Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia

Area Code 0370, $1=9100, April 26, 2005


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Kuta, Lombok is famous for the incredibly beautiful beach. When the tide is low the bay turn into shallow water pool and the color of the water turns into turquoise. You can see the photo of the beach at the many internet cafes in Indonesia. Look for the wall paper on the computer screen. S coast of Lombok is also famous for the high waves. Also Kuta is a good base for the surfers.

How to get here by public transport from Mataram.
Take a bemo from the bus terminal to Praya
then to Sengkol
3000Rp/p, then to Kuta, 3,000Rp All tourist fares.

Thie finla bemo arrives at the intersection where you can see a Cafe(closed) on the right just after passing Puri itoma Bungalows or the right. If you turn right from here, you can find a few hotels including Matahari Hotel and continuing to another beautiful half moon crescent bay, 6km from Kuta. If you go straight you can reach W side of Kuta beach. If you turn left, the road continues to Kuta beach hotel area. Your transport to Kuta probably takes you the hotel you want to stay. So tell the name to the driver.

Some Hotels/GHs/travedl agents change major currencies to Rp but the rates are very low.
$ Moneychanger at Segere Anak Cottage(h13): on the beach road $1=9100Rp, Euro= 11700, yen=8300, AZ=6900, NZ=7300, Can=7300, GBP=17300, S$=5200
M1 Wartel: Walk E from the junction, left side. Open till late.
@1 Kuta Corner: From the junction, walk E after passing G'Day left side. 500Rp/min Very slow. Internet and used book shop. You can get some tourist information
@2 Anda Restaurant: on the Kuta Beach. 500Rp/min. faster than Kuta Corner

B Public Bemo: At the junction and also on the beach road.
To Mataram, take 3 bemos(Kuta -> Sengkol -> Praya -> Sweta Bus station(Mataram)
3000Rp each for tourist fare)
From Mataram to Bangsal
From Mataram to Lember port
to Bali 5000Rp
ta Perama agent at Segere Anak Cottage(h13): T654846 on the beach road, all destination requires min 2p. to Gili 110,000/p, Padangbai 100,000, Mataram 60,000

Local Transport
No local transport apart from bemos running on the main road. If you need to hire a motorbike or a jeep, many touts are waiting around the main junction.


From the junction, turn right(W)
h1 Matahari Inn: From the junction, turn right. T655000, www.matahariinn.com/ f ab CW s/d150,000, HW s/c 200,000, a/c HW s/d 300,000 sw bf C4
150,000 rooms are basic. Discount is possible so ask Free transport to a beach. Slightly old hotel but large rooms are laid out in a beautiful garden. Excellent cheap restaurant is at the next door.
h2 Kuta Inda: walk W from Matahari Inn for another 400m
ab f s/d75,000, a/c s/d100,000, a/c HW s/d 150,000 sw C4 The rooms are basic but nicely set around its swimming pool. Rec

From the junction, walk back to N
h3 Puri Itom Bungalows & Restaurant: Just N from the junction. T655589, yukuyuku110@yahoo.co.jp, a/c ab s$13 d$14 bf R C5 New GH run by a Japanese couple. comfortable high ceiling rooms Rec

From the junction, turn left(E)
h4 G'Day: T655342, topankuta@myself.com, f ab s50/d70,000 bf C4 small but nice and clean rooms run by a nice family Rec
h5 Lamancha Homestay: After passing Kuta Corner, the road bends to right. T655186 f ab 30/40,000 mos-net C3 basic relaxing and staff are nice.
h6 Melon GH: T081-7367892, angela_grannemann@web.de, f ab 40/60,000 fr K C4 They have 4 family units can be rented as either single or double. 2F unit has a balcony incredible value ITIS Best Value Award 2005 Highly Rec
The road reach Kuta Beach
h10 Dinas Pendapatan: Jl Pariwisata, T655194, f ab 35/50,000 bf R C3 Rooms are basic but it has a breezing open restaurant with sea view Rec
h11 Kuta Lombok Tastura: Jl Raya pantai, T655398, tastura@mataram.wasantara.net.id, a/c ab d$50-100 sw HW fr STV C5 Beautiful large hotel
h12 Surfer's Inn: T55582, lombok_hotel@yahoo.com f ab d80,000, a/c d120,000, HW fr d180,000Rp sw. STV(lounge) C4 Run by an Australian and a Japanese owners. Very cozy hotel for surfers Rec
h13 Segere Anak Cottage: T654846, segareanakcott@telkom.net.id, f ab 35/40,000Rp bf R C3 Very big airy cafe
-Perama agent: all destination requires min 2p. to Gili
110,000/p, Padangbai 100,000, Mataram 60,000
-Exchange service:
$1=9100Rp, Euro= 11700, yen=8300, AZ=6900, NZ=7300, Can=7300, GBP=17300, S$=5200
h14 Sekar Kunjung yellow Flower: T654856, f ab 45/50,000 mos-net R C3 The restaurant is large and with view to the sea. Best place to see the sea
h15 Anda: T654836, zaenudin@hotmail.com, f ab 40-50/50-60,000 bf R C3 @500Rp/min can read Jap but no writing.Speed is Ok
h16 Puri Rinjani: T654849, f ab 50/75,000(HS 75/95,000), a/c d100,000(HS150.000) soap/towel C4
h17 Natural Homestay: Last GH on this beach, E end of this beach, next to Biota Cafe. f ab d200,000 C4 Very large rooms and STV is shared by 2 units. This is the only GH on the beach. Very large and comfortable porch. Rec

r1 Lombok Lounge: next to Matahari Inn. It could be the center of Kuta night. Best restaurant in town. Cheap meal from 5000Rp. They also serve fresh fish with the style as you like. The owner is incredibly funny and his hospitality is fur greater than anybody I know. Many surfers come. Highly Rec
r2 Restaurant Juan's: Next to Melon GH, travelers/local cheap warung
h14 Sekar Kunjung yellow Flower: on the beach road. travelers/local The restaurant is large and with view to the sea. Best place to see the sea
h3 Puri Itom Bungalows & Restaurant: Just N from the junction. T655589, Japanese
r3 new restaurant: on the hill top toward Crescent Bay and other surfing spots. Western, New restaurant run by an Australian. It is on the top of a hill so it is supposed to have the best view in this area


There are 4 main beaches in Kuta, the main Kuta beach, Novotel Beach, Tanjung Ann Beach and Crescent Bay beach. During high tide, you can see only beach and dark blue water but at low tide the entire bay are full of shallow water pools in which you can see many sea animals.
b1 Kuta Beach: in Kuta village. It is used to be a beautiful beach and it still looks nice but the sewage water from this village to into this bay. Swimming is not advisable.
b2 Novotel Beach: 1st class hotel, Novotel is located. about 2-3km from Kuta hotel area. It is actually E part of the same bay of Kuta beach so that the water quality is better than Kuta beach. The beach is not private.
b3 Tanjung Ann beach: about 6km? E from Kuta It is supposed to be the most beautiful beach and the cleanest one. Many visit here by rented motorbike.
b4 Crescent Bay(probably called Selong Blanak): about 6km W over the steep hill. On the way from the top of a hill, you can get a beautiful view to Kuta Bay. However the hill is very steep so that you need to be very cautious to drive a motorbike.
S2 Surfing:
Kuta is the center of the surfing. It could be said "surfers' paradise". Waves are excellent and many good surf points, such as Mawi, Mawun and etc include "Point X", along S coast of the Lombok. Matahari Hotel or Kuta Indah has the wave information board. Many surfers come to Lombok cafe for dinner. Good place to hang around to get the surfing information. You probably have to ask locals to take you to the point with your surf board. Many people are offering the service.
Some Japanese surfer charter a jeep and a boat for 2 days with $45 for 2 persons.

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