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Ubud is a good base for visiting most of the sights in Bali. The list below covers only some of the nearest sights. Please check other sight sheets for others.
The Tourist Office & Travel Agencies organize reasonably-priced day tours to many of Bali's sights - some of the most popular are:

Tours from Tourist information
The tourist information office on Jl Raya organize the excursion tours to major temples, rice terraces, waterfalls, hot springs, other interesting places in Bali. They are usually day trip. The lists are posted at the door of the office. Prices vary from
80,000 - 125,000Rp. If you enter temples, you should take/wear a sarong and temple scarf which you can buy with $2-3 and $0.3. The entrance fee and lunch are not included.
#5 Kintamani Volcano Tour: Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), Several Temples in Tampaksiring area, Penelokan(volcano viewpoint) Kintamani, Rice terraces at Pujung..80,000Rp
#4 Kintamani Besakih Tour: Similar to above with the addition of Besakih Temple, Klungkung sights.90,000Rp
#2 Sunset Tour: Sayan rice terraces, Mengwi Temple, Margarana Shrine, Monkey Forest, Tanah Lot.80,000Rp
Check with Tourist Office & Travel Agencies for full list.
! Temple etiquette :
Dress code - you must wear sash(at market 4000Rp+) & sarong(20,000Rp+) to enter a sacred area. Can hire at most Temples. The prices could be donation but they expect you to pay more than the prices for them.
Women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter temples.

Inside of Ubud Village
S Monkey Forest: S end of Jl Monkey Forest, 8:00-17:00
Entry: Rp3,000 ,camera video Rp1,000
Aggressive monkeys are everywhere, be cautious, rabies treatment may be necessary if bitten. At the entrance are signs requesting that you DON'T feed the monkeys.
S Pura Dalem: (Temple of the Dead): Located within the forest. Donation
S Agung Rai Museum of Art: Peliatan 9:00-18:00
Art Gallery with traditional & contemporary Balinese Art plus works from Western artists who have lived in Bali.
S Museum Puri Lukisan: Jl Raya Ubud, 8:00-16:00
Entry fee: Rp10,000? Impressive collection of Balinese Art.
S Blanco's home: Opposite Beggars Bush, W end of Jl Raya Ubud, towards Campuan, 10,000Rp
Home/gallery of a Western artist
residing in Ubud. The artist is happy to chat about Balinese life and culture..
S Museum Neka: 1.5 km from town, 500m further out from Blanco's home.. Entry 10,000Rp 9-17:00
Art Gallery with book shop and restaurant in pleasant setting.

Art Villages
Some of the neighboring villages are centers of traditional craft production where it is possible to watch the craftsmen and artists at work.
S Mas Village: 2km S. from Ubud. Wood carving center.
S Batuan Village: 6km S. from Ubud. Another woodcarving center.
S Celuk Village: 16km S. from Ubud. Many gold/silver jewelry workshops
S Batubulan Village: 14km S. from Ubud. Stone carving, pottery village.

Sights outside of Ubud
S Goa Gajah: (Elephant Cave)4km E on Ubud-Gianyar Rd Open 7:30-18:00. Entry: Rp3,100, camera Rp?
bicycle or bemo Rp1-2,000.
The entrance to the cave is carved in the shape of a demon. Other carvings include animals and monsters. Inside the cave is a statue of Ganesh. Close to the cave are two bathing pools - stone nymphs holding urns, pour water into the pool. Visited by many tour groups, very crowded.
S Yeh Pulu: 2km E of Goa Gajah. On Ubud-Gianyar road, S of Tampaksiring junction. Entry fee: Rp3,100
20m carving cut into rock, of gods and scenes from daily life. Bathing pool.
S Besakih Temple: 52km from Ubud, On Slopes of Mt Agung 6:30-18:00
Entry fee: Rp5,100
transport -Bemo:
From Ubud or Denpasar (Batubulan terminal) take bemo to Gianyar Rp1,500, change to bemo to Klunkung Rp2,000, change to bemo to Besakih Rp3,000. (sometimes have to change at Rendang)The most important temple in Bali, Besakih is a huge complex with 20+ temples spread over the slopes of Mt Agung, the highest mountain in Bali and an active volcano. Many ceremonies are held here.
Warning: Many touts will come to you and ask you to hire them. If you refuse, they might threaten you saying you cannot climb up the temple unless you hire them. You need NOT hire them. You can enter the temple if no ceremony held. Tell the touts you have been here many times and you know no guide is necessary.

Pura Kehen: 30km from Ubud.
2nd largest temple complex in Bali. Built in 13th C. on the side of a forested hill. Within the courtyard is a 400 year old tree with a monk's 'tree house' cell. Dance performances held during ceremonies.

Access: ?

S Bedugul: N from Ubud, Near Lake Bratan. On route from Denpasar to N coast. Pleasant hiking area.
transport-Bemo: From Denpasar (Ubung terminal) take Bemo heading to Singaraja, get off at Bedugul Rp5,000?
Perama Shuttle bus
from Ubud direct, daily at 9:30 Rp20,000
S Pura Ulun Danau: 3km N of Bedugul in Candikuning.
Entry fee: Rp3,100 Temple built in 1663 in honor of the Goddess of the Lake. It looks like it is floating on the Lake but it is actually built on a small island. Sunday flower market nearby. A lot of fruit is grown in this area so it's an excellent place to buy delicious fresh fruit at very cheap prices.
S Gunung Kawi: Cave temple in Tampaksiring, 4km N from Ubud.
3100Rp. Transport: take bemos heading Gianyar,1000Rp, get off intersection with the road toward Bedulu, then take bemos toward Tampaksiring.Since 11th C.,building the temple has been started by carving stones on the side of the valley. In the compound, there are tombs of the King Anak, King Wungsu and his wives' According to the legion, Price Empu Kuturan made them with his nails Rec
S Tirta Empul(Sacred Spring): 2km N from Tampaksiring,1km N from Gunung Kawi. 3100Rp. It was built around 960. The spring water here is believed to cure disease.
S Rice terrace: There are many good spots to see rice terrace in Bali. You better ask at info office. Tegallalang village or Sian village is famous for this. many tour buses stops on the way to major sights.
S Bangli: 30km N from Ubud.Quiet beautiful local town.
Transport: from Ubud to Gianyar 1,500Rp or Denpasar(Batabulan T.) then take a bemos to Bangli, 2,000Rp.

Cultural Performances
Every evening, there are many different traditional dances and music performances are held in and around Ubud, such as Legong, Barong, Ramayana, Kecak, shadow puppet(Wayang Kulit) etc.. The schedule is available at the tourist office. Prices: 50,000Rp. The performances start 19:00 or 19:30. If they are held outside of Ubud, the transport will be provided.

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