Area Code 0271, $1=Rp11,000, Jul 10, 2001


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Local Specialties
Nasi gudeg Rice with jackfruit, egg, bean, vegetables in a coconut based sauce.
Nasi liwet Rice, chicken with coconut milk
Minuman sehat healthy drink
Timulo Special chicken soup
srabi Desert. Rice-based mini-pancake

Street food
Night food market Sriwedari Park, Slamet Riyadi, near tourist office.
Night Food stalls at the end of Yos Sudarso+Slamet Riyadi. Local/sate Popular, local atmosphere. Open-air picnic style, seating on straw mats. Highly Rec

S from Jl S.Riyadi
r Food bazaar: Matahari Dept.Store, 3F, Jl Gatol Subroto, S from Jl S.Riyadi. Various stalls 9:00-21:00. A/C
r Bu Mari's: 41 Jl Gato Subroto. Indonesia Tea, sashi+topping 4,000Rp Delicious Nazi liwet. Mini chairs around a huge table gives a children/monkey's tea party feel.Open 24 hours.Rec
r Kusuma Sari: Jl Y Sudarso #81, S. from Jl Riyadi
snacks/ ice cream Popular with locals. Cheap
Trendy but has an old-style atmosphere - a unique eating experience. Try once. Order a few dishes (all are very small) + delicious ice cream. Food is not good but ice creams are better. Rec

N from Jl S.Riyadi
r Warung Baru: 23 Jl Ahmad Dahlan, Highly Rec
The original travelers' restaurant which still serves high standard, excellent value food. Great atmosphere, helpful, friendly staff. Lots of info. Good travelers meeting place. Transport booking. Bicycle tours: 35,000Rp, Batik course 25-55,000Rp
r Monggo Pinarak: Jl Ahmad Dahlan 22 Indian/local
Relaxing place, good for letter-writing, reading. Can read Books/magazines hanging on walls.Book exchange, internet 15,000 Rp/hour. Rec
r Gamelan Rest.: Jl Ahmad Dahlan 28 T41640 Int'l/Indian
Attractive, relaxing interior.

Jl Slamet Riyadi
r American Bakery: Jl Slamet Riyadi 90, bakery Expensive
r Kusuma Sari: Jl Slamet Riyadi 111, Indonesian Popular with locals. Trendy but has an old-style atmosphere - a unique eating experience. Try once. Order a few dishes (all are very small) + delicious ice cream. Two more restaurants on Jl Y Sudarso Rec
r New Holland Bakery: Jl Slamet Riyadi 141 bakery, Expensive cake 15,000 coffee 5,000
r Wina Cafe: Jl Slamet Riyadi 183 Indonesian/Intl.
Traditional bamboo style cafe, has travel info and transport booking agency.
r O-solo-mio Gallery & rest: Jl Slamet Riyadi 253, Indonesian food 25,000+, dinner 50,000. Arty deko restaurant.
Sari: Jl Slamet Riyadi 421 T719317 Indonesian
Very popular with locals. One of the cheapest restaurants, but far from backpackers' area.Rec

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