Area Code 0361, $1=Rp9,500,May 6, 2005


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This information is dated in 2001

Bemo Station: in front of Pasar Ubud Jl Raya.Ubud + Jl Monkey Forest. to: Bedelu, (Rp1,000+), Mas, Sakah (Rp1-2,000) Denpasar(Batubulan Terminal) (Rp5,000), Gianyar (Rp2-3000),
Transfer here for onward travel to other Denpasar terminals and other destinations in Bali.
Tourists are expected to pay double. It is very hard to find how much the fares for local people nor the staff at the tourist information office.

Perama is a tourist bus company running regular direct buses between major tourist destinations on Bali, Lombok and Java. Their office is just outside of Ubud. Travel agencies act as agents. Pickup from many locations. Regular services to main tourist centers. Perama's used tickets may give you discount for your next trip.
ta Tourist bus Perama: Jl Hanoman, S of Ubud, 2km from the center. 30min walk.The drop-off to GH/pick up at GH Rp5,000.
Other Tourist buses: Many travel agents in town
25,000 Rp, dep 8,9,12,12:30,14:30, 15, 18:00,
35,000Rp, dep 7,8,11,14,15:00,
55,000Rp dep 11, 15:00,
35,000Rp dep 11:00,
55,000Rp, 11:00, Tirtagangga/Tulamban/Amed: 85,000Rp dep11, 15:00
Lombok dep 7, 8, 11:00
slow ferry/fast ferry
Mataram/Senggigi 90,000/155,000Rp, Bangsal 110,000Rp/-, Gili islands 135,000/185,000Rp, Kuta 135,000/215,000Rp

Travel Agents:
ta1 HIS: Jln.Monkey Forest, 5 min walk S from the football field, T972-621 10:00-18:00 Very helpful. They are very much willingly answer for most questions even not for their profit. Free map is available.

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