Area Code 0363 US$1=Rp9,000 April 25, 2005

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High standard, good value food is available everywhere. Menus are usually a mix of Indonesian, seafood & limited western dishes. Many places offer seafood specials. The restaurants along the beach have great views out to sea. However they are not so cheap.
Local restaurants are on the main road, near Wartel.
Some restaurants have all you can eat dinner, good variations of local food.
Price * cheap ** average *** expensive

On the beach Rd.
This beach road is the main part for food. Many warung type restaurants are on the beach front. Behind this street, a few restaurants are offering better quality food.
Hotel Puri Rai: On beach road, town end.
Indonesian/Int'l High class feel, live music & videos in evenings.
Cafe kerti(Kerti Beach Inn): Beach Rd. coke 3,000, beer(L)10,000, meal 10-20,000 Good view from 2F Highly Rec

Around the Cemetery
Ozone W from the cemetery. Indonesian/West.
Popular. travelers Rest. Fun, drawing-book menu. Imaginative names for dishes - 'Mac falling in love', 'My second girl sandwich'. Mugs, not cups, Good seafood and pizza.
Highly Rec
Kendedes Rest: NE of cemetery. Indonesian. Popular with locals serving good food. Sometime they serve all you can eat dinner, 12000Rp drink is extra. Highly Rec
Pantai Ayu: N from the cemetery.
Indonesian/Int'l Very popular, long-running restaurant, some recent travelers have commented that it's overrated. I could not find good food here this time but the view from here is one of the best in Padang bai. Better to come here during day time..Rec

There are a few more local restaurants along this road.
SARTIKA.: On the main street of Padangbai, leading to the harbor, Jalan Pelabuhan, next to the telephone office. local food, cheap. big meal portions and very high quality.(reported)

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