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i Tourist Office: Jl Raya Kuta #2, just S from the Police station. From the bemo corner, walk E and turn right at the first corner, then walk down another 100m. Left side. T756176, M-Sa 8-18:00 Free map. This is the only one we survived. They don't have so much knowledge but they try to do their best to find information for you if you are patient.

Tourist Office:  Jl Bunisari 36, Kuta(not confirm)

Bali State Tourist Office: Jl S. Parman Niti Mandata, Denpasar, T222387,
ta2 HIS: Kuta sq C-17, T361-758-377,9-22:00, excellent travel agent. This is a private travel agent but the staff are very helpful and willingly answer for the questions from travelers even they are not relating to their business. Maps, free magazines.
AE American Express: None, nearest office in Sanur.
Pacto Tour: Jl. Raya Ngurah Rai 0361-T288247 or 288449 Client mail service

! Warning
In Kuta many money changers offering excellent rates. but cheating is VERY common. Count your money very carefully. After you count the money by yourself, DON'T let them touch the money for any reason.
We recommend to go to those money changers with your friend. One should hold your money until the other count the money as promised. When they realize you are too smart, they will say they don't have enough rupia. You may keep both money and tell them to go to police. They will usually hand over the rest of the money.
Some banks may change but cash only and the rates are lower than good money changers. So try the money changers listed below.
$ Dirgahayu: Legian, near S end and opposite from the entrance of gang Poppies Lane 1, 9-23:00 Probably the most convienent place. no com. cash/TC $1=9550/9525 100yen=9025/8950, Euro=12325/12300, GBP=18200/18125, AZ=7425/7425
$ PT Central Kuta: 9-21:00, From the S end of Legian street, go E toward Denpasar. right side just after crossing a bridge. Official money changer. you can trust here.
$a ATM: Many in town.
Emergency numbers: Diner's Club T235-559, Visa T2260578

P Police Office: Jl Raya Kuta T751998
Emergency T110, Ambulance T118
I Immigration: T227828, near the Airport
H1 Clinic: 100 Jl Raya Kuta T753268 24h on call
H2 SOS Natour Clinic 1 Jl Pantai Kuta T751361
Pharmacy: Many. But some pharmacies try to sell you only expensive, unnecessary drugs.
Post: There are many postal agents in town. The postal rates depends on the agents. Some of them sometime offer cheaper rates.
Telephone: no public phones working on street. You have to use phone agents 1000-1500Rp for local call. For international call, you may use internet phone, from 8000Rp/min.
Prepaid card "Hallo Phone" is the cheapest, USA/UK 1000Rp/min, Germany 1500, AZ 2000Rp, Jap/Korea/France 2500 But you have to use private phone only. You have to rely on the phone of the shop selling this cards.
If you have
mobile phone, you may buy SIM card(from 60,000Rp), international call 7000Rp/min, local call 1500Rp
M0 Post Office GPO: near Information office, from there, walk E and turn right at the first corner, then enter to a small alley. M-Th9-14:00, F8-11, Sa8-13:00. Poste Restante
Post card/letter 20g to Japan 5000Rp, the rest 7,500Rp, 20kg surface parcel Japan 530,000Rp, US 771,000Rp, UK 650,000, AZ500,000, NZ670,000Rp
M2 Postal Agent: Poppies Lane II in front of Hotel Palm Garden, 9-21:00, Post card/letter 20g to Japan 5000Rp, the rest 7,500Rp, 20kg surface parcel Japan 609,000Rp, US 831,000Rp, UK 909,000, AZ530,000, NZ924,000Rp plus box 20,000Rp
M3 Postal Agent: small street connecting Poppies Lane I and II, From K mart on Poppies Lane II, walk toward Poopies lane I, Left side, opp from Mahendra GH, 9-21:00, parcel costs slightly cheaper than M0 and boxing costs included.
M1 Wartel Private telephone agents: many in town
s Nosa Indah: gang Popies Lane 1, right side heading the beach, just before Ayu Beach Inn, "selling "Hallo Phone Card" They let you use their phone to use this card.90,000Rp

For the bus and ferry tickets, travel agents sell the tickets with $1-2 markup prices. But the bus/boat company offices are located far from the town and often the fares include transport from GH areas to the bus terminals/the harbor. The prices vary between agents so shop around.
A Airport: 3km from Kuta, 11km from Denpasar, 33km from Ubud Bemo stops just outside of the airport gate.
From the airport: To Denpasar by bemo Rp2-3,000,
To Kuta by bemo 1-2000Rp, by bike taxi 10,000Rp
No Perama from the airport.
to the airport:
bemo from Super Nova on Jl Raya Kuta.1-2000Rp, Bike taxi 10,000Rp, Taxi 20,000Rp, Perama 10,000Rp
ta Tourist bus Perama: Jl Legian Westside just north from bemo station.Tourist bus company Bemo station.To main tourist destinations on Bali.
B5 Ubung Bus station(BS): N W part of Denpasar. the main bus station for the long distance buses to Java, Lombok, Sumbawa.
Access: From Kuta take a bemo to Tigal bemo station 2-3,000Rp, then take another bemo to Ubung, 2,000Rp. From Batubulan a bemo 2-3,000Rp
B6 Batubulan BS: E from Denpasar, just out side from the town.During day, buses/minibuses leave almost 1/hr To Ubud 5-8,000Rp, To Amarapura/Candidasa 10-12,000Rp
Access: bemo from Ubung, 2-3,000Rp(go out the bus station and turn right and turn left at the first corner then try to find a bemo), from Tigal, take a bemo to Kereneg, then take another to Batubulan 2-3,000Rp each.

Local Transport
B1 Bemo station from Bemo Corner on Jl Pantai, To Denpasar (Tegal Terminal) Rp1,5,00- transfer here for onward travel
B2 Bemo to the airport: from in front of super Nova on Jl Raya Kuta.1000Rp
B3 Tigal Bemo station: W part of Denpasar, it serves to Kuta/Airport and Sanur. To travel to Ubud, you have to take a bemo to Kereneng Bemo station and change another to Batubulan bus station. However it is very hard to travel with local fare.
To Ubung bus station, 2-3000Rp, to Kereneng Bemo station, 1-2000Rp(then 2-3,000rp to Batubulan)
kuta/airport 2-3,000Rp, Sanur 2-3,000Rp
B4 Kereneng Bemo station: Middle of Denpasar, it serves to Batubulan and Benor.
To Ubung bus station, 2-3000Rp, to Batubulan 2-3,000rp, Benor 2-3,000Rp
tx Taxi To airport - Rp20-30,000.
rb Rental Motorbike/Bicycle: Arrange through agents on Legian street. But it is very hard to bargain. You have to find the owner of the bikes first. Every touts pretend they are owners of the bikes and try to say a large markup. moterbike Rp40,000+/day. bicycle Rp15,000+/day
Travel Agents: many in town
ta1 Perama: Jl Legian, N from Poppies I T751551 see transport section
ta2 HIS: Kuta sq C-17, T361-758-377, See information office section for more details.

Standard tourist goods, T shirts, sarongs, ethnic style clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, etc., are on sale everywhere. Bargaining is customary. Australian style surf shops are very popular, they stock brand name, trendy surf wear. Many shops can be found S from gang Poppies Lane, and on Legian street.
s Kuta Art Market: On the beach at the end of Jl Bakungsari. Stalls of ethnic style travelers clothing.
s Matahari Super: in the middle of shopping area of Kuta. 10-22:00, coke 3,200Rp, beer 7,000Rp, water 2,100Rp
s Discovery Shopping Center: S of Kuta, 10 min walk S from Kuta Sq. New shopping center. a/c food court, Starbucks, McDonald and more
s Surfing Shops: Jl Legian, Amphibia Surf Shop: Jl Legian, Ulu's Shop: Jl Bakungsari.
s Dept Stores: Plaza Bali: Jl Raya Kuta, near Airport.
s Bookshops: Many 2nd hand bookshops around Poppies I & II. Books cost around Rp20,000+, 50% rebate on return.
ma Massage: Many masseurs on the beach Rp 40,000/hr
Laundry: Many hotels have laundry services. T-shirt 1000Rp+@next day 17:00 pickup
la ABC laundry: gang Poppies lane 2, opp from Warung 96, T-shrit 1000Rp+
la Laundry: beteen Poppies Lane 2 and 1, from K mart on Poppies Lane 2 walk toward Poppies Lane 1, after passing warungs right side, next to Ronda GH T-shrit 1000Rp+
Burning CD from your digital camera: many photo shops and internet cafes offer this service. 10-30,000Rp
s Photo shop: gang Poppies Lane 2(warung 96, next to Beneyasa II GH) 10,000Rp including CD the cheapest in print 1,000/print

Kuta is the night entertainment center of Bali.
Cultural Performances: Many traditional dance and music performances are held at various hotels ?info
Day time, You may go to bungee jump parks or hang around the beach. see Sight for more details

@ Internet @
There are many internet cafes in Kuta. Most of them charging 100--300Rp/min. The cheap ones are on the small street off Poppys Lane 2, one street W, parallel to Jl Legian. Take Jl Benesari W from Jl Legian and turn right at the first corner.
@ Agung Internet: gang Poppies Lane 2(near Warung 96), from Poppies Lane 2 turn N at Bali Corner Cafe. left side 1000/5min one of the fastest internet. Highly Rec

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