIMA Tours & Travel, Jl Mangkubumi #68. T510156.
Also Indopass see above

Bike:Good flat city for exploring by bike. Make sure you have a good map. Longer trips to Prambanan & coast also possible.
Bus: Bus No fixed bus stops. Wave down drivers along route. Set price Rp800 (written on sign). Bring change for the many buskers!!
! warning.:Many pick-pockets, often work in groups. 1 tactic to distract you is 'vomiting' in your lap!
Becak: Becak Traditional cycle rickshaw, negotiate fare. Rp4,000-10,000 for most distances.! warning Becak drivers hassle you all day. Offers of very low price but tour includes visits to batik stores.
Andong: Horse carriage
Taxi: Taxi About Rp2000 flag fare + Rp700/km?
Rentals: Rentals Bicycle Rp8,000/day, Motorbike Rp20,000/day, Parking fee Rp200
Bicycle Tours:Via Via R. Jl Prawirotaman,
Day tour to Prambanan by bicycle
Rp32,500. More routes.

Souvenir shops: There are many street stalls down Jl Malioboro. Bargain hard.
Batik: Jl Malioboro, Jl Prawirotaman, Jl Sorrowijayan I & Jl Tirtodipuran S from Kraton.
Handicrafts: Many shops along Jl Tirtodipuran
Wayang kulit & golek: Stalls on Jl Malioboro

Shopping Centres/Market:
m Malioboro Mall: Galeria Mall on Malioboro. high class shops. Fast food, food court,
m Pasar Ngasem: Bird market S W of Kraton, 10 min. walk.
m Pasar Beringharjo: Jl A Yani & Jl Pabringan. Local market with lots of batik. 5:00-16:00
m Government Craft Center: Jl Adisucipto Desa Kerajilnan Now very rundown.
s1 Silverware: Many shops in Kota Gede, 5km SE from Yogyakarta. Bus #8 from Jl Jend Sudirman.
s2 Borobodur Silver: Jl Menteri, Supeno 41 T74238 8:00-20:00
s3 Toppeng masks: Stalls on Jl Malioboro
s4 Going Bananas, Jl Prawirotaman, selling high quality handicrafts, books.Highly Rec
Book shops: There are many Used bookshops around Jl Sosrowijayan & Jl Prawirotaman.
s4 Lucky Boomerang BS: Gg 1, GT 1/67 Jl Sosrowijayan T/F895006 9:00-21:00, Best selection. Also sells souvenirs, musical instruments.

Bima Bookstall: Opposite Lucky Boomerang.

s Photo: Artha Photo: 1st F Mal Malioboro, Jl Malioboro Developing: 36 film 4R print -Rp36,400, 3hr.Express (1 hour) Rp38,000. 36exp 200 film Rp22,000
l Laundry: Jl Kemitbumen 1, Most guest houses have laundry services.
s Luggage storage: Tugu train station,Rp6,000?/day
s Massage: Anna Rest.Jl Sosrowijayan II/127 Rp30,000 - 1h30m.

Via Via: Jl Prawirotaman 24b. T386557. Many different courses available.
Batik (Kelik Art Shop):
(1day Rp35,000), Indonesian language(3hrs 30,000Rp+ visit to market to practice), Cookery Rp30,000)
Batik course : Gapura Batik Art Taman Kraton T377835
3-5 days course
Lucy Batik : Jl Sosrowijayan I, 1day - Rp35,000
Indonesian language: Puri Komplex Kolombo 4, T583789
10hrs - Rp100,000

There are regular Leather Puppet Shows and performances of the Ramayana Ballet throughout the year.

see other sheet.

Dates from 2001 programme
A Calendar Of Events is available from the Tourist Office.
Mar 6 Garebeg Besar: Moslem festival
A ceremony similar to Garebeg Syawal, is held for Idul Ad'ha, the Moslem Day of Sacrifice.
Mar 26 Tanggap Warsa Suro: Javanese New Year. Dance & puppet drama performed at Parangkusomo Beach.
April 30-31 Siraman: Ceremony involving the cleaning of the Sultan Palace's heirlooms.
May 8 Waisak Day: Buddha's birth/death, spectacular procession of monks from Candi Mendut to Borobudor, where ceremony coincides with full moon.
Jun 7 Art Festival: Procession, dance, leather puppet shadow play, lantern contest.
Jul 7 Ruwatan Sukreta: Wayang Performance ceremony held at Padepokan Puser, Jl Suryodingratan, 9:00-12:00.
Jun 19-25 Sekaten Fair: Moslem festival Celebrations of the Birth of Muhammad. The Fair is held at the Alun-alun - N square of the Kasunanan Palace. On the first day of Sekaten, sacred Gamelan instruments are carried in a procession from the Palace to the Mosque and music is performed.Night fair for 1 month at North Square.
Jun 4 Grebeg Maulud: Moslem festival Parade of the palace guards in memory of the Birth of Muhammad.
Aug 9 Andong Festival: Parade of decorated horse carts.
Aug 17 Independence Day: Flag-raising ceremony held at N square. Various activities held.
Dec 17 Garebeg Syawal: Moslem festival
Ceremony celebrating the end of Ramadhan.
First a parade of Kraton guards from Siti Hinggil to the N Square in front of the Kraton then offerings of fruits in the shape of a mount are made.

Many internet cafes are in tourist areas such as Sosrowijayan and Prawirotaman areas. Most charge expensive, 8,000Rp/hr or more. However many internet cafes for local people which are just outside of the tourist areas.
@ D@genet: Jl Dagen #84, Go W on JL. Sosrowijayan and turn left at the first corner and walk S 1 block, a/c cafe. almost 24 hrs. Rp4,000/h,
@ Q'rawy : Jl Parangtritis #69,Go N from W end of Jl Prawirotaman I, 9-24:00 Rp3,500/h

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