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Cheap Warungs - the night market on Jl Tanjung Sari, near Legian beach and the beach market. The restaurants most popular with budget travelers are in the area around Poppies II. They offer the best combination of cheap, good value food in a pleasant environment. At food stalls, you can bargain down to at least 50% off.

Mexican Breakfast at TJ's Restaurant

Many trendy tourist restaurants are in Legian street, at Kuta sq and in the new shopping area S from Kuta sq.

Price * Low ** Med *** High
Jl Pantai Kuta
from Bemo corner, the S end of Legian street to the beach
Made's Warung: Jl Pantai Kuta, just W from Bemo corner International upper class tourist restaurant. Very popular, the place to be seen. Open-fronted, watch all the street activity. Nashi Campure 15,000Rp, juice 15,000Rp, "rice table" 80,000Rp/p(min 4 persons need advance booking)
Starbucks: 2 locations, in Discovery shopping center & Jl Pantai Kuta(just N from Kuta sq), Su-Th 8-23, FSa8-26:00, coffee, house coffee 17,000/21,000/23,000Rp

Poppies Lane I
From the bemo corner walk N and turn into a small alley on the left.
Poppies: Poppies Lane I traditional Classical decor, Beautiful setting overlooking water lily pond, newspapers.Rec
TJ's: Poppies Lane I, Mexican High class, expensive but worth it. Superb huevos rancheros breakfast. Mexican bf 35,000Rp Highly Rec
Bamboo Corner: Poppies Lane I Indonesian/Western cheap food 5000+Rp, but western food is not so good. Stick to Indonesian dishes.
small street from Poppies Lane I to Poppies Lane II
After entering Poppies I, turn right at the first corner.
Gong Corner: travelers' 11-22:00, very cheap, very friendly restaurant offering good food juice 3000, beer 6000+, meal 6000+Rp American breakfast 95,000Rp.Rec
Poppies Lane II:
Kori Restaurant: Poppies Lane II N side, rather closer to Legian Street. Bali traditional food. It says "Award Winning" expensive $10+/p,
Off Poppies Lane II Turn N at Bali Corner Rest
Warung 96 , International Budget travelers favorite. Social atmosphere. Excellent Pizza 25-71,000, Pasta 20,000, Indonesia 15-20,000, beer 8,000Rp Highly Rec
Warung Wulun: next to Warung 96, International Very similar to "96" but everything is cheaper than "96". the quality is not so bad Rec
Warung Linggan: just opp from Warung 96, International excellent value for breakfast(2 toasts, 2 eggs, some sausages, juice, a pot of coffee for just 11,000Rp) Rec
DPH Neka: Warung 96 street, Japanese/Chinese cheap
Wantilan Restaurant: Warung 96 street, Japanese Sushi local restaurant
Manga: Jl Benesari 10-22:00 comic cafe, 20,000/first hour then 7,500/30min drink 3,500 meal 20,000+Rp
Kuni II: Jl Benesari #27,next to Manga cafe. Japanese cheap lunch menu 20,000+(available only 11-17:00)
Legian: Street
Restaurant Maccaroni Club: Legian street(just S from Poppies lane II), western pub, Th21:30 live concert. Western style night spot
Ryoushi: Legian #153(14 Roses Hotel) between Poppies Lanes II & Jl Benesari Japanese long-run Japanese restaurant middle class. Certainly affordable. They have many brunches in Bali

Legian Area
Jong Restaurant: Jl Padma just N from the market, Indonesian 20,000Rp+, western 40,000Rp+, swimming pool for free. M-F19:30 free Bali dance performance

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