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Pangandaran is a great place to eat seafood.
Fish Market: Several restaurants provide good cheap,fresh seafood. Cooking ability varies between restaurants. 2nd from water on E side of the market recommended.
N part of the town.
r Hilmans Fish farm R.: Off Jl Merdeka, behind the bus station. Seafood Palace like interior. Luxurious eating experience. Highly Rec
r Sate Galunggung: Jl Kidang Pananjung (opp telecom)
Sate 10 sates 6,000Rp Popular with locals. One of few 'real' Indonesian places. Highly Rec
r Bunga Laut: Jl Bulak Laut Indonesian Rec Popular. Relaxing, friendly owners, good value traditional food.
r Cafe Boule boule (Adam's Homestay)Jl Pantai Barat Rec
snacks, deserts
Tasteful, arty/classic interior. Famed for its capucinos. Expensive.
r Pantai Sari: Jl Bukit Laut
International/Japanese Some Japanese dishes.
r Relax Coffee Shop: Padang Jaya snacks
Over-priced, Euro-cafe, Stylish, relaxing, good german bread.

S part of the town
Many fish restaurants, S and E part of the town, displaying fresh fish in front of their shop. You select the fish and they cook for you as you wish. The prices: Fish 25,000+Rp/kg, shrimp 25-40,000/kg, squid 30,000Rp/kg. small dish, good for one person is about 500g.
r Lonely Planet: Jl Jaga Lautan Chinese/Seafood Best Chinese option. Basic decor but great value food meal 20-25,000 Rec
r Garden: 100 Jl Kidang Pananjung Indonesian/Seafood
Free tea, avocado juice
r Amsterdam Cafe: Jl Kidang Pananjung Indonesian
Popular. Attractive decor - batik tablecloths, food OK.
r Chez Mama Cilicap : Jl Kidaang Pananjung 8-22:00
Asian/travelers Popular. Very friendly owner. tea-500, drinks 1000+, food 6-10,000Rp

Restaurants Outside of Pangandaran - 5km W along the beach.
r Delta Gecko Village: Vegetarian
r Francisco Brillo: Next to Delta Gecko
Authentic Italian, delicious pizza. Homely (inside) decor and natural setting outside. Rec

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