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Lovina is a primarily a backpackers destination and there is a wide choice of good value, budget accommodation. Kalibukbuk is the most popular, central area. All hotels listed have attached bath.
- d Rp40,000 d Rp40 - 100,000 d Rp100,000+


East End of Kalibukbuk:
h Suna GH N side, off Main Rd.
s/d US$10, bf r m-net C5,
Quiet, homely, tastefully-furnished, airy rooms, family run,
h Melka Hotel: N side, off Main Rd T41552
standard dUS$20, super US$40, elephant room US$750 bf r I C4
Simple, small rooms, family style.Rec
h Banyalit Beach Inn N side, off Main Rd. T41789/F41563
a/c sUS$10 d$15 bf La r I C4
On beach. Luxurious, CTV, pool, garden, afternoon tea. Popular restaurant.
h Mas Bungalows: N side,off Main Rd T41773
f s40,000 d40,000 bf r I,
Towels & soap supplied, quiet. Reasonable value.
h Indra Pura Inn: S side T41560,
f s25,000 d30,000 bf r I
Quiet, large rooms, good value.
h Ray Beach Inn: 2 N side, off Main Rd T41088 s40,000, d50,000 bf r I C4,
Basic. Attractive ceiling fan & desk in room, pleasant relaxing restaurant.

Kalibukbuk, area E of Tourist Office
h Puri Bali Bung. N side, turn off opposite Khi Khi, T41485 f LS s50,000 d75,000 a/c+ bf r I C4
Pool, upmarket, excellent value. Highly Rec
h Bayu Kartika: Beach N side, off Main Rd T41955
f d40,000 a/c75,000 bf r I C4 On beach, great views, comfortable rooms,jungle style bathroom Rec
h Taman Lily's N side, turn off opposite Khi Khi, T41307 d70,-80,000 bf r I C5
Popular, stylish, well-maintained, quiet. Popular restaurant/bar Highly Rec
h Rini Hotel & R. N side, turn off opposite Khi Khi, T41386 dUS$10, New room US$30 bf r I C5 Rec
On beach,lovely rooms. Well-maintained

Central Kalibukbuk,around main turn off to beach.
h Purnama Towards Temukus Main Rd N side.
f s/d8,000 bf C4 simple, good value. šHighly Rec
h Palestis On Main beach Rd. f d15,000 bf La I C4 r
Courtyard style, exotic design, building a pool (probably raise prices) Highly Rec
h Chonos Main Rd N side.
f d10,000 bf r C4
popular, well-maintained. good value. Highly Rec
h Ray Beach Inn 1 Off Main beach Rd. T41087
s8,000 d10,000 bf I C4, Basic, good value. Rec
h Johni's Homestay Main Rd N side. Rec
f s10,000/d15,000 bf r I C4
Attractive rooms.
h Nirvana On Main beach Rd., f d15,000-30,000 C4
Huge complex, scenic setting, some rooms have sea views, but unimpressive rooms.

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