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No fixed fares for buses nor bemos. You have to negotiate with the drivers. It is very hard to take one with local fares. Expect to pay a little extra.
B Bus: All big a/c buses coming out from the ferries are traveling to Denpasar(Ubung) and Gilimanuk. And ones waiting for the ferries are traveling to Lombok, Sumbawa. You may ask the drivers to negotiate the fares. Denpasar(Batubulan)Rp30,000+, Gilimanuk Rp150,000?, Matram 20,000Rp
Many bemos are waiting in the port parking. Do not try to ask one here because they try to get rip you off. Walk away from the parking and wait around the shops opp from Bank on the main road. Regular services to Candidasa Rp2-3,000(all locals say 5000Rp in this town) and Amlapura Rp3-5,000
If you want to take a bemo/a bus to W, take a bemo to the junction with the highway, about 4 km from Padangbai, 1000Rp by bemo
From the junction try to take a bus to
Denpasar(Batubulan) Rp8,000, Gianyar 6-8,000Rp, Klung Kung 4000Rp(KK to Denpasar 4000Rp)
B Bus to Mataram, Lombok: Ask the drivers for their buses waiting for a ferry. Or somebody comes to you offering a seat. It is a good idea to take a big a/c bus heading Lombok. If you pay to the driver, you do not need to pay ferry fare. To Mataram: ferry fare + 5000Rp
The drivers always take more people than the seats so when the ferry are ready to arrive to Lombok, come back to your bus as early as possible to secure your seat.
ta Perama Shuttle Bus: On main road, next to Bank Bri rigfht side towards the Port. Next to Hotel Madya. T41419 Tourist bus to Lombok, Gili & most destinations in Bali. Fares
For the destination in Lombok, min 2 persons
Mataram 135,000Rp/p, Senggigi100,000Rp, Kuta(Lombok)180,000Rp, Gili by Perma boat 150,000Rp dep14:00. Candidasa 10,000Rp, dep 13, 16:00, Tirtaganga 60,000(min 2p)dep 10:00

F Ferry Port To Lembar, Lombok: no fix schedule due to Chronical delay. dep almost every 2hrs, 24hurs, takes 4-5 hrs.Ekonomi Rp15,000 Many touts come and try to sell the ticket with higher prices. Buy the tickets only at the official counter.
Transport from the Lembar(port of Lombok)
Take a bemo from the port to Sweta bus station in Mataram,
5000Rp/p which are waiting out side of the port area. Walk through the port gate and keep walking for 100m. then from Mataram, take another bemo to Kuta, Senggigi or Bangsali(to Gili)
ta Perma boat: Direct service to Gili islands. See above

! Warning (Going to Gili Islands)
With public transport.
Ferry to Lember 4-5hrs, then a bemo to Sweta bus station 30-60min, then another bemo to Bangsali, 1hr 5000Rp, then a boat to Gili islands.
If planning to go to the Gili Islands independently, take an early morning ferry to Lombok. With 7:30 ferry, you may catch a cheap public boat to islands and with 9:00 ferry, you can catch the last shuttle boat if you travel fast with public bemos. - otherwise you will probably have to pay more than usual for local transport to Bansal and miss the cheap boats, From Bangsali , The public boat leave when enough people want to travel (4,500-5,500/p) and the last shuttle boat(14-16,0000/p) dep16:30, to the Islands. If you miss the last shuttle, you will have to either charter a boat
Rp200,000, or stay a night on Lombok.
Taking organized transport: To avoid hassles which you may face, private transport(Perama) may be better options. see Gili Island for more details or see the Bus info above. Do not buy a ticket all way to the island. Buy one only to the port(Bangsal) to the islands. then buy the boat ticket at the port. Buy doing this you can save money. Recently Perma started running their own boat service directly traveling Bali to Gili islands.

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