Area Code 021, $1=Rp8,900, Aug 31, 2001


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All rooms have shared bathrooms except those marked 'ab' - attached bath.
- d Rp40,000 d Rp40,- Rp100,000 d Rp100,000 +

Jl Jaksa
Listing from N to S. L: Left side, R: right side
h1-L Wisma Delima, 5 Jl.Jaksa T3923850, f dr15,000 s25,000 d30000 I R C3 Basic but good value. not so friendly, nice garden. dr 12,500 with YHA card. Rec.
h2-R Yusran Hostel: 9 Jl. Jaksa  end of alley. T3140373,
f s15,000-20,000 d20,000, I C5 tea, Highly Rec.
Very Popular. usually full. Quiet, friendly, attractive garden
h3-L Bloem Steen H.: 175 Jl.Kebon, Sirih Timur Dalam, T323002, f s15,000/d20-25,000, C4 Popular. pleasant sitting area. @(24hr, 2500/15min. 9000/hr) Rec
h4-L Kresna Hostel: 175 Jl Kebon Sirih Timur 1, T325403
f s/d25,000 d+ab30,000, I tea C4 Quiet, friendly Rec.
h5-R Nick's Hostel: 16 Jl. Jaksa, T3107814,
f ab dr15,000, sb30-35,000 ab TV60,000, a/c sb50,000, ab60,000 bf C2 Popular but damp, crowded dorm, dark feel. Recently refurbished.
h5-L Arny Hostel: Jl. Jaksa #17, opp from Nick's Hostel, T3928839, f ab s/d35,000 C?
h6-L Djody Hostel: 27-35 Jl. Jakusa, T314368,
f s27,500 d42,000, R I C2 Bf Rundown.
h7-L Djody Hotel: 33-35 Jl Jaksa, T3251404,
f s25,000 d37,000 a/c52,000, ab 60,000, I C2 Rundown.
h8-L Hotel Tator: 37 Jl. Jaksa, T92-3941
f ab s/d40-55,000, a/c65-70,000, HW C4 bf
More up-market, well-maintained, free tea/coffee
h9-R Hostel 36 36B Jl Jaksa, alley to W(right), T3142260 f s35,000 d45000 I C3 Quiet, garden, 24:00 close Rec.

Jl.Kebon Sirih Barat
This is off street from Jl Jaksa. Most of the guest houses are rundown. Low quality
h12 Borneo Hostel: 35-37 Jl.Kebon Sirih Barat T340095
f sb s/d30,000, ab s/d40,000, a/c s/d65,000 R C3 Rooms are big but rundown.
h13 Bintang Kejora Hostel, 52 Jl KS Barat T323878, f s15,000 d20,000 tr25,000, bf I C2 Basic, lounge area. Travel agent (98 info)
h14 Pndk. Wisata Jaya 10 Jl Kebon Sirih Bt. Dm T3144126,
f s/d20,000, bf C2 Basic, rundown, pleasant garden (98 info)

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