Area Code 0361, $1=Rp8,650, Aug 20, 2001


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Airport: 3km from Kuta, 11km from Denpasar, 33km from Ubud Bemo stops just outside of the airport gate.
Airport Tax International
75,000Rp, Domestic 11,000Rp.
cheap canteen near International departure lounge.
Exchange: Rates
5% lower than ones in Kuta. Luggage deposit 5500/day 24 hr.
From the airport: To Denpasar by bemo
Rp2-3,000, by taxi 30,000Rp
To Kuta by bemo
1-2000Rp, by bike taxi 10,000Rp.
To Ubud by taxi 90,000Rp
No Perama from the airport.
to the airport:
bemo from Supermarket Nova on Jl Raya Kuta.1000Rp, Bike taxi 8000Rp, Taxi 20,000Rp, Perama 11,,000Rp

Airfare to Singapore: OW$165 RT$250 from many travel agents in Kuta.

ta HIS: Kuta sq C-17, T361-758-377, excellent travel agent. This is a private travel agent but the staff are very helpful and willingly answer for the questions from travelers even they are not relating to their business. Maps, free magazines
Air tickets(One way / 1 M return / 12 month return)
210/255/355,000, Japan 500/675/835,000Rp
275/345/465,000Rp, Darwin 305/390/520,000Rp
Domestic fares
300,000Rp, Yogyakarta 170,000Rp, Maumere 776,000Rp

Small vans running the city. The common transport to towns near by. Over charge is very common even to the locals who don't use lines regularly. Watch out how much locals pay. if you take a bemo from a bemo station/a bus station, too much hassle. You may go away from there and try to get one.
B1 Bemo station: Corner of Legian Street + Jl Pantai, Also you can take ones running on Jl (Tegal Terminal)Rp2-3,000- transfer here for onward travel. To Ubud: From Tegal to Batabulan 2-3,000Rp, then to Ubud 5-8,000Rp.
B2 Bemo to the airport. Rp1-2,000 in front of the supermarket Nova on Jl Raya Kuta. From the bemo corner, walk E then turn right at 2 nd corner which is a one way street to the south direction for the airport. You can get a bemo on this street.
B3 Tigal Bemo station: W part of Denpasar, it serves to Kuta/Airport and Sanur. To travel to Ubud, you have to take a bemo to Kereneng Bemo station and change another to Batubulan bus station. However it is very hard to travel with local fare.
To Ubung bus station, 2-3000Rp, to Kereneng Bemo station, 1-2000Rp(then 2-3,000rp to Batubulan)
kuta/airport 2-3,000Rp, Sanur 2-3,000Rp
B4 Kereneng Bemo station: Middle of Denpasar, it serves to Batubulan and Benor.
To Ubung bus station, 2-3000Rp, to Batubulan 2-3,000rp, Benor 2-3,000Rp

Long Distance Bus
For the long distance buses, some travel agents may handle the booking. At 2005's research, we did not check it but try.
B5 Ubung Bus station(BS): N W part of Denpasar. This is the main bus station. The paper of fare must be posted somewhere in this bus station but this time I could not find it. but for the long distance buses, they clearly post their fares at each company's counter.
All Executive bus(28 seats, a/c toilet and smoking area?) but the qualify of Executive is Indonesian Executive.
To Surabaya/Yogyakarta: 10 hrs, 155,000Rp, dep 13, 15, 18:00
To Jakarta: 24 hrs,
225,000Rp 6:00, 12:00
To Bandung
225,000rp, 11:30
To Singarajya:
15,000Rp Many but come here early
We could not find bus company but the buses to Lombok and Sumbawa must be passing this bus station.
Access: bemo from Tigal bemo station 2-3,000Rp, from Batubulan 2-3,000Rp. Too much hassle. You may go away from the bemo/bus station and try to get one.
B6 Batubulan BS: E from Denpasar, just out side from the town.During day, buses/minibuses leave almost 1/hr To Ubud 5-8,000Rp, To Amarapura/Candidasa 10-12,000Rp
Access: bemo from Ubung, 2-3,000Rp(go out the bus station and turn right and turn left at the first corner then try to find a bemo), from Tigal, take a bemo to Kereneg, then take another to Batubulan 2-3,000Rp each.

Tourist Bus:
Tourist bus running to major destinations. Usually 3 times as expensive as the local bemos. but no hassles, very pleasant. "Perama" is the most common company. he others charge more but they are non-stop when Perma stops at a few locations so it takes time to travel.
t1 Tourist bus Perama: Jl Legian,N from Poppies I T751551 Keep the used ticket which gives you 5-10% discount for the next ticket. For the fare, click the link

Due to the decline of travelers in Indonesia, many boat services from Bali is under suspension. We leave old information when they resume their services.
Benoa Harbar: 7-8km from Kuta. No direct bemo from Kuta. You may take a bemo to Denpasar(2-300Rp) then Kereneng BS then to Benoa(2-300Rp). If you bought a ticket from a travel agent in Kuta, the transport to the port will be included to your ticket.
ta Barito: Jl Sudirman 2A near Matahari Dept., T263568 M-F 8-18:00, Fast boat to Bima Sumbawa, Maumere Flores(Normal250,000/Biz 275,000, Exec300,000Rp), W Timor. Sa 21:00,
ta Bounty Cruise: Fast boat to Gili Meno. Tickets can be arranged at most travel agents.
ta Mabua Express: Benoa Harbor T721-212, Daily ferry from Benoa to Lombok

T No train station is on this island. The closest one is in Java. Bus to Gilmanuk(dep Denpasar 5:00 or 16:00) then take a ferry then walk 500m to left to reach the train station.
The tickets can be arranged by Perama. To Yogyakarta
59-190,000, Jakarta 95-250,000Rp

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