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There are hundreds of accommodation choices, but limited good value budget options. Most of the cheap accommodation is located within small gangs away from the beach. Prices are negotiable, start from Rp25,000 without breakfast, 10% tax is often added. Small breakfast & free tea/coffee is often included. Most rooms have attached cold showers.
The two main budget areas are in S Kuta & one in N. Legian.
All guest houses listed have attached bathroom & fan and all are reasonably clean.
- d Rp40,000 d Rp40 - Rp100,000 d Rp100,000 +



Poppies Lane I
From Legian Street, enter to Gang Poppies I. The entrance is very small.
From S end of Legian street(Bemo corner), walk N for 1 min. The entrance is on the left side.
h1 Komala Indah: #2 Poppies Lane I, T751422, f ab s40/d60,000Rp tea C4 Nicely decorated rooms with large comfortable porches. Rec
h2 Secret Garden: off Poppies Lane I to N, T763051, a/c HW ab s125/d150,000Rp sw C4
h3 AP Inn: T765662,, f HW ab(tub) d100,000, a/c d150,000 sw C4
h4 La Walon: T752463, a/c ab s150/d180,000 STV fr HW C4 excellent view from 3 rd floor Rec
h5 Ayu Beach Inn: f ab s60/80,000, a/c 130/150,000 sw C4, the rooms are old but this is the cheapest with w/swimming pool.
h6 Kein's Inn: T756771, f ab 50/d60,000 C3 Old but huge rooms
h7 Pesona Beach Inn: T750014, f ab 53/95,000 a/c 70/120,000 HW C5 new guest house. Large rooms, excellent value for singles.
h Mase/Oneka: too expensive
h8 Kuta Puri Bungalows: T752585,, a/c ab $35/d40 HW fr sw TV C5 but TV is local. Very beautiful spacious gardens and a swimming pool is in center. Credit cards 3% extra

off gang Poppies Lane I
From Legian Street, enter to Gang Poppies 1 and walk down near the beach. Turn right between Kebins's GH and Tree House Restaurant. Then small alley to the right, 4 guest houses The quality is low but the price are cheap.If you want to stay in a cheap GH near the beach. this may be yours.
h11 Rudy Pantai Kuta: off gang Poppies I f ab s50,000 d90,000 bf tea C3 no value
h12 Ayu Beach inn II: off gang Poppies I f ab s30,000 d40,000 tea C2
h13 San Jaya II: f ab s30,000 d35,000 tea C2 small garden The best GH in this alley
h14 Sosem Rempen: T758320 f ab 40,000 d50,000 tea C3 Cheap but breakfast not included.
From legian Street, enter to Gang Poppies 1 and walk down near the beach. Turn right between Kebins's GH and Tree House Restaurant. A few good GHs, middle class budget rooms can be found here.
h15 Berlian Inn: T751501, f CW s/d 50/60,000, HW 90/120,000 bf tea C3 Large rooms + garden
h16 Sari Jaya: T756909 f ab s/d 100/120,000, a/c 150/180,000 bf sw C4 The rooms are ordinary. the swimming pool is nice.
h17 Mimpi Bungalows: T751848,, f ab s/d 10+/150,000+bf sw C4 Many types of rooms. Most of them have extra space rather than bed rooms. $20 room has excellent outside relaxing space Rec
h18 New Arena: T752974,,
a/c d$20, STV HW bf sw C5 large rooms around a large swimming pool. Currently promotional period Highly Rec
After New Arena, the street bends to right.
h19 Hotel Sorga Cottages Kuta: T751897,,, f s/d 76+/110,000, HW sw C4
h20 Kebin's Inn 2: T763554, f ab s/d 70/90,000 sw(small but relaxing) small but well designed GH. Very relaxing
h21 Suji: expensive and low quality. No value
h22 Sari Bali: T756911,
f CW s/d 60/80,000, HW 80/100,000 bf sw C4 large garden. Excellent value Highly Rec

gang between Poppies I & II
From the Legian enter Poppies I and turn right at the first corner.
h31 51 Cottage : too expensive if you want a swimming pool, Secret or AP Inn are much better.
h32 Puri Agung: near poppies Lane I, T750054 f ab 30,000 d40,000 tea C4 no garden but comfortable 2F terrace.Rec
h33 Mahenbra: in the middle of this street. f ab 30,000 d40,000 bf tea C3
h34 Ronta Bungalows: T751855, near Poppies II
f ab s35,000 d50,000 bf tea C4 clean and comfortable garden GH Rec
Gang Panin Bank
On the alley at Panin Bank, Poppies Lane II+Legian, there are a few hotels.
h41 Kamini: T761629,, a/c d100,000 HW sw C3 The rooms are old but you can get a/c HW sw with this price. Bargain.
h42 Dewi Sri Cottage: T752555, a/c ab d250,000 HW sw STV bf C5
Proper middle class hotel with budget price

Poppies Lane II
h41 Taman Sari Cottage: N side of Poppies Lane II, T751892,, a/c ab HW fr s140/d160,000 C4
h42 Gora GH: N side of Poppies Lane II, T752578 f ab s40/d50,000Rp bf(small) a/c d120,000Rp C3
h43 Dua Dua Inn: S side of Poppies Lane II, T754031, f ab s35/d50,000Rp bf C4 Old Bali style GH Rec
h44 Okie House: S side of Poppies Lane II, f ab s50/d70,000Rp, C4. no garden but rooms are well maintained. Take 2F for air.
h45 Palm Garden: T752198 S side of Poppies Lane II, f ab s50/d60,000Rp C4 toilet paper and towels provided
h46 Kuta Inn: T751694, a/c ab HW d125,000Rp bf sw C4 off Poppies Lane II to N. between Jegeg Bulau Restaurant and Bounty Hotel. Hidden GH from the noise of Poppies Lane II. Rooms are nicely laid out around the swimming pool
h47 Bounty Hotel: Jl Segara Batu Balong 18(end of Poppies Lane II) T753030,, a/c ab d$50(after current discount) STV, fr HW sw bf C5 full facility but expensive
h48 Satriya cottage: Poppies Lane II bends to S at Bounty H. and continue the street. To the beach. T752741,, a/c ab d350,000Rp, STV fr HW bf C5 Very close to the beach. Beautiful garden. If you can afford good option.

Off gang Poppies Lane II on which Warung 96 is located.
Turn N at Bali Corner on Poppies lane II
h50 Bali Sandat Inn 2: West side of the street, T762980 ,, f ab s80/d90,000, a/c HW s125/d150,000, STV fr s150/d200,000Rp bf sw C5 Rec
h51 Beneyasa 2: West side of the street, f ab s30/d40,000 bf C2, old but large comfortable rooms. Take a 3F room which has excellent view and breeze
h52 Bali manik: East side of the street, T752740, f ab s30/d50,000 C3 basic
h53 Bali Dwipa: T751446, f ab CW s40/d50,000, HW s50/d60,000 C3. many types of rooms. 10,000Rp discount may be possible. If so Rec
h54 Bali Indah: East side of the street, f ab s20/d30,000 C2 basic, the cheapest GH
h55 Bali Duta Wisata: East side of the street, f ab s25/d35,000rp bf C2 basic the cheapest one with bf
Continue walk N for 300m
h56 Beneyasa 1: West side of the street, f ab s30/d40,000 bf C2, old but large comfortable rooms.
h57 Taman Ayu II: Jl Benesari, T754376, f ab CW s40/d55,000Rp, HW s45/d65,000Rp a/c fr s80/d120,000 Rp bf C4 Large rooms Rec
h58 Bendesa Hotel: T754366, f ab 60/d90,000, a/c Hw s100/ d180,000 sw C4 beautiful garden Rec
h59 Mekar Jaya: T754487, f ab s50/d70,000 C3, big rooms in well maintained garden Rec
Turn into an alley from Mekar Jaya GH. to West
h60 Sari Indah Cottage: T754047, f ab s50/d60,000 bf C4, Bali style bungalows.
h62 Lili Garden: T750557, f ab s50/75,000 C4 family unit(3 rooms+K+living area) 200,000Rp Rec
Back to gang Poppies Lane II (Warung 96 street)
h63 14 Roses: Jl legian #153 it has the access from Legian and gang Poppies Lane II,, a/c ab fr d$25, STV(E,J)d$35 C5 Japanese restaurant Roshi is located in this hotel.
h64 Un's: Jl Sari(W part of Jl Benesari), at the junction, turn to W toward the beach, T757409,, f ab s$25/d$27.5 a/c $32.5/d$36 STV HW sw C5 Bali style classic garden and rooms Very peaceful Highly Rec
There are many hotel/GHs further W from Un's and many middle class with swimming pools on the continuation of the street of Warung 96

Buta Beach Road
h Alan Kul Kul: Jl Panthai Kuta, T 752520,, a/c s/d $125-400 sw HW bf 21%tax, high season $25 added. C5 New and beautiful hotel. Probably best hotel in this area.

N from Melasti street
h Three Sisters Inn Padma St, T751566 F756082
f ab d$20, a/c d$30 10%tax sw HW bf C4 Bali classic style bungalows are laid out in a beautiful Bali style classic garden. Rec

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