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Jakarta is not famous for its tourist attractions.

All museums are closed on Mondays.


15 min. walk from Kota area. see below.
S Sunda Kelapa (old HARBOR): 10 minutes walk N of Fatahillah Square. open 08:00-18:00 Entry Free Highly Rec
Working dock, probably little changed in many years. The best attraction in Jakarta, traditional sailing ships, such as Buginese Makassar Schooners which bring timber from Kalimanatan & Sumatra. HARBOR rowboat trip -
Rp 4-8000(99 info). Transport: Bus/train to Kota & then 502 minibus (Uki).
S Bahari (Maritime) Museum Sunda Kelapa.
Tu-Th9:00-15:00, F9:00-14:30, Sa9:00-12:30, Su900-15:00
Entry Rp2000 camera Rp2000 extra
Built 1718-74. Converted tea/coffee/spice warehouse. Decent photography exhibition of 19/20th C maritime life upstairs.
S Uitkijk (Watchtower): Near museum. Built in 1839. It is possible to go in if you ask the keeper. You will probably be asked to pay some.
S Pasar Ikan (Fish Market) Next to harbor. You can wander through the market and small alleyways of the Kampung (local village) and experience a little of old Jakarta's character.unchanged in many years like the dock itself. Highly Rec

Old Batavia/Jakarta 8km from the center, close to the Old Harbor. Fatahillah Square, is the heart of the area, around which are most of Jakarta's Dutch Col. Architecture, historical sights & museums. Rec
Bus #P16,P17, Microlet #M08,12, to Terminal Bis Kota.
S Jakarta History Museum: Fatahillah Sq. 9-15:00 Entry Rp2000, No camera allowed Built in 1710, oldest building in Jakarta. Houses collections of Dutch furniture and paintings
S Wayang Museum: 27 Jl Pintu Besar Utara. 9-15:00 2nd & last Su 10-14:00, Entry Rp2000, No camera Collection of Kulit (leather) and golek (wooden) puppets. Puppet performances held on Sun at 10:00, 11:00, Rec
S Toko Mera (red house): W from Wayang Museum.
18th C. house.
Once home to Governor General.
S Kali Besar Drawbridge :
Jl Kali Besar Barat
Only original Dutch drawbridge left in Jakarta.
S Si Jagur (Mr Fertility) Center of Fatahillah Sq.
A bronze cannon brought from Malacca in 1641. Believed to have powers of fertility, much visited by childless women
S Cafe Batavia: NW corner of the square.Built 1805-1850. 2nd oldest building after the Jakarta History Museum. Enjoy (expensive) coffee 15,000+, tea 12,000+, meal 60,000Rp+, in the regal atmosphere of the (Java teak) Grand Salon upstairs. Highly Rec
S Gereja Sion (Portug. church) Jl Pangeran Jayakarta.
Built in 1693 for Black Portuguese slaves. Jakarta's oldest church.
S Glodok (Chinatown) S of Fatahillah Sq.
A maze of stalls, restaurants and temples.

N from Jl Jaksa, W of Gambir station, central Jakarta. Huge, 1km sq. Park. Intended as a symbol of the fight for independence and a showcase of Indonesia's development. You can walk from Jl Jaksa.
S Monas (Nat'l Monument): Medan Merdeka.
Entry: to 2nd FL 1600/student 1100, to top FL 5100/3600Rp Known as 'Sukarno's last erection' (You'll understand when you see it) 137m high column, Built in 1961 to celebrate Independence. Houses National History Museum, focusing on the Independence struggle. Observatory at top. excellent view of city
S National Museum: W side of Square, Highly Rec
Open Tu-Th,Su8:30-14:00, F8:30-11:30, Sa8:30-13:30, 2nd Su last Su 10:30-14:00. (it may be changed to 9-15:00 2nd & last Su 10:30-15:00)
Entry:Rp5000, camera Rp3000, video 10,000Rp
Has excellent collections of textiles, ceramics, archaeological relics, various other cultural artifacts. Treasure room open Sun only. Free tours in Eng TuWTh 9:30, Ger/Fr/Jpn/Dutch -10:00 check Jakarta post for times. Has a handicraft shop.
S Textile Museum: 4 Jl KS Tubun, W of Nat. Museum.
Open Tu-Th9-14:00, F9-11:00, Sa9-13:00 Entry:
S Istana Merdeka: N side of Sq. Presidential Palace, built 1861. Not open to public.
S Istiquial Mosque: NE of Sq. Largest Mosque in SE Asia.
Can visit outside prayer times.
Strict dress code for women.

S Taman Ismail Maruzuki: Cultural Center with amphitheater, planetarium, library, swimming pool, movie theater, exhibition hall. Calendar of Events available from Tourist Office.
SE from the park 15 min on foot 9:00-20:00
S Taman Mini Indonesia: E Jakarta, Jl Taman,Mini Indonesia. Open 9:00-17:00 Entry: Rp3,000. Enormous cultural park south of central Jakarta.
Indonesia in miniature. Main feature are the 27 Pavilions, each built in the traditional architectural style of the different Indonesian regions, presenting the daily life & culture of every region in Indonesia. Enjoyable flavor of different Indonesian cultures. Also within the huge complex is an IMAX 3D cinema, bird park, aquarium, swimming pool. Indonesia's answer to Disneyworld. Many cultural exhibits/dances at weekends. Needs a whole day.
Some pavilions need extra admission:
museum 2000Rp, Sky life 6000Rp, bird park ?
  Ragunan Zoo: S of the town. near Pasar Minggu. you can see many rare animals such as Komodo dragons, Sumatra Tigers, Java rhinoceros etc. Access: Bus ?, entry Rp?


S Puncak Pass: Mountain pass between Bogor & Bandung, through incredibly scenic tea plantations.
S Bogor: Town of the world-famous Botanical Gardens, the largest in SE Asia. Cooler than Jakarta.
transport: Train from Kota station, every 30 min. 1.5hr (Executive Rp6,000, EkonomiRp1,500) Rec
S Safari Park: see Bogor section

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