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All the promotional literature is true about Ubud. Wandering around the streets you will soon understand why it is called the cultural center of Bali. First there are the Hindu temples where traditional ceremonies take place almost daily. Then there are the art galleries, museums and ateliers displaying a high standard of art and cultural artifacts. In the evenings you can enjoy the highlight of Bali's culture, the superb program of traditional dance and music. Located next to a forest and surrounded by rice terraces, Ubud also has many scenic attractions that can be enjoyed by walking or cycling around.
Despite the development of mass tourism, Ubud has kept its local character and remains a very beautiful, relaxing town. Many of the restaurants & accommodation have been tastefully designed, traditional style architecture, elegant interiors, beautiful gardens set around lily ponds with views of rice fields, valleys and forests.
It is a perfect base for visiting the main sights of Bali.

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