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i Tourist Office: Bina Wisata, Jl Raya Ubud 8-20:00
Info, programs & tickets for dance performances.
Maps -
Rp25,000, tours around Bali from Rp80-125,000 It is imposible to visit all major sites with tours without duplicating same sites twice. The tour with Editor's choice is #4: Kintamani + Tampaksiring + Besaki, 90,000Rp
Kintamani + Tampaksiring + Rock temple, 75,000Rp
Goa Gajah + Bangli + Besaki + rice terrace, 80,000Rp
Tanah Lot sunet tour, 80,000Rp
Maps: Many privately made maps are available at bookshops/souvenir shops in Ubud. Bali Path Finder - Rp45,000? Travel Treasure - Rp50,000? the best map of Ubud. Full of info on sights, restaurants shops, etc.
Good free map is available from HIS tourist agent which is actually for Japanese and many Japanese letters are used but most of the name of the shops/restaurants etc are in English.

EXCHANGE: Higher rates for cash than T/C everywhere.
Moneychangers better than banks, check around. The rates are always negotiable. even at official banks.
$1 Bank Duta: Jl Raya Ubud E end.
$2 BNI Bank: Jl Monkey Forest, E side, N from football field.
$ Money changers: Everywhere. Many offer better rates than banks, check around. Cash/TC $=9425/9425, Euro=12075/12050, A$=7280/7270, C$7510/7345, GBP=17625/17590, SF=7800/7765, H$1200/-, S$=5715, Yen=88.8/88.1
$a ATM: -There are some at banks on Jl Raya.
cash advance is possible at Bank Danamon(Raya Ubud) and Bank Duta Visa/MC com.
P Police /Tourist Police Jl Raya Andong T975316, E end of Jl Raya and turn left.
H1 Hospital Ubud Clinic: Jl Raya Ubud N side, W end, just before the bridge, T974911 24hr

M0 Post Office GPO: Jl Jembawan I, 8-18:00 Post Restante. Packing service
Post card: AZ/Jap
4000, USA 7500, UK 6000Rp
20kg sea package: USA 781,000Rp, UK 811,000Rp, AZ561,000, NZ799,000, Jap595,000Rp
Telephone: Domestic pay phones everywhere.
Card phones (International)
on Jl Raya Ubud, in front of market, Tourist Office & main telephone office.
HCD Service HCD phones are in front of Post Office & Market.
M1 Main Telephone Office: Jl Raya Ubud, E end. 24hr International calls.
Internet: Jl MF E side, N from the football field and S from Gayatri Restaurant, internet 200Rp/min, telephone to most counties 8000Rp/min

Bemo Station: in front of Pasar Ubud Jl Monkey Forest + Jl Raya. to: Bedelu Rp1-2000, Mas, Sakah Rp1-2,000 to Denpasar(Batubulan Terminal) Rp5,000 Transfer here for onward travel to other Denpasar terminals and other destinations in Bali.
Shuttle Bus: 2 main operators travel agencies act as agents. Pickup from many locations incl near GHs. Regular services to main tourist centers on Bali and Lombok.
ta Tourist bus Perama: Jl Hanoman, S of Ubud, 2km from the center. 30min walk.The drop-off to GH/pick up at GH Rp5,000.

A bicycle is fun and useful. Motorbike is good for visiting Bali's sights, though driving can be stressful and accidents are common. Many rental shops along the main roads. Quality is variable. Prices are negotiable, especially for extra days.
Rental Bicycles: Rp10,000/day, along Jl Monkey Forest. Mainly mountain bikes. You should bargain
Rental motorbike: Rp30,000+ Many agents on Jl Monkey. Forest.Check insurance is included or not and what it covers.
Car: Rp150,000+ /day, agents on Jl Monkey Forest. Also many drivers are hanging around the football field, N side.
Travel Agents:
ta1 HIS: Jln.Monkey Forest, 5 min walk S from the football field, T972-621 10:00-18:00 Very helpful. They are very much willingly answer for most questions even not for their profit. Free map is available.

SHOPPING (98 info)
Ubud is a shoppers paradise. Clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, batiks, silver, etc. is everywhere.
m Market: Jl Raya Ubud Everything from livestock to clothing is sold here.
m Sukuwati Art Market: in village of Sukuwati. Many stalls selling art, batiks & handicrafts. Retailers shop here. Very cheap but low quality. transport Bemo - Rp1-2,000
m Art villages: Local villages near Ubud specializing in art and handicrafts. Mas & Batuan - Woodcarving Celuk - jewelry, Batubulan - Stone carving, pottery. You can often see the artists at work.
Souvenir shops
s1 Ibu Rai: Jl Monkey Forest, near Lillies Rest. Batik/Ikat
s2 Kunang Kunang: Jl Raya Ubud
s3 Lotus Studio Jl Raya Ubud. Chic clothing boutique.
s4 Noe Jl Monkey Forest, near forest Children's clothing
s5 Bead N Bali Jl Monkey Forest, S of field. Beads for DIY necklaces
s6 Saru Crafts Jl Raya Ubud, W of Monkey F. Huge selection of unusual teapots.
s7 Ganesha Jl Raya Ubud, near PO. Books & Musical Instruments. Visa, M/C
s8 Photo Developing Ubud Music Co :Jl Raya Ubud
Fuji film 36x100-7500Rp, Develop - 2000Rp+, 3R=Rp250 p/print, 4R=Rp325 p/print, 1hr.
la Laundry Many guest houses have a laundry service.

b1 Ganesha: Jl Raya Ubud T970320, near Ubud Post Office.
Excellent selection. Sells musical instruments.
Gamelan classes,Tu 18:00-19:30, Rp45,000 (2001 info)
b2 The Ubud Booksho:p 7X Jl Raya Ubud
M-Sa9:00-21:00 Su9:00-17:00 Visa, M/C. Excellent selection. (2001 info)
s L'arbre a Plumes: Jl Hanoman #49, good book shop and cafe
Pondok Pekak: Library/2nd hand books: Off Jl M. Forest, E side of football field, follow the signs.T976194,
Rents books -
Rp500/day. Large selection. about Indonesia. Travelers notebooks.
Message board, Restaurant. Visit your first day.
Highly Rec

Dance Performances Ubud is famous for its excellent, highly professional traditional dance performances.
Kecak, Legong, Ramayana, Wayang kulit, can be seen daily, for about 50,000Rp, transport included Ask at Tourist Office for a program. ! NOT TO BE MISSED ! Highly Rec
Study options There are many possibilities to study classical dance, painting, music, meditation, etc.
Ask at Guest houses or check notice-boards at the library & Bali Buddha Rest.
Gamelan Music Ganesha Bookstore, Jl Raya Ubud, Tu eve 18:00-19:30, Rp50,000
Balinese Dance Pak Jimat in Batuan & Pak Tutor in Petulu have been recommended.
Mask-making Several places in the village of Mas - inquire there.
Meditation Meditation Shop Jl Monkey Forest, near the forest. Offers free classes daily.
Cooking Casa Luna Jl Raya Ubud.
Drawing Seniwati Gallery Jl Seniwati T975485 Women's life drawing group
Swimming pools: (98 info)
Yulia Inn
Jl Monkey Forest, S of field, opposite Warung Sushi. Entrance fee: Rp5,000
Cendana Cot. Jl Monkey Forest, S of field, behind Dian R. Entrance fee: Rp10,000
Movies Some restaurants show videos in the evenings.
Casa Luna Jl Raya Ubud, W of Jl Monkey Forest. Several restaurants/bars in Jl Monkey Forest, S of Football field Area: Yogyakarta Restaurant, Putra Bar & Sai 2
Dewi Sita,
N of Football field Area
Bamboo Restaurant & Do Drop Inn

There are many internet cafes through out the town, specially on Jl Raya Ubud. Most of them charging 200Rp/min. But a few shops on Jl Raya charging 150-200Rp/min
@1 Internet: Jl Raya, S side + Jl Hanoman, 1000Rp/7mins Japanese
@2 Internet: Jl MF E side, N from the football field and S from Gayatri Restaurant, internet 200Rp/min, telephone to most counties 8000Rp/min
@3 P@TE: Jl Hanoman, W side, opp from Bali Cares Cafe, internet 9-23:00 200Rp/min. speed is average but nice atmosphere

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