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S1 Kraton Surakarta Kasunanan Palace: Highly Rec
SE of Solo. Sa-Th8:30-14:00 Entry: Rp5,000 Camera/Video 1000Rp. Built in 1745 by Pakubuwono II. Javanese Architectural style, like the Kraton in Yogyakarta - Courtyards with open pavilions (Pendopos). The Tower in the courtyard is called Panggung Songgobuwono - the tower of the Universe. Within the Kraton is a museum, its exhibits include royal heirlooms & artifacts.
Performance: Traditional Javanese dance. Su 9-15:00, free
S2 Puro Mangkunegaran, Center of town, Highly Rec
Open M-Sa9:00-14:00,Su9:00-13:00 Entry fee: Rp5,000
Construction began in late 18th Century by Prince Mangkunegoro II. More impressive than the larger Kasunanan Palace. The central pavilion and its roof is decorated with Javanese symbols from the zodiac. It houses an excellent museum with a vast array of royal treasures including collections of masks, dance costumes and jewelry.
Dance : Gamelan & Dance Practice, W10-12:00, Entry free
S3 Museum Radyapustaka Jl Slamet Riyadi, next from the Tourist Office. Tu-Th 8:00-12:00 F-Su 8:00-11:00 Entry fee: Rp1000
Built in 1890, one of the oldest museums in Indonesia. Exhibits from Mataram Kingdom includes puppets, kerises and gamelan instruments.
S4 Pasar Klewer N square of the Kraton. 9:00-16:00.
Batik market. Stocks a huge number of batiks and textiles at bargain prices. One of the highlights of Solo. Highly Rec
S5 Pasar Gete(fruit market)
Jl Urip & Jl Mgr. Sugropranoto, 8:00-15:00
S6 Pasar Triwindu :Near the Mangkunegaran Palace. 8:00-15:00
An antique market with a wide range of old-looking art wares and knick-knacks. Must bargain.
S7 Depok Bird Market: Balaikambang Park, Jl RM Said.
Very small, not as interesting as Yogyakarta bird market. Best to visit in mornings.

Out of Town
S Prambanan Temple:
See Yogyakarta for info. It is closer to Yogyakarta than Solo. It is possible to visit on the way to Yogyakarta.
S Sukuh Temple: 35km from Solo, 5km from Tawangmangu.
15th C Hindu temple. Claimed to be the "most erotic temple in the world". There are some detailed sexual carvings but it's more impressive for its design - similar to Mayan pyramid style. Entrance fee :donation Rp1-2,000Rp is acceptable.
From Tirtonadi bus station: take a bus to Tawangmangu, get off at Karang Pandan 30min. Rp2000, then bemo to Kumuning 20min.Rp1000, From the foot of the mountain, walkup 1.9km or take a motobikeRp2000? Or take a double-decker bus tp Pulak, 800 then a bus to Tawangmangu, 1500Rp to Karangbandan
Moto driver asks 5000 to the top. Bargain hard 2-3,000
Scenic route through a mountain & tea plantations.
To return: Last bus from Karang Pandan 17:00.
Tours Several GH's or agencies' organize tours to Sukuh.
To Tawangmangu waterfall 2.5hr on foot
To Ceto Hindu temple, take a same bemo,
S Ceto Hindu Temple: By the same bemo to Kumuning(Suku temple) to another village where you may have to change the bemo to a truck to the bottom of the hill of Ceto, 8-10km from Kumuning, then walkup the hill, 2km. The route is very scenic with beautiful tea plantation.
You may ask the moto driver at Suku Temple,
10,000-15,000 return. The distance is probably 10-12km, at least 3hrs on foot. .
S Tawangmangu Waterfall: Tawangmangu Resort,
40km from Solo. Scenic, 100-meter-height waterfalls set against terraced hills at an altitude of 1200 meters.
transport Same as for Sukuh except stay on Tawangmangu bus until the end.
From Sukuh Temple 2hr 30min. easy hike.

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