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The main beaches aren't so attractive, take great care swimming, as there are dangerous currents except at certain places. Seek advice where is safe & don't swim alone. There are a couple of secluded white beaches in the National Park area where snorkeling is possible, but these areas of the park are now officially off-limits. There are many hiking opportunities both in the National Park and vicinity.

S1 Penanjung Park 6:00-16:00 Entry fee Rp2150Rp
National Park Forest with limestone caves. Can see buffaloes, huge fruit bats, beautiful lizards, hornbills, Rafflesia flowers and sneaky aggressive monkeys, depending on your luck and your guide.
Tour of park about Rp25,000/day/p. Guides will be available privately and officially at the park office. The tour usually lasts 3hrs. 75,000/group or 25,000Rp/p. The buffalos are fed at 6:00 and 18:00 therefore tour can start at 5:00.
S2 Karan Nini 10km along the coast.
Scenic area with 100m high cliffs. Great views from the top.
S3 Batu Riu 10km along the coast.
Picnic park with viewpoint.
S4 Green Canyon 30 km from Pangandran.
Scenic jungle area.Scenic jungle area. Tour 60,000 excellent place for swimming.

Green Canyon Tour: 1 day, dep9:00, Rp60,000
Including visiting local industries, riding a canoe, swimming, etc.

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