Area Code 0363 US$1=Rp9,000 April 25, 2005

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You will arrive at the parking for the Ferry.
Facing the port, the main part of town is spread to left(E).
Area 1. The area closer to the port is the old part of the town.. It has many cheap guest houses. The quality of them are not so bad, but smaller gardens and rooms.
Area 2, A grave yard is E from the old part. A few guest houses and restaurants are around the grave yard. It has a few good ones, best values.
Area 3. The main beach is start from the graveyard area to further E where many tourist guest houses and restaurants continue along the beach road. The GHs are very popular but mostly overpriced. During high season it is very hard to find a room. The GHs are located along with the beach road but behind the road, not on the beach. Most rooms are facing to their court yard not to the sea. We cannot find any reason to have a room in this area.
Ask about "10% tax" before you agree the price for your room. It might be added when you check out.
- d Rp60,000 d Rp60 - Rp150,000 d Rp150,000 +


Area 1. Old part of town.
Near the port. From the parking for the port walk E
h1 Marco: 081-338787632, f ab s30/d40,000 bf C3, From the 2F terrace good view to the sea. One of the closest GH to the port. Rec
h2 Serangan Inn: After Marco, turn left. T41425, f ab s50/d60,000 bf C4 large comfortable terrace with sea view. Rec
h3 Kombar: next to Serangan. T41364, 1F f ab s40/50,000 2F HW s60/d70,000, a/c d150,000 bf(excellent buffet) C4, 2F good terrace with view, but not for the sea. Rec
Go into an alley at the corner of Kombar
h4 Sidha Karyo: after turn into the alley, turn right to an smaller alley. f ab 30/d40,000 C3 No terrace nor communal space.
h5 Tirta Yoga: f ab s35/40,000 bf C3 Bali style rooms with porches to a small garden
h6 Porta: gg Tongkol III #7, T41475, f ab CW d50,000, HW d80,000 C4. 2F comfortable terrace.
h7 Dharma: Jl Silayukti gang Tongkol #6 end of this alley, T41394, f ab s50/d80,000 HW bf C4 Bali style very comfortable terrace with view

Area 2. Middle part of town,
Behind a grave yard: Walk further E on the beach, you will reach a grave yard. 3 good GHs are behind this grave yard.
h11 Pantai Ayu: on the hill side, T41396, f ab s30/40,000 R bf C3 Rooms are basic but they are laid out around a big porch with best view in this town. Highly Rec
h12 Serangan Inn II: T41425, f ab s50/d70,000 bf towel/paper C4 Most gorgeous terrace in Padangbai but a little view to the sea. Highly Rec
h13 Celagi Inn: T41505, behind Serangan Inn II, T41425, f ab s40/d60,000 bf C4 clean rooms and nice beds and balconies. Take a rooms on 3 F for the better view. Highly Rec

Area 3. Beach Rd.(Jl.Silayukti)
Walk further E from the areas above
h21 Hotel Purirai: T41385,, a/c ab HW fr s250/d300,000 sw C5 This is the only quality hotel in Padangbai. Good facility but no view to the beach.
h22 Kerti Beach Inn: T41391, f ab small s30/d40,000 C2, traditional style s50/d70,000 mos-net R C3 Excellent view from the restaurant(less than 20,000)
h23 Padangbai Beach Inn: T4139, f ab s50/d60,000 C3 large rooms
h24 Padangbai Billabong(former Beach Inn): T081-3383-12607, front bungalows f ab s30/d40,000, traditional style house in the back s40/d50,000 C3
h25 Padangbai Beach Bungalows: T41417, f ab d70-80,000 C2 traditional style houses a/c d150-200,000 C2 Purirai is the better option
h26 Padangbai Beach Bungalows: T081-2360-7946, f ab d100,000, mos-net C4 Bungalows with nice Bali style deco are set in a beautiful garden
h27 PT Topi: T41424,, f sb/ab s/d 40,000 C2 Last GH on this beach. Dutch owned GH The Dutch couple trying to create GH with community atmosphere and planning to various workshop here.

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