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Snorkeling Possible from the beaches in Padangbai. Other nearby locations include, Nusa Penida, Amed, a quiet, secluded beach, with a reef and lots of colorful fish, like swimming in an aquarium.
ta Tours Agent Wayang Darma Gangsar: Segara III, No 11, To Jipun Village. Coral viewing & swimming with turtles.
dv  Geko dive: on the beach Rd(Jl Silayukti), T41516,, Open water $260,-380
dv Bali Moon: W from Pantai Ayu GH. T41727, open water $250

Padangbai has 4 beaches, 2 of which rank among the best in Indonesia.
bh1 Main Beach:
Next to harbor, site of most of the guest houses and restaurants
bh2 East Beach: Another white sand beach, also secluded, with good snorkeling. 10 mins walk from town, E past Topi Inn, over the hill.. There is a drinks stand, nothing else.
bh3 Bias Tugel Beach: South from town. Take a road to W from the mosque and at the book shop, turn left to a path to climb to a hill . A beautiful white-sand beach, secluded, with good snorkeling.
There are a few cheap warungs. 15 minutes walk from town - take the road to the Mosque and follow the signs.Highly Rec
bh4 Black Beach: W from town. Take a road to W from the mosque and passing a book shop, continue walk to W. Then at the fork point, take one of right and continue walk 300m. There is a GH with a restaurant. Big and wide beach of really black sand.

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