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The budget accommodation in Solo are old, but the prices are very cheap. Most GHs are in the center, around the intersection of Jl S.Riyadi + Jl. Daham(Jl Yosi)3-4km from the train station and the bus terminal. Both side of Jl. Riyadi. From the bus station, take Angkot #06 to the area, 1000Rp
Since the Indonesian domestic problem, Solo is really suffering from the lack of tourism. A few travelers' GHs have been closed down.
- d Rp40,000 d Rp40 - Rp100,000 d Rp100,000 +

S from Jl S.Riyadi
h1 Westerners Homestay: 11 Kemlayan Kidul T633106
f sb 20,000. ab27,000. a/c 50,000 Family rooms (2-4 persons) 45-66,000. La I C3 tea/coffee. Classical, arty decor in the lounge. LP map is wrong. It is further W.
h2 Mama Homestay: Kauman III/49 off Jl Y. Sudarso or Cakra #35, T652248 f sb s15,000 d20,000, bf La(700) I C3 free tea/coffee. Popular, homely, friendly. Batik course 30,000Rp/day Bicycle tour 35,000Rp Rec
h3 Paradise Homestay: 1/3Kemlayan Kidul T652960
f sb 12-19,000. ab27,500-45,000. a/c 55,000 Family rooms (2-4 persons) 50,000+. La I C4 tea/coffee.
Classical, arty decor in the lounge, but cheaper rooms are very basic.
h4 Cendana: Gg Empu Panaluh III #4, T657151
f ab s/d15,000, bf La(1500) I C2 tea
Stylish, attractive rooms, Indonesian guests
h5 Hotel Kota: Jl S.Riyadi #125, T632841, f sb s16,500 d22,000C2, ab s27500 d33,000 C3, TV s33 d38,500, C3 La(1500) tea Rooms are basic, but the cheapest room for ones with TV. Rec

N from Jl. S.Riyadi.
The budget ones are hotels rather than travelers guest houses.
h Mulia Hotel: Jl Ahmad Dahlan #7, W side of the street., T661884, f ab CW s/d40,000 a/c HW TV 75,000, bf tea C4
Good budget hotel. Rec
h Keprabone: Jl Ahmad Dahlan #8, E side of the street..
f sb 20,000 C2, ab 33,000 C3 Old atmosphere.
h Hotel Central: Jl Kha Dahlan #32 T642814
sb s15,000 d20,000 C2
h Istana Griya Homestay: Jl Kha Dahlan #22(off A. Dahalan to E) T632667. f sb s27,000 d32,500, ab s35,000 d40,000 a/c 50+, bf tea/coffee C4 Rec
h Lucie: Jl Ambon #12, Go N Jl A. Dahlan and turn left and turn right and turn into a small alley, Jl Ambon) T653375 f sb s20,000 d30,000+ C3 Very comfortable living area Rec

Other Area
Many midrange hotels are on Jl S.Riyadi.
h Dana: Jl S.Riyadi T711976 a/c ab 125-395,000bf CTV C4 Rooms are OK.
h Hitel Tritonadi Permai: Jl Rabin Dranat Tagore #6, T723483 f ab 25,000 C2, TV a/c 60,000+ C3 just W from the bus terminal.

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