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PADANG FOOD many good restaurants along Jl Tanah Abang, near National Museum.
CHINESE FOOD Glodock area - Jl Gajah Mada,
Night stalls/Warungs along Jl Kebon Sirih and Jl Mangga Besar. Basic, cheap and tasty, however many don't look clean.
Jl H A Salim good street for restaurants & street stalls, mainly sate - & nasi goreng.

Jl Jaksa:
r New Memories: Jl Jaksa #17, E side. Indonesia/Chinese/Europe, Bf set 8000-10,000Rp, coke 3000, beer(L)12,000, meal 7500-17,000. Proper restaurant Rec
r Yaudah: Jl Jaksa, S part of it. German/local/Japanese, refill free coffee 3000, meal 10-32,500Rp Excellent meal and pleasant atmosphere. Highly Rec.

Jl H. Agus Salim: 1 street W from and parallel to Jl Jaksa
r Hoka Hoka Bento: Jl H Agus Salim #41, Highly Rec
Popular with local office workers.
r Purnama: 41 Jl H Agus Salim, Highly Rec
Clean, good introduction to Padang food, point to dishes.
r Sakura Anpan: 25/25a Jl H A Salim
Bakery Huge variety of cakes. Rec
r Sizzlers 39 Jl H Agus Salim. Rec
Steak meals include all you can eat salad/fruit salad.

Jl H. Agus Salim: street S from Jl Jaksa
r Baksa Super & Jaya Agung: Jl Wahid Hasim near TIC. Indonesian Rec Indoor warung style. Pop with office workers.
r Soto Madura?: Jl Wahid Hasim #56c+Jl H. Agus Salin Sate kambeng 9500/10 pieces Indoor warung style. Chicken sate is available at a stall next to it. 8000/10 piece. Rec
r Sarinah Dept. Store: good food court in the basement with photos of dishes. Rec
r MacDonald's: Jl Thamrin(Front of Sarinah Dept Store)
24h A/C, Big Mac Value set
r Hard Rock Cafe: Jl Thamrin
Burgers Next to MacDonald's. Live music after 23:00. Open until 2:00.

r Oasis: 47 Jl Raden Saleh. Rijstaffel/Indonesian
In ex-Dutch governor's house. Reputedly the best restaurant in Jakarta. Reservation necessary.
r Cafe Batavia: Fatahillah Square. Kota International
Colonial building, built 1805-1850. Newly renovated Grand Salon (Java teak) upstairs has a regal atmosphere, while downstairs has a classic-pop blend art interior. Tourist sight in itself.
Highly Rec

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