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Travelers first started visiting the fishing village of Kuta in the 60's because of its beach, good surf, beautiful sunsets and relaxing atmosphere. Since then, following continuous development, Kuta has become Indonesia's most popular beach resort.
Now the main customers are not backpackers on a budget, but tourists from Australia & Japan, on their annual vacation with money to spend. Kuta is crammed with hotels, restaurants, shops, travel agencies, etc, all focused on getting the tourist dollar or yen. Ripping off is very common. Kuta is a noisy sprawling town, the beach is crowded, un-relaxing with constant hassle from hawkers and masseurs. However Kuta does have some good points, the best conditions for low/intermediate surfing, great sunsets, a wide range of accommodation, shopping, entertainment options at very reasonable prices. Close to the airport, its convenient when flying in/out of Bali.

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