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  High Season:
Jun - Sep, & Indonesian Holidays.
At Christmas and after Ramadan. Prices may be 4x higher. Avoid if poosible. Also it is often very busy during weekends.
  Low Season: Oct - Mar, Prices are negotiable, reduction possible for longer stay, particularly with the current low tourist numbers.

Pangandran is a town on a peninsular with a National park at the S end. The W beach is a beautiful sand beach which is good for swimming and sun bathing. The E beach is the one for fishing boats.
Most accommodation is on the W beach, older losmen are between the entrance to the National Park & Jl Bulak Laut, new developments extending west.
The losmens, on the quieter E beach, cater more for Indonesian visitors and foreign visitors will be refused. All accommodation listed below is on or near the West Beach side. All serve free tea & coffee. The below prices are for 2 nights occupancy unless stated. Discounts are available for 2nights, 3/4 nights. Bargain

Arriving at Pangandran by bus, you are probably dropped off at the major intersection just before the bus goes to the terminal. Facing the same direction of the bus, the road, a head of you, leads to the beach(W beach). The road, on your left, leads to the town center, 3-4km. The one on your right leads to the bus terminal, 50m
The road to the beach and the town center have the gates where you pay the entrance fee,
2500Rp which valid while you stay in Pangandran.
The becak drivers, saying the town is 4 km away and you need to hire a bacak. However the Area 1 is about 500m away. Area 2 is 1km away. Area 3 is 3km away.

! For hiring a becak: Since the traveling distance varies, you tell them the name of the GH and negotiate the price. The driver may not take you where you want to go. They want take you one which gives them high commission.
- d Rp40,000 d Rp40, - Rp100,000 d Rp100,000 +

Area 1: W beach N part of the town.
Take a road(Jl Baru) toward the beach, W. 500m. And turn right. No need to hire one but if you do, 1500-2000rp
h Julie Beach:: N end of beach T639375
d150,000, Bungalow260,000. HW La I C5 Pool
On beach. Luxurious, stylish design, exotic garden.
h Rizky Cottage: Go into the alley of Julie Beach, pp from Cocobana. T630704 f ab s/d40,000 bungalow60,000. bf tea C4 Not as good as Cocobana, but rooms are large and comfortable. Rec
h Cocobana: far N end, alley next to Julie Beach Hotel T630510
f ab s25,000 d45,000-60,000. bf La I C5 Coconut grove setting, spacious, attractive rooms with porch. Well-maintained, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Highly Rec
h Siciwangi: Go into the alley, N from Julie Beach. T63938
f sb s/d25,000 tea C2
Basic, old style, run-down.
h Nelayan Beach TLP: Go into the alley, 2nd? after passing Julie Beach.. T639702 f sb s/d40,000 bf tea C5
h Bumi Kafulipan: Go into the alley, 2nd? after passing Julie Beach. T639623 f ab 30-35,000 bf tea, coffee La C4 Rooms are very stylish. Highly Rec

Aera 2: W beach middle part of the town.
Take a road(Jl Baru) to the beach and turn left and walk another 500m.
One the way we mentioned below, there are many GHs which we don't cover. Still walking distance but a becak needs
2,000Rp maxium.
h Hotel Alam Jaya: Jl Pamugaran(JlBaru) Tlp. T630720
f ab s/d 50,000 a/c 100,000Rp C4 On the main road just before you reach the beach. left side. Very clean hotel.
h Adam's Homestay, Jl Pantai Barat(W Beach road). T639164
f ab s/d 50,000 bungalow 100,000, a/c 135,000 HW R La I C4 Tastefully designed, classical style, antiques. Used bookshop. Visit the restaurant once just to enjoy the environment.Small pool. a bit over priced.
h Mini Tiga Homestay: Behind Adams Homestay T639436f ab price/day if you stay only 1 day/2days/3days or more s35/30/25,000 d45/40/35,000, bf tea, coffee La I C4
Attractive courtyard style, quiet.
Highly Rec
h Bamboo House: Off Jl Baru T639419
f sb s25,000 d35,000, bf La I C3
Popular, simple, set amongst trees, quiet.
h Pondok Bulak Laut, Jl Pamugaran T639377
f sb 25,000 d30,000 bungalow 40,000 bf La C4
Central, on beach, bamboo bungalows. 25% off fpr 2 day staying or more.
h Pondok Pantai Sari(hl):Jl Bulak Laut, almost W end T379175 f ab. d35,000, a/c 50,000 R C3
Popular. rooms are in 2F above the restaurant. They have cheaper rooms across the street, 25,000Rp
h Mutiara Selatan: Jl Bulak Laut T639416
f ab s15,000 d20,000 La tea C2
Basic, old style, run-down, but the cheapest in town.

Area 3: S part of the town.
Take a road on your left and go 3-4km. You need to hire a becak, 3-5000Rp
h Losmen Mini Dua: Jl Kalen Buaya, T639298
f ab s/d30,000 bf C3 Basic
h Pondok Pelangi: Jl Pasanggraman #713, T639023
f ab s/d30,000 tea C4
h Moris: Alley near National Park
f ab s20,00 d25,000, bf La I C5
Family style, well maintained, quiet.

Out from the town.
h Delta Gecko Village, 4km from Pangandaran T630886(often out of order.)
f sb 25,000/p bf La I tea/coffee free bicycle C3.
Stylish rooms in imaginatively designed complex with an artist-community feel.
Veget.R (vegetarian) with good facilities free (ageing!) bicycles, excellent library, art studio.
Near river (for swimming), near a fishing village.
Provide excellent booklet with info about sights, regional culture and traditions, arrange trips etc.
Travelers notebooks.Highly Rec
bus from Yogya/Bandung - tell driver you want to get off in Cikembulan (Jl Pamugaran) NOT PangandaranTake an Ojek (motorbike taxi) Rp1,000 or walk 1km.
2) minibus from Pangandaran bus station. to Cikembukan Rp300, take an Ojek Rp1,000 or walk 1km.

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