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Dry Season : Jun- Oct Wet Season : Dec - Feb
i Tourist Office: Jl Slamet Riyadi 275, T711435 M-Sa700-17:00
Free maps, event info, sells book
' Solo the heart of Javanese Art & Culture', contains a lot of useful info - sights, transport, banks, etc.,
EXCHANGE: Not all banks change T/C. Exchangeable currency are different from banks. Banks give higher rates for T/C's. Moneychangers give higher rates for cash. No commission charged anywhere. Many banks are located along with Jl Riyadi, specially W part of the town.
$1 Bank Central Asia: Jl Slamet Riyadi7,
M-F 8:00-14:00,Sa 8:00-11:00 Visa/MC
$2 Bank Lippo: Jl Slamet Riyadi 180, N side, $1=11290, US$, A$,S$ only
$3 INTA: Jl Slamet Riyadi 96. M-Sa9-16:00 T/C possible. to change. cash $1=11250 TC$1=11100, yen=87 yen TC not possible.
$4 PL Golden United: Yos St+Jl Slamet Riyadi 9-20 Convenient.
$a ATM Bank Bali: 31 Jl Gajan Mada+Jl Riyadi, S of Novotel MC
$a ATM Bank Lippo: Jl Slamet Riyadi 180 Visa
P Police Office: Jl Adisucipto Manahan T712600, Also Jl Monginisidi 76 T46969
I Immigration Office: Jl Adisucipt, road to airport. T718479
M-Th7:00-16:00 F7:00-15:00
H1 Hospital & Pharmacy : Rumah Sakit Kasih Ibu
Jl Slamet Riyadi 404. T714422, 24hr pharmacy
H2 Apotek Wijaya: Jl Slamet Riyadi 202, M-Sa 8:00-20:00
M0 Post Office GPO: Jl Sudirman M-F8-19, Sa 8-13:00 Poste Restante On Friday Basic services only .
M1 Telephone Office Jl Mayor Kusmanto 1, 24hr
M2 Wartel: Jl Slamet Riyadi 127 & many around town. 24hr
discount time 23-6:00

A Adi Sumarmo Airport: 13 km NW from the city, a few km from Katoosuro, T32488, International Departure Tax Rp75,000 Domestic Rp8,800
transport to Solo. : Airport taxi(coupon system) Rp25,000. to Katosuro : airport taxi Rp15,000. minibus
(outside of airport) to Kartosuro Bus Sta. (Rp800),
From Katosuro to Solo by a bus
(Rp800) to Jl Slamet Riyadi
Airfare from a travel agent. Solo to Singapore GA
$175, Silk $185
Ga Garuda: Jl. S.Riyadi #123, T630082, M-F8-16, SaSu9-12:00
SQ Silk Air/Singapore Airlines: Novotel Hotel, Gajan Mada+Jl Riyadi, T724604-5, M-F8:30-16, SaSu8:30-13:00
a1 Bouraq:Jl Gajah Mada 86 T34376 (99 info)
a2 Merpati: Jl Honggowongso 39. T43267 M-F 8-17, Sa Su8-14(99 info)
T :Balapan Train Station: Jl Monginsidi T714039, 2-3km from the center. By becak 2-3000Rp to the center. Angkutan #06 from Jl Gatot + Jl Riyadi. to the closest point 1000Rp then walk 5min.
B1 Terminal Bus Tirtoriadi: (Main bus station)
Jl Ahmad Yani, just n from the train station but 15 min on foot.. 3 km N from Solo center. You can take a Angkutan #06 from Jl Gatot + Jl Riyadi.
B2 Palur Bus Station, E of Solo. 8 km E of Solo Agent Bus Ticketing, Many along Jl Sultan Syahrir, or from GH's and Warung Baru Restaurant.
Bus Ticketing, Many along Jl Sultan Syahrir, or from GH's and Warung Baru Restaurant. See the travel agents section below.
B3 Gilingan mini-bus (colt) station: Near Central station. Services to nearby towns & cities, drop off at hotel, etc.
B4 Kartosuro Bus station: 10 km west of Solo Gilingan mini-bus (colt) station, Near Central station. Services to nearby towns & cities, drop off at hotel, etc.

Solo is spread out. The best way to get around is becak & bicycle.
City Buses: Don't see many, but double-deckers run along Slamet Riyadi, Rp800-1000. No info at Tourist Office
Becak: Rp1000 for short ride. Rp2-3,000+ to train station, Rp2-3000 to bus station.
Angkutan: Rp1000 Orange-colored minibuses. Run everywhere. Main station is near intercity bus terminal. Routes are confusing.
Bicycles: Solo has many bike lanes, rental bicycles from guest houses - Rp5,000-8,500/day
Bicycle tours: Around many city sights, visiting home industries tofu, batik production etc, on route. Rp35,000.Most GH's are agents. (Warung Baru R & Relax GH rec.)
Travel Agents
t1 Kota Travel: Jl S.Riyadi #125, next to Hotel Kota,, T636360. M-F7-16, SaSu9-13:00 Bus to Denpasar Super Executive 140,000Rp
t2 Restaurant Warung Baru: see restaurant section. It sells bus tickets and arrange tours.
ta GPS(PT. Gapura Pusaka Sakti): Jl KH Almad Dahlan #7, T651006,
ta Travel Rosalia Indah Service: Jl. S. Riyadi #102, T652954, Agent for the bus company to Surabaya & Malang

m1 Pasar Klewer (Besar), Batik Market: Opposite Kraton.Jl Mgr. Sugiopranoto + Jl Kapten Mulyadi. 8:00-16:00
Excellent selection of batik. A tourist sight Crowded.
m2 Pasar Gete (Fruit Market):
Jl Mgr. Sugiopranoto+Jl Kapten Mulyadi. E of Solo, 8:00-16:00
m3 Matahari Dept. Store: Jl Gatot
Souvenir shops/Handicrafts
is the main souvenir. Masks, puppets, krisses knives etc.
s1 Batik kris: Jl Yos A Dahlan Batik & handicrafts.
One of the best brands
s2 Bedoyo Srimpi: Jl Dr Soepomo Batik
la Laundry: Many guest houses have laundry service - Rp700-2,000/article &/or DIY facilities

Many cultural performances are held. Some not held during Ramadan.
Gamelan and traditional dance:
Pura Mangkunegaran Palace:
W10:00-12:00 fee Rp?
Wayang orang:
Jl Abdul Rahman 51, 4nd Tu of month 20:00-24:00
Balekambang Park: 20:30-23:30
Sriwedari Amusement Park, Slamet Riyadi next to the tourist office Lots of dialogue, difficult to follow. fee Rp1,000. M-Sa20-22:00
Kraton Surakarta: Su9-11, 15-16:00
c1 Matahari Shopping Center 2F: Jl Gatot + Jl Dr Rajiman 6100Rp
c2 Ura Patria: Jl S Riyadi + Jl Gatot Rp5,000?

FESTIVALS( 99 info)
Jun 20: Yaqowiyu Festival in honor of Kyai Gribig.,
15th C Local religious leader.Main event is the throwing of rice cakes, supposed to ensure good health.
May 27-June 27: Sekaten,
At the Opening Ceremony, the sacred gamelan set is carried in a Procession from the Palace to the Great Mosque. In the Closing Ceremony, a procession with the gamelan from the Mosque to the Palace takes place. Following the procession, rice is given out to the crowds. This is meant to bring happiness and prosperity. A fair is held in the N square of the Palace, from a week before the festival, lasting for 2 weeks.
Jul 17: Kirab Pusaka (Heirloom Procession)
Javanese New Year's Eve.
Processions from Pura Mangkunegaran & Kasunanan Palace.

@ Internet @
@1 Suraya Net: Jl S.Riyadi #170, 1000Rp/15min 9-22:00,
@2 Internet: Jl Yos Sudarso #53, 3500Rp/h
@3 Syber Quest: Jl A. Dahlan #21, N from H. Solo, 9-24:00 1000/15min.

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