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Ubud has the most comfortable, best value, accommodation options in Indonesia. All prices listed below include attached bath, breakfast + free tea/coffee at all places listed. Check if 10% tax will be added. Bargaining common. For those on a tight budget should check out the accommodation options offered by the touts on Jl Raya Ubud, from around Rp8,000 a double including breakfast There are hundreds of options in Ubud. Below is a small selection which we recommend.
MF = Jl Monkey Forest

Entry to bungalow compound

High Season: Jun - Sep, Christmas/New Year, Mar.
Low season: Jan-Feb, April-May, Sept-Nov.
-d Rp80,000 d Rp80,- Rp200,000 d Rp200,000 +


Monkey Forest 1 Arjuna street
Area for real budget accommodation. Small alley, off from Jl Monkey Forest to W. Good location. From the tourist office walk down Jl Monkey Forest and turn right at the first corner. Many more GHs than we listed below. Rate Single / Double
h1 Sadru House: f ab 40/50,000 la(2000/p) bf(big) tea/coffee C3 good porch.If you stay longer, 10,000 less
h2 Jungut Inn: enter to an allery almost opp from Sadru House T97823, f ab 25/35,000 bf C3 basic
h3 Pelangi: near Jungut Inn. T970792, f ab 30/35,000 bf tea/coffee C3-4 good rooms and a garden Rec
h4 Kabera Bungalows: off Jl Arjuna to S T977158
f ab 30/40,000 la(1200) bf C3 Light, airy rooms, crowded compound. View of rice fields.
h5 Arjuna House (II): off Jl Arjuna to S. f ab 30/40,000 bf tea/coffee C3 Two different management with the same entrance. Both are good value, This is the one in front.
h6 Arjuna I: off Jl Arjuna to S. f ab 40/50,000, a/c d70,000 bf tea/coffee C4 This is the one behind one above. Go through Arjuna II, Rec
h7 Suar Sena: opp from Arjuna I & II. T974669, f ab 60/70,000, HW bf tea/coffee C4. Larger rooms and a good garden.

Monkey Forest 2
From the tourist office, walk E and turn right(South) to Jl Monkey Forest Rate Sigle / Double
h8 Cander Homestayi: the first GH on the left(East) T975054,, f ab 60/80,000 tub bf R C4, 2F rooms have comfortable porches.
h9 Puri Muwa: just behind Muwa garden restaurant, W side of JL MF, T975411, f ab 75/100,000 HW tea bf R C4 Rooms are OK size but the porches are huge with table and sofa. Very comfortable

Monkey Forest 3
From Jl Raya walk down on Jl Monkey Forest, turn right(W) at the 2 nd corner to a small alley. From this small alley, a few smaller streets are spreading to N and S. Good area to look for low and middle class accommodation with good relaxing view. And this is the best location in Ubud.Rate Sigle / Double
After turn to the alley, turn right again at the first corner.
h10 Sari Nadi: T975579, f ab 1F 70/80,000, 2F80/100,000 tub HW bf tea/coffee C4 large porch with a desk. Comfortable garden Rec
h11 Swan Inn: T977492, just N from OKA GH(expensive hotel),, f ab 35/50,000 bf C4 good rooms and large porches. Next to a rice field so wind go through this GH Rec
Back to the first alley off JL MF and walk W
h12 Indraprastha 2: After entering this alley, turn left and walk 50m, T978505, f ab 60/80,000 HW tea/coffee bf C5 Very large new rooms and porches with rice field view Super Rec
From the first alley turn right at the 2 nd corner to right
h13 Lastri House: T973404, f ab CW 50/60,000, HW 80/100,000 bf tea C4, huge porches. 3F rooms have balconies for sunset Highly Rec
h14 Warji: T971597,, f ab d60,000 tea/coffee bf C4 view good place
h15 Eustace: just behind Warji, f ab d100,000 bf C4 Very beautiful tasty rooms with view to the garden and the valley
h16 Kori Bali Inn: T081-338332717, f ab 1F70/100,000 2/3F 80/100,000 bf tea/coffee C4 good view form 3F
Back to the first alley
h17 Gayatri Bungalows: on the left, T979129,, f ab d100-150,000 HW tea sw C4 2F good view to rice field. Nice middle class hotel Rec
Then this alley continue crossing a small valley to Nick's

Karuna Street
Running parallel to Jl MF, just E from it, connecting from Jl Dewi Sita to the market. Rate Sigle / Double
h20 Telaga Bungalows: Jl Dewi Sita, just E from the entrance of Karuna St. T970801, f ab 40/50,000 tea bf C4 nice large relaxing rooms and porches. Rec
h21 Sarawan House: W side of Karuna steet, T975307, f ab 50/70,000 HW bf C4 comfortable porches/balconies Take 2F rooms Rec
h22 Nines: E side, f ab 90/100,000 HW C4
h23 Brahmandya: f ab 30/40,000 tea bf C3, good cheap option
h24 Seroni: W side, f ab 50/60,000 bf C4 large rooms
h25 Gandra: W side, f ab 35/40,000 large d50,000 tea bf C4 good rooms
h26 Sania's House: E side, T975537,, f ab d60,000, a/c d250,000 HW bf tea sw C4 small but nice swimming pool.

Maluti Lane
running parallel to Karuna St, just E from it Rate Sigle / Double
h30 Budihouse: W side, f ab d50,000, C3, Since it is on a little higher land, air go through this GH
h31 Raka: E side, f ab 30/40,000, tea/coffee bf C3. comfortable rooms
h32 Anugora House Bungalows: W side, f ab 40/50,000 C4 good rooms and porches. Good cheap option Rec
h33 Sayong House: E side, T973305, f ab 70-90/80-100,000 HW bf sw C4 good cheap ones with a swimming pool. Rooms are basic

Jl Goutama
From Jl MF, walk E on Jl Raya, then turn right at first corner, after the market. Listing from Jl Raya to S(toward Jl Dewi Sita) Rate Sigle / Double
h40 Daruta GH: W side, f ab 30/40,000 bf C3, basic rooms and a garden
h41 Wena: W side, f ab 40/50,000 bf C4 good size rooms
h42 Shana: E side #7 Jl Gotama, T970481, f ab 35/45,000 tea/coffee bf C4 comfortable rooms and porches. Rec
h43 Donald: E side, f ab CW 30/40,000 C3, HW large 50/70,000 bf C4
h44 Sudana: f ab 40/50,000 C3 nice large rooms
h45 Agung Cottage: W side, #18 Jl Gotama, T975414, f ab 1F100,000, 2F150,000, 3F 200,000 HW bf C4 huge high class rooms with valley view
h46 Surinadi Homestay: S from Jl Dewi site, T971034,, f ab 1F2F 50/80,000, 3F 80/120,000 HW bf C4 Rooms are OK. From 2F 3F you can have a view. Garden is like a forest. Good rate for single but over priced for double.

Jl Hanoman
Very long street, may be 1.5km, stretching to S from Jl Raya(main road) to suburb of Ubud. Most of the accommodation along this street are budget class. in the S part of this road, Perama bus company is located. It is a good street for who came to Ubud by Perama bus.
Listing from S(Perama bus company) to N(Jl Raya)
Rate Sigle / Double
h50 Padi Home: just N from Perama, S part of town.
f ab 70/90,000 bf tea/coffee C4 big rooms and a comfortable garden 10% tax added. 20 min walk from the center but Perama is next door so it is very convenient location. Rec
h51 Puri Padi: T975010, a/c ab $40-50/50-60 sw TV(L) fr bf C4 off season 40% off Old Bali style rooms to the garden view.
h52 Dewi Sri Bungalows: T975300,, a/c ab d200-300,000 TV(L) sw bf C4 Bali style bungalows with rice field view Rec
N from Dewi Sri, turn right(East) to Jl Hanoman Padang Tegal Kelod
h53 Adina: The first one on the left. T970547, f ab 1F 50/60,000, 2F 50/70,000 bf tea HW C4 large rooms good bed Rec
h54 Nuriani: Jl Hanoman Padang Tegal Kelod, The road bends 90 degree, It is at the corner. T975346, f ab 60/80,000 tea coffee bf C3 small garden & rooms
h55 Ubud View: right side(East) of the road, T970575, f ab garden-view d60,000, rice field-view 1F d70,000, 2F d80,000 bf C4 large rooms Rec
h56 Tunjung: T978431, opp from Ubud View, f ab d50-60,000 tea bf C4 comfortable rooms Rec
h57 Teba: right side(East) of the road, T976474,,, f ab d60,000 tea/coffee C4 small but comfortable porch.
Go back to Jl Hanoman, continue walking N
h58 Nick's HS: W side, T975636, f ab 60/70,000 bf HW C4 beautiful relaxing garden. Good place
h59 Jaya I: E side, T97058, f ab 1 F 50/80,000, 2F with view 70/100,000 tea/coffee bf C3
Opp from the temple on Jl Hanoman, enter a small alley to E
h60 Wayan Family II: T970345, f ab 40-50/50-80,000 C4 small rooms
h61 Indra Homestay: T978370, f ab 1F d50,000, 2F d60,000 tea/coffee bf C5 mid size rooms & porches Very clean rooms Rec
h62 Purnama: T978371, f ab 50/60,000 tea/coffee bf C4 large relaxing rooms Rec
Go back to Jl Hanoman, continue walking N
h63 Antini Cottage: E side, T975348, f ab d150,000 tea/coffee bf sw C4 heavily decorated mid size rooms and large porch. The swimming pool is at Artini Cottage 2 which is further N from this.
at Jl Hanoman #51, N from Artini Cottage, a small alley to W
h64 Brita 1: the entrance is on Jl Hanoman, T975598, f ab 60/65,000 tea/coffee bf C4 good rooms but the views are not good.
h65 Tueka: Just behind Brita 1, T976619,, f ab 1F50/60,000 2F 60/70,000 tea/coffee bf C4 nice view Rec
h66 Brita 2: end of the alley, T976605, 1F 50/70,000 2F60/80,000 bf C4 excellent view to rice field Highly Rec
Go back to Jl Hanoman, continue walking N
h67 Wayan Family: Jl Hanoman #52 E side, T970540, f ab 40/50,000 C3 cheap basic with a garden.
h68 Pangkung House: Jl Hanoman #49, T972301, f ab 1F d80,000, 2F d150,000 C5 large rooms like resort, Excellent porch & the view Rec
h69 Dewi Bungalows: Jl Hanoman #48, T973345,, f ab d100,000, a/c 150,000 tea bf sw C4 large rooms with a garden View from 2F
h70 Antini 2 Cottage: Jl Hanoman T975689,, f ab 1F d300,000, a/c 2F 400,000 sw tea bf C5 large beautiful garden and rooms. Views excellent good mid class option Rec
at #43 Jl Hanomanenter to an alley, W from Jl Hanoman opp from Bali Cares Cafe,
h71 Candra Asri: #43, T970517, f ab 1F 55/60,000, 2F d70,000, 3F d90,000 tea/coffee HW bf C4 good large rooms. One room on 2F has the best view in town. Highly Rec
h72 Dana Sari: T 970539, f ab 60/80,000 tea/coffee bf C4 large rooms & relaxing porches with rice field view Highly Rec
h73 Kunang Kunang: just W from Dana Sari, T976052, f ab 1F 100/120,000, 2F80/100,000, 3F 100/120,000 tea/coffee bf C4 clean large rooms.View only from 3F
h74 Ganesha: W end of this alley, T081-139-4242, T970545,, f ab d150,000 tea/coffee HW bf C4 High class GH beautiful garden & large rooms. Excellent view from 2F units Rec

Go back to Jl Hanoman, continue walking N
h75 Dewi Ayu 2: Jl Hanoman #41, T085-2370-08367, f ab d50,000 tea/coffee bf C4 large rooms
h76 Indraprastha: #40, T975549, f ab 70/90,000 tea/coffee HW bf C4 Many bungalows in a large garden. Take a room at the W end. 2F large room and excellent rice field view Super Rec
h77 Jati: T977701,, f ab 60/80,000 bf C4 large bamboo rooms with nice view to rice field. Rec
h78 Rahayu: Jl Hanoman #35, T975619, f ab 60/70,000 C2 75/90,000 large C4 comfortable porch Rec
h79 Puri Asri 1: #34 Jl Hanoman, T975353, f ab d70,000 bf C3 Bali style bungalows with open air bathrooms.

Jl Bisma
Walk on Jl Raya W from the tourist office and turn left at the 2 nd corner(Miro's Cafe). Off this unpaved road, there are many GHs which have great view of rice terrace. If you want to relaxed atmosphere, it is the best place to look for a room. Most of them put their ad board along with Jl Bisma. So look for the names.
Listed from Jl Raya to S.
Rate Sigle / Double
Enter to small alley to W at the first corner
h80 Puri Bayo: T970382,, f ab 150/200,000 HW bf tea/coffee C5 resort like rooms with beautiful furniture. View to rice field and sunset
h81 Pondok Indah: just next to Prui Bayo, T976323, f ab 80/120,000 C4 nice rooms with furniture. Balconies with the view to rice field and sunset
Back to the Jl Bisma continue walking S
h82 Samasama Cottage: on the E side, T973461, f ab 100/150,000 sw tub HW C4, comfortable size rooms/porches. Jungle like garden
h83 Pringga Juwita Water garden Cottage: opp from Samasama T978274, a/c ab d$40-50(HS$60-80) fr STV(E) bf tea/coffee sw R C5 antique classical villa and swimming pool in the middle. 100% pure Bali atmosphere. Highly Rec
2nd path to the right(W) in the middle of the rice padding field to W.(right), after passing Pringga Juwita Water garden
h84 INA Inn: Go right at the 2 nd path. T971093,, f ab 150/200,000 mos-net HW bf C4 all rooms have view to rice field.
h85 Hibiscus Inn: T978293,, f ab 120/150,000 bf tea/coffee C5 Like a small resort hotel. gorgeous rooms & balconies with rice field
h86 Hibiscus Cottage: T970475,, f ab 1F 80/100,000(HS120/150,000), 2F120/150,000 (150/180,000) HW bf tea/coffee C4 Large beautiful rooms. View from 2F
h87 Ala's Hibiscus 2: further W from Ina Inn on zig zag path. T970476,, f ab 1F 70/100,000, 2F 80/120,000 HW bf C4 large quality rooms but the fence of the balcony on 2F is too high and block the view.
h88 Three Dewi's: 970685, f ab 80-100/100-120,000 bf C4 nice rooms. Rice field view from 2F, Take W end one of 2F units. Best rooms in this GH Rec
Back to Jl Bisma and continue heading S
h89 Honeymoon: on the E side, T973282,, a/c ab d220-550,000(+15%)
h90 Juli: on Jl Bisma right(W) side, 0852-3707-2447,.f ab 1F d60,000 2F tub 70,000 bf C3 Rooms are OK. view from 2F.
h91 Warji 2: on the E side, T971261, f ab 50/60,000, 2F 70/80,000 tub, 3F 80/100,000 bf C4 large rooms. 3F units are spacious rooms and porches Excellent view Highly Rec
h92 Ruji: on the E side, just S from Warji 2, ,temporary closed. Probably re-open in season. CW f ab d50,000 view to rice field. It might be a good option for budget seekers.
 h93 Nick's: T975636,, f ab d150-250,000, a/c 300,000 sw C4 Rooms are basic but they are set in a small valley. Can be access from Jl Bisma and Jl MF They also run Nick's hidden.
Take a path to W toward Happy Inn
h94 Happy Inn II: Middle of rice fields off Jl Bisma. T973293/975401
f ab 50/70,000? HW C4 Huge, airy rooms, lily pond garden, Rec
h95 Bisma Inn: just S from Happy Inn, T970882, f ab d50 C3 simple rooms but it has a shared kitchen. Good place for long term stay. 1 month 1,000,000Rp
Back to Jl Bisma and continue heading S
h96 Umasasari Cottage: on W side, T981538,, Currently under-construction. Simple but huge rooms with swimming pool with good view to rice field even from 1F
h97 Vera: left side T975960,, f ab 1F d60,000, 2F d80,000 HW bf C4. The rooms are comfortable size and over looking rice field Good view from 2F, Garden view for 1F. Rec.
h98 Bucuview Bungalows: take a path to W after Umasasarim, f ab d150,000(200-250) HW bf sw(excellent view) C4 Rooms are set in a valley. a bit old but very quiet. Rec
h99 Nick's Hidden: on W side T975636,, a/c ab $35 HW bf sw C5 a hotel looks like hidden in a forest.

Kajeng Road
A road sretching N from opp from Information office on Jl Raya, W from Ubud Palace. Very good area for people looking for mid-class accommodation because there is a small valley just W from this road and many hotels set rooms and gardens over looking this valley. Listing from S(Jl Raya) to N
Rate Sigle / Double
h100 Pradha: E side, T975122,, f ab 30/45,000 bf C3
h101 Rujas Bungalows: W side, T972331, f ab CW 50/70,000, HW 70/90,000 tea/coffee bf C3
h102 Siti Bungalows: W side, Jl kajeng #3, T975699, f ab d150,000(HS200,000), a/c 300,000(350,000) sw(small) bf C4 Beautiful garden and rooms. Take a room over-looking valley Rec
h103 Shanti: W side, T975421, CW 40/0,000 C3, HW 50/80,000 C4 no view
h104 Arjan: E side, f ab 35/50,000 bf C3 basic
h105 Artja Inn: W side, T974425, f ab d50,000, tea/coffee C3 basic forest view
h106 Nyoman Homestay: W side, T971770, f ab d50,000 bf C4 comfortable rooms and porches. Very relaxing Rec
h107 Puri Bebengan Inn: W side, T978542, f ab 70/100,000 sw bf C3 small basic rooms
h108 Padma: W side, T977247,, f ab d100,000 HW bf C4 artistically designed rooms with good furniture. The garden is also beautiful, valley view Rec
h109 Lecuk Inn: W side, T973445, f ab d70,000, HW d100,000 bf C4 big rooms, valley view Rec
h110 Gusti's: W side, T97331d,, f ab 100/150,000 HW bf sw C4 OK quality rooms are set in a valley side. Excellent valley view from most rooms. Tea served once for free. Extra ones will be charged. Rec
h111 I Wayan Sudarta: E side, T975487, f ab 50/70,000 tea/coffee C4 nice relaxing rooms. Also it is a cooking school and restaurant. Sunday 19:30 Bali buffet 30,000
h112 Kajeng Bungalows: W side, Kajeng #29, T975018, f ab 90/100,000 HW tea/coffee sw bf C4 rooms are simple but large Valley view
The road bends to West.
h113 Ubud Sari Health Resort: left side of the road, T974393, /,, garden view a/c ab $35/$45, valley view f ab $45/60, a/c $55-60/$70-75 sw bf sauna, steam rooms, whirlpool C4 Rooms are wooden small but traditional style with valley view balconies
Esthetic treatment $30-40+10% free pickup from Ubud
h114 Arujana Bungalows: left side, T975583, the last hotel on this road,, f ab d70,000 bf sw(simple) C3 simple rooms no reason to come here.
h115 Ben: right side of the road, walking up to the hill, (car access from Suweta street, Sambahan), T973388,, f ab 1F d70,000, 2F100,000, HW C4 large bungalows set in a forest. Walking up from Arjana Bungalows

h120 Urip House: Jl Wedari #6, T974691, f ab s25 d30,000 bf C4 very nice table and chair on porch. Highly Rec
h121 Aji Lodge: E of Ubud. Walk E on Jl Raya until temple on the right. Turn right to Br. Tebesaya. At the gate, please find "Aji Lodge" among many ad boards. Go into the temple S side and walk 500m on a small street to S. It is on the left. f ab s/d90,000(possible to negotiate to 70,000) C4. Very large rooms and very comfortable large porch over looking a river and forest. One of the best view of the forest. It is 20min walk to the center but it worth it.Highly Rec

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